How to Make Money with a Facebook Page?

Popular effortless ways to make money with a Facebook page. Roll out and advertize your pages!

Everybody knows that Facebook is the largest and most popular social network in the world.

Making money on Facebook doesn’t differ from earning profit via websites, blogs, or other social networks.

Let’s more thoroughly consider the issue of making money with a Facebook page and the initial steps to this end.

How to start making money with a Facebook page?



  1. Create a topic-related community.

    Find a popular niche for your Facebook page – something your personally know and have a special interest in. Classic “bonanza” topics are: health, furniture, interior, fashion, business, women, cell phones, real estate, tourism, cars, politics, and beauty.

    Later you can sell this page. “How much will it cost?” you’ll inquire. If you have hundreds of thousands or millions of fans, then such a page can cost from several thousands to several dozens of thousands dollars.

  2. After creating a page on Facebook, think of how to bill your profile.

    Be yourself, assert your skills, your hobbies, or knowledge – these are your sources of income on Facebook. Remember that your activity is targeted at a certain group of people.

  3. Choose your development strategy.

    One option is “the man in the street” strategy, consisting in maintaining your page on behalf of an ordinary unnamed person. It doesn’t relate to you; nobody will ever know its author, even an advertiser, unless you decide to unveil your name. You simply manage your page and receive profits from ads and some partner programs.

    The other option is creating your personal brand. You deliberately choose an appealing topic, delve in it, study it, and, consequently, claim yourself as an expert in the field.

  4. Boost your page activity.

    Your main goal is to attract as many visitors and readers as possible. Methods of promoting your page can be lengthy, but free of charge, (by means of frequent posting of unique content and inviting your friends) and paid for, but instant due to advertising.

Sites to Make Money Online

Ways of making money on Facebook with a small subscription database

The page owner doesn’t need to wait until he gets 10 000 subscribers; he can start making money even with 1000 followers.

That’s how he can do it:

  • Selling information products created by other people in terms of partner programs.
    This is one of the most gainful methods of monetizing subscription database.

    Course owners offer up to 70 % of commission. The only indispensable condition is that the topic of the information product must be closely related to the content posted on the page.

  • Creating and selling personal information products, conducting professional workshops, providing quality service.
    In this case, you get a 100 % profit. Just bear in mind that the topic of your service or product must match up the topic of the page.

    If you created an information product or plan to offer a service of another topic, create another page and fill it with the content, relating to the subject matter of your brainchild.

    In fact, it’s not hard to maintain up to four pages of different topics, and in this case, your income will be four times higher.

  • Promoting and selling professional skills, for instance, those of a psychologist or a lawyer.
  • Network marketing.
    Facebook is a perfect platform for network marketing. To roll out your business, make a lot of friends – maybe some of them look for ways to make money on the Internet. First of all, establish friendly relations with new people and only afterwards softly offer them your goods or service or invite them into your company.

Facebook is among very few modern social networks allowing this type of business.

Ways to make money on the popular Facebook page

  1. Advertisements on your fan page.

    If you have a promoted community and a target audience, attractive for a certain customer, then you can get paid for placing their ads.

    You’ll start receiving offers from advertisers willing to post their promotional publications exactly on your page. It all is going to happen automatically with a very rare participation of yours.

    How high can your profits be? The prices constantly change, the ads become more and more expensive. The rates also depend on the number of your fans.

  2. Developing applications and placing ads on them.

    Are you anyone but a programmer? Don’t worry – hire a freelance worker. Just be sure to create a useful app that will enjoy users’ popularity in the future.

    A game can be an option.

    Now a newly-developed application or game can contain ads – a source of the profit.

  3. Make Money with Your Smart Phone

  4. Partner programs.

    You can boost somebody else’s products by an affiliate link and get remuneration for it.

    Partner programs are a great way of attracting a lot of users to your page and, consequently, increase your profit.

    The main thing is to find the programs, most closely related to the topic of your page and place there your links with attractive descriptions. Practice shows that such work pays off in spades.

  5. Making money with file hosting services.

    For instance, if you created a fan page of a popular serial, you can upload new series to file hosting services. About 3 000 to 10 000 fans of this movie will download each of them.

    Considering that file hosting services pay from $ 5 to $ 10 for every 1000 downloads, one episode will bring you $ 15–30 daily.

    Supplementing the service with free books and apps, you can get a profit totaling a tidy sum of money.

Making money with a Facebook page isn’t such a dead lift as it might seem early in the game. The key point is to choose such a niche for your business-page that you will enjoy working with. Work with pleasure and get paid for it!

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