How to Start Your Own Blog and Make Money?

How to start your own blog: 9 topics + the purchase of domain and hosting + browsing WordPress site engine + making money.

It’s very tempting to open a blog on the Internet but most Internet users are too afraid to face hardships.

Though it might seem unclear at the first sight, it’s actually much easier.

This article is sure to uncover how to start your own blog.

How to choose a topic to start your own blog?


Decide on your own which topic you would like to discuss.

You’d better pick the niche you like and know really well.

It may be anything from cooking to politics.

A niche is the basis of any blog and in order to achieve success in it, you must be eager to become number 1.

Consequently, choose the theme which inspires you so that you did not lose interest too fast.

9 themes you may choose to write about on your own blog:

  1. Politics is usually covered by the political leaders, the representatives of the political parties or the political analysts.
  2. Tourism.

    You can share your impressions from the trips or publish beautiful and interesting photos.

    Moreover, you are able to provide people with some useful tips concerning the countries you’ve visited.

  3. Education is the sphere where a person can develop some teaching courses or publish his explanation notes.
  4. Fashion blogs are often targeted at selling certain items (like T-shirts and other clothes).

    Such theme is very profitable under the condition you reach the audience that likes those goods.

  5. Music.

    You are able to express personal musical preferences and announce various new songs.

    It can be devoted to one certain direction or light up several musical genres.

  6. Engineering.

    You are able to write about various cars, agricultural equipment, household appliances, etc.

    Besides, you may devote your blog to general engineering (such as cars in general) or one definite manufacturer.

  7. Construction.

    Such sites are usually maintained by different companies which provide their clients with the building services.

    You can offer your services and give some useful pieces of advice in this sphere.

  8. Medicine.

    This is probably the most important and popular topic.

    Choose it only when you have a huge experience in this area.

    The beginners should not start this theme.

  9. Business and finances.

    This field also requires some experience.

    Here you are able to describe your instructions on how to develop the business.

    Moreover, many suchlike bloggers are the heads of different companies.

    This is definitely the best theme to get income.

How to buy a domain and hosting to start your own blog?

At this stage, your task is to choose and purchase a suitable free domain – the future address.

The address must reflect the essence of your resource.

It must express the topic to which your site is devoted.

The most significant rule is that your domain must not be too long.

The optimal choice is to have no more than 10-12 letters.

The next stage is to buy hosting.

Hosting is the disc space (place) on the Internet where a blog is located.

Plenty of various hosting companies on the Internet have different disc spaces (disc sizes), prices, the numbers of websites on one tariff, databases, etc.

How to start your own blog on the Internet?

Well, it’s time to work on the Internet but firstly you should tight the domain name to your hosting and write the DNS servers.

It’s not difficult and you should simply open the control panel of the domain records and add the data about DNS which you receive in your email after you buy hosting.

Now, you’ll only need to wait 48 hours till the data is renewed in all providers.

In case you enter the name of the blog in the browser and the image of your hoster appears, it means the upgrade was made and you can continue working.

Go to the panel of the bought hosting.

Create the MySOL database for your blog, set the username and the password.

It’s quite easy even for a newcomer.

You’ll easily find the menu “Create the new database” on the hosting’s panel.

Then you fill in all fields and press on “Save”.

How to browse WordPress site engine to start your own blog?

6 steps of how to browse WordPress site engine for a blog:

  1. In order to continue creating your website, you must browse WordPress site engine on hosting.

    It’s very convenient and clear for the beginners.

    Download WordPress distribution package from the official website, unpack it on your desktop, and find the file config-sample.php.

  2. Change its title and remove “-sample”.

    Open the file in HTML-editor (for example, NotePad++), enter the password and username, save and pack in a ZIP archive again.

    Browse it to the hosting in the root folder of your website.

  3. Pay attention that you have to unpack this archive into that folder and delete ZIP file.
  4. There is only one step left to open your blog.

    Write in the searching box of your browser http://your blog/wp-admin/install.php and put the title of your domain instead of “your blog”.

  5. Press Enter and you’ll see the page to launch WordPress.

    Fill in all fields, passwords, and your username.

  6. Press “Install WordPress” and this is it.

    Now you can go to the admin site panel using your username and password, browse a beautiful design theme and begin to write articles.

6 useful tips, how to start your own blog

  1. The most crucial thing is that now you must create much valuable and useful content.

    Your goal is to help the visitor in this or that way.

    You must figure out what will be valuable for your own blog.

  2. The content must be made according to the key requests.

    It will attract much traffic from the searching systems to your blog.

    Such content can make money by selling advertisements.

    You’ll be able to sell your goods and advise some items using the affiliate programs.

  3. Start making content!

    In the process of doing it, you’ll discover what works better and which articles or videos get more reviews from the readers.

  4. Write the detailed articles because the short articles on 500 words work worse and worse.

    Most bloggers do not achieve success only because their texts are too short.

  5. Forget about small articles and start working on content which solves the users’ problems.

    These articles contain more keywords and phrases which are favorable for the searching traffic of your website.

  6. Do not forget to decorate your texts with pictures of high quality, marked lists, tables, and schemes, etc.

How to start your own blog and make money?

Free services almost do not allow putting the advertisements in the blogs.

That’s why the only option to receive profit is a standalone blog.

Regardless of the fact that you may apply all methods of monetizing which are suitable for usual sites, the most widespread one is publishing the advertisements.

It may be the contextual advertising such as Google Adsense, banner advertisement or the blocks which the advertiser puts immediately after he negotiated it with you.

The last option is extremely profitable but you must look for the clients on your own.

The scheme of how to start your own blog and make money:

  1. You start a blog.
  2. You publish interesting content there and regularly add new articles.
  3. You have regular audience and readers.
  4. You contact the advertisers who pay for the advertisements in the blogs or sign up for the system, which places advertisements on your site.
  5. You get income!

It’s quite easy to guess that you’ll receive money not at once.

You’ll have to be obstinate and skillful to make money on your blog.

In case you are eager to start a blog and make money on it but you are only the beginner and you do not know anything about it, you’d better use the WordPress platform.

This article is intended for those readers who only wish to start a blog or have recently started it and wish to gain the popularity in their niche.

Use our recommendations and you are sure to reach your goal.

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