How to Make Money with Twitter?

This article is going to teach you how to make easy money on Twitter. Start making extra money on your page!

Sooner or later every Internet user asks a question of how to make money with Twitter.

There is nothing weird about it, because nowadays making money on our favorite social networks becomes as popular as any other method of how to earn money on the Internet.

Although, making money on Twitter only starts becoming popular, it is already considered to be very profitable.

This kind of making money will fit even the newcomers in the sphere of money-making on the Internet.

You do not need to have any special skills for it.

If you spend much time in Twitter, write your tweets, retweet the information, which you find exciting or interesting, or just simply read this or that person, why not make additional money on it?

This is the essence of such way how to make money.

Reading the article further, you’ll discover how to make money with Twitter and what you need to succeed in it.

What are the advantages of making money on Twitter?


  • You can earn money with Twitter in different ways: directly sell the services, for example, place the paid advertisement; or work on the perspectives, creating the image of the company, making useful acquaintances, finding sponsors, developing your niche and becoming a trendsetter.
  • The service of the microblog is constantly developing.

    You may always find a new way how to make additional money or create something new, which is able to become a popular tendency.

  • A Twitter page can be easily made popular in the shortest terms.

    The immediacy of information appearing is the plus and the minus for those, who create an account in order to make money.

    On the one hand, one can quickly receive the reviews from the wide audience.

    On the other hand, you can’t become silent, because followers (readers of the microblog) will switch on something else and in a flash forget the news.

  • The ability to spread the information or advertise something among plenty of people in the shortest term.
  • The immediacy of the responses: the results of the chosen marketing strategy are revealed very soon.

How to make money with Twitter: its usage in the commercial purposes

  1. 1. Use Twitter as your business site.

    Accounts in the social networks are perfect for attracting new potential clients to your website.

    Use the strategy of getting wide publicity and do special offers only for the Twitter followers, suggest free content or free trial version, if the user clicks on the link from Twitter and enters the account.

    Make money, connecting such clients by the e-mail with the special offers, targeting their interests and needs.

  2. 2. Use your blog and account on Twitter in order to become a member of the affiliate program.

    Find the goods, which interest most of the people, who read your blog and then contact the company in order to receive the partnership’s link for promoting it on your website.

    Every 10 – 50 tweets contain a partnership’s link in the message with strong recommendation.

    Partnership marketing allows people, who promote their products on the site, getting the share from the sales of the goods.

    Goods’ manufacturer gets the valuable advertisement, while the member of the affiliate program expects the monthly check from the sales, if the trade is successful.

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  3. 3. Advertise your products by

    The recourse has a list of special offers from different companies, which try to sell their products over the Internet.

    Sing in, if you wish, in the most companies, which relate to your Twitter followers (location and interests).

    Share the short URL-link, which you devoted to your Twitter page, with the interesting description of the product. Every time you generate the real view of the page on Kwerdo, you make money.

    The income goes directly to your Paypal account by one click on the button.

  4. 4. Sell your products with Twitter in order to make money.

    Many people use Twitter to advertise the auction on eBay or the goods on

    You can simply put the short link of your Twitter account and, due to the individual approach, you are likely to receive many bids.

    5. Offer your services on Twitter in order to make money.

    Many professionals see this social network as a method how to stay in touch with other people from the same field. This new kind of interaction allows developing the relations, partnerships and offering yourself as a worker.

    If you feel embarrassed promoting yourself from the professional page, you must realize that this is a usual practice. Little self-promotion can easily help you to find a job.

    6. Sign up in order to get the possibility to write on

    This online publisher comes to the agreement with the user about writing of interesting articles, and then gets money for putting advertisements in the side columns.

    You come through the path of the multilevel program, which is based on the quality and number of clicks, which are made from your articles or videos.

  5. 7. In order to make money with Twitter, make your page popular and sell it.

    Everything is very simple here – you create an account on a separate email, make it popular and sell it. You can find buyers on the special grounds for selling accounts or people will write to you directly, but it’s important not to be caught by the frauds.

    Promotion and selling of the pages takes much time, but if you get used to it, you can make real money. So, if you like promoting accounts, this is a perfect way for you.

How to make money on Twitter: publishing sponsor’s tweets


  1. 1. Look for the sponsor’s tweets through the online searching engine.

    Many companies search popular pages in Twitter in order to send there the messages about their prodzcts from time to time.

    Contact the company, make up the financial agreement and launch the plan “the paid tweets”.

    Make sure there is a written agreement with the company and proof that your tweets were published, which you can deliver together with it.

    Besides, make sure you chose the interval of the sponsor’s tweets, lest you irritate your readers.

    If you lose your followers, you risk being left without potential sales and your contract on sponsor’s ads may be canceled.

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  2. 2. Create an account in one of the new commercial resources, which deal with sponsor’s tweets, such as, Magpie, TwitPub or Twittad.

    These sites unite the companies, which need to put their advertising tweets and get the access to the desired Twitter users.

    Sign in the account, write the advertising tweets with the definite interval, which you find appropriate, and you’ll get paid, as a rule, by Paypal.

    Twitter lovers must not miss the opportunity to make easy money on this social network.

    Even a couple of popular profiles can bring good money, and if you are active, your income will be several times higher.

Now you know how to make money on Twitter.

That’s why use the suggested methods and get from your microblogs everything you can, because every site must bring profit to its owner.

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