What to Sell to Make Money?

You wonder what you can sell to make money, don’t you? You are sure to find some interesting ideas in the article below.

When you urgently need money, the first thing that comes to mind is selling something, which can help to make ends meet and improve your personal budget.

Our life, generally speaking, consists of the unnecessary things, which we save because of a habit, attachment or just laziness to clean and utilize everything.

Actually, our unnecessary things may be extremely essential to other people.

That’s why, you should think what to sell to make money.

This is fair towards the things and may be profitable to you.

What to sell to make money?


  1. Collection items or the whole collections.

    Collecting may become a gold mine to you.

    If you ever collected stamps, fridge magnets, coins or others items when you were younger, you might discover that you are able to sell some of your exhibits or the whole collections, getting even higher price than you expected.

    Look on the Internet or in the newspaper advertisements for the clubs of collectors, who are keen on collecting the most thinkable and unthinkable items in the world.

    You may probably have unnecessary, dusty things on your shelf, which you are able to sell and get the profit.

  2. Precious rings, bracelets, earrings, in one word – jewelry.

    When you buy a golden ring or an expensive bracelet, you don’t even think that you actually invest money in jewelry and you can make good money on it.

    The matter is that prices on jewelry, just as much as the value of gold and silver, almost never change.

    Though, as a rule, the money itself loses the value. This way you see that the cost of jewelry in the national currency is always growing, and the times of crisis and devaluation only fasten the growth.

    Jewelry can be sold in pawn shops or jewelry workshops, quickly and without any troubles.

    That’s why, when you are in need of money, you must sell jewelry, as they are the most liquid assets.

  3. Very old things — antiques.

    The pieces of art never lose to the jewelry by the liquid.

    A person is able to sell them in those pawn shops or antique shops.

    Most valuable pieces of art are sold on the auctions.

    Besides, the range of prices may exceed all your expectations.

    Some people even make money on purchasing the masterpieces from laymen and selling them, receiving the fantastic sums from the art connoisseurs.

    You must only define the price and put them on the antique sites and forums.

    Nevertheless, you should be careful, because when you buy another antiquity, you risk facing the fraud. It may be revealed only when you try to resell “the masterpiece”.

  4. Books.


    If you wonder what to sell from home in order to make money, look through the books, which have been standing on the shelves many years.

    There are people, who seek the definite edition of a book, the collections of books written by different authors, or books of a particular genre, which are not available in the libraries.

    You can sell such things on the specialized forums on the Internet or with the help of the advertisements.

    Rare and precious books are especially valuable and expensive.

    In any case, no one will pay the real price of the book, if you want to make money fast.

    You are able to sell almost every book (for different prices) in the second-hand bookshops.

    Don’t confuse them with libraries, because second-hand booksellers, unlike the state libraries, pay you money for the items.

  5. A mobile phone, a lap-top or other electronics.

    The drawback of such option is that second-hand electronics cost few times less than new, unlike the jewelry or antiques, which price only grows with time.

    Nevertheless, if you urgently need money and there are no other options, you can sell such things over the Internet.

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  6. Personal things.

    Very often the widest category becomes clothes and shoes.

    Out of fashion clothes, or bought to allow for growth, or presented by the relatives, but never used even once…

    A dress, which has been hanging in the wardrobe for more than a year, because there was nowhere to wear it, may actually seem pretty nice and useful to somebody else and turn into big money for the owner.

    This way you can also sell different items starting from the entrance carpet and to the sleigh from the attic.

  7. Domain names.

    Purchasing domain names cheaply and reselling them to the interested people or companies is a pretty profitable business.

    You must find the very names, which may be so interesting to the buyers, that they will be eager to pay for them even 10 times more than you paid.

    Analyze the popular keywords, topics, branches and successful companies in your region.

  8. Information.

    People agree to pay good money for the valuable information. It may concern the car fixing, lost of weight, animal and plant’s care and other things.

    You don’t even imagine how much you are going to make selling your knowledge. Some people succeeded in making successful business out of it and now receive stable and high income.

    Develop teaching courses, offer workshops and consult clients on different questions – all these things bring profit and allow solving different financial problems.

  9. Cars.

    When a new car takes its seat of honor in the garage, the old car, which served with good faith and fidelity, is usually brought outside and is left there to rust in the open air.

    Lest it turned into the pile of unnecessary metal, try to sell it.

    If you are lucky, you can find a good client, who will give you enough money for your car.

    Besides, making money on selling cars can become your constant source of income.

    Look for the cheap cars on the Internet, buy them, fix and renew and then put on sale again, setting a higher price. You can have good income on the difference in prices.

Create and sale in order to make money

Another example what to sell to make money is creation of the unique, handmade goods.

Nobody wants to buy a chest of drawers, and having invited the friends over to boast, hear from a friend that the same one has been “lying” at her place for more than a year.

People want unique things – so give it to them.

Besides, from the category of handmade you can sell anything:

  • furniture;
  • small home knickknacks – made from threads, wool, clay, glass, wood, etc.;
  • original paintings – not Dali, but cheap and unique;
  • flower compositions, house plants in original modifications, the bonsai (because buying it from “the master” sounds more prestigious than from any bonsai salon).

Moreover, don’t forget about the classics without any creativity:

  • you are good at sewing – sew to order – from curtains and armchair covers to the evening dresses (depending on your skills);
  • you are keen on knitting – prepare a small collection devoted to autumn-winter season, so that you have what to show and advertise to the clients.

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How to sell in order to make money?


If the aim of the selling is, for example, to buy a new dress, it will be very easy to do.

However, when you want to sell things on the Internet and make it as an additional source of income, you must work hard to get big sums on your account.

You can do it by putting the advertisements on the Internet.

  1. The main thing is to present the goods in the proper way.

    The advertisement about the sale must be correctly written and answer all the questions of the buyer.

    Good, beautiful and clear pictures are obligatory!

  2. “Feedback” must be in the shortest terms.

    Surely, nobody expects that the seller is online 24/7 and waits only for the possibility to answer all the questions.

    Nevertheless, the sooner the client gets the answer, the higher is the possibility he will buy it.

  3. First income must be spent on the development of selling mechanisms.

    To pay for the more profitable place of the advertisement, to purchase the modern camera – all proper investments in the business development will be repaid a hundredfold.

If you think what to sell to make money, start from the things you have around.

This way you’ll learn how to make money with the minimum investments.

Then you may come to the selling as your own business.

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