How to Make Money Writing Articles?

Useful pieces of advice on how to earn money online by writing articles. All you need is a laptop with access to the Internet.

The Internet is developing so quickly that thousands of new websites appear every day. They must be filled with information, that’s why the job of a copywriter will never die. Absolutely every person (a student, young mother during maternity leave or even a pensioner) can start making money online by writing articles.

You don’t always need to have special skills, talent and know how to professionally operate the words to make money by writing articles online. The main thing you need is the desire.

However, the ability to learn, process and set out in writing new information will not be out of place. The high speed of typing is likely to fasten the process of writing articles online.

So, let’s try to sort out how to make money writing articles and how this process happens.

Why do people need articles and texts?


Using internet-entrepreneur’s terms an article is content.

Content is the information placed on the website. It doesn’t matter what kind of website it is, whether it’s an online shop, blog, forum, news portal, business site, etc., every website needs to be filled with content.

The reason, why they need it, is actually obvious – the search engines must identify the website as a developing one. There are millions of sites on the Internet and most of them either don’t develop or are abandoned by their owners at all.

Kinds of articles you can make money for

There are several kinds of content you will work with at almost any exchange:

  • copywriting – an author’s article which was written on any topic.
    The most high-paid and qualitative kind of content.
  • rewriting – an existing article, which was rewritten in other words.
    Such articles are valued less, but still there is a great demand on them.
  • SEO-copywriting – the same copywriting, but the article must be optimized according to a key request.
  • translation – this task concerns translating texts into the needed language.

What do you need to start making money writing your articles?

If you strongly wish to make money writing articles online, you need:

  • Learn how to write correctly; spelling and punctuation must be correct.
  • You are to have certain knowledge.
    You may be asked to write an article on the building and you must know at least the general idea about it.
    It’s desirable you know what you are writing about.
  • If you want to make good money, try to write as quickly as possible.
  • The most important is that you must want to earn money.
    This kind of work is very routine and boring.
    Nevertheless, there are some elements of creativity, but still you are to desire this work.

The advantages of making money by writing articles:

  • You are able to work from any place, even from the Caribbean.
    The main thing is having the Internet and stay online.
  • As a copywriter you’ll have to make your own working schedule, because when and how much you work depends on you.
  • You won’t have a boss looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do and how to do it.
    You work as much as you want, but remember – if you take the order to write an article, make sure you do it in time.

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The disadvantages of making money by writing articles:

  • You are tight to the computer or laptop.
  • You acquire the sedentary life-style.
  • You spend most of the time in front of the monitor.
  • This work is quite routine, boring and at first even not well-paid.

How and where can you make money by the articles?

Earnings by writing articles are subdivided in two different types:

  1. You can write articles on demand: a man makes an order and says what text he needs, gives key words which must be present in the text, states the approximate size of the article and that’s all – you accept the order and start writing.
    After you are finished writing, you give it to the customer and get your money.
  2. Writing your own texts on the topics you want and selling it.
    Having written several articles, you put them up for sale online and wait till someone buys them.

This way you must know how to find a suitable exchange, which will be the mediator between you and the customer. As a rule, you register on such websites quite easily as everything is clear.

After registration and acquaintance with the exchange’s rules, you proceed to offering your texts and seeking new online business partners.

Usually the newcomers have access only to the orders with low prices for every thousand of words, but when you become a skilled hand at it and have a full portfolio, you can try yourself in working at more expensive tasks.

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The exchanges that will help you to make money writing articles

Nowadays, there are several wide-section exchanges, where people earn money online by writing texts, but the competition is huge.

So, there are some exchanges, which will show you how to sell your articles:


    Here, as well as on our exchanges, it’s extremely difficult to catch a well-paid project.
    Every hour each offer gets tens of responses from the experienced professionals with high rate.
    The possibility that they pay attention to you is very small.
    The price for every thousand of words is around $3 – $7.

  2. Constant Content

    This exchange is one of the biggest and most authoritative places on the Internet to order content or buy a ready-made text.

    With the register of more than 70 000 professional writers, who wrote hundreds of thousands of articles, Constant Content is considered to be the exchange with the most qualitative content.

    The exchange’s service includes a great variety of unique texts for sale and the opportunity to order text without any risk. If someone needs blog-messages, articles, copywriting, make-up editing, SEO letters, press releases, official documents, technical correspondence or any other written information, he is likely to come here.

    At this exchange a customer may also order content or offer a job to a certain top-author privately.

    There is a shop of ready-made texts here, and the article may cost up to $80, $85, $90.

    You can buy content choosing one of the ways you like most:

    • If a buyer chooses to Buy Full (it’s the most expensive variant), he buys the author’s rights for this article, i.e. he is allowed to do with it whatever he wants – sell, edit, publish and so on.
    • The option to Buy Usage is the cheapest as you buy only rights to publish this article, while the author can sell it many times.
    • One more way of a purchase is to Buy Unique.
      The article bought this way cannot be changed or sold again – you may only publish it and that’s all.
  3. Iwriter

    On the Iwriter one is also sure to make money online by writing content in English. Anyone is allowed to register there and start making money immediately. For every article you might be paid up to 15 USD.

    There is no shop for ready-made articles because the website works only with the orders. A client publishes a task, which any copywriter can take. In order to publish your orders or start making money you must register first.

    In the list of projects the first ones are always for the elite and premium authors. How much a project costs depends on this list. If an elite author gets USD 9 for 500 words, a premium author will get USD 5. A standard author will be paid only $3.

  4. ArticleSale

    It’s an online shop to sell the written articles. The prices vary from $5 to $90 / an article.

    This website is free for the authors, i.e. you don’t need to pay to register and offer your articles online.

    On the ArticleSale you sell the full rights on the article. It means that a bought text can be changed and resold. This exchange is more like an amateurish than a professional one, and the prices are mostly low.

    There is a system of feedback to be protected from fraud. The earned money will be pulled by PayPal.

So, now we know how to make money writing articles having only a computer and the Internet. Actually if you seriously want and develop your writing skills, you will achieve some success in the sphere of copywriting, making it the main source of income.

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