8 Tips How to Sell a Script

How to sell a movie script studying the writing + author’s rights + synopsis +search of buyers + 8 tips on how to sell it?

In order to sell a script, an author must find the stage manager who will wish to shoot a movie using it.

They are sold by the producer’s order or with the help of the sales agents or after the victory in a competition.

Read our recommendations on how to sell a movie script.

How to sell a movie script and register the author’s rights?


The certificate of registration of the copyrights on a script is used as a proof based on “the presumption of authorship”.

A writer can prevent the occurrence of certain problems and in a case of the claim or judgment proceedings, he is able to prove who is the owner of the author’s rights on the registered script.

Prepare the general application which you are going to send to the agents, producers and studio executives.

The application must tell the customer the essence of your story in brief.

In order to deliver your scenario in the best possible way, you’d better write one or two extremely intriguing sentences.

Express the drama of the story in the shortest form – it is called logline.

You must learn your logline by heart and, when necessary, deliver it orally.

Your logline must impress people and make them interested in your story.

How to sell a script writing a synopsis?

Compose a synopsis or to be more precise – the short summary of your script and add it to the application.

As soon as a reader finishes reading the synopsis, he must be willing to ask for the whole work.

That’s why you must work hard to write an interesting and exciting synopsis in the best possible way.

The size of a synopsis must not be more than 3 pages but it might be extended if it was requested.

Formatting or checking the structure of your scenario, you’d better put one minute of a future film on one page.

The shooting script has the enumerated pages and every scene is described separately. Nevertheless, in case a scenario is written by the order, these rules can be neglected.

The standard font size in writing is 12, Courier New.

How to sell your script and find the buyers?

Look for the agents and filmmakers to promote your scenario.

Visit different forums for script writers and find some information about the film producers and the agents who are looking for the scripts.

Besides, such forums usually have the advertisements about the competitions for the aspiring writers.

Pick the contacts of the suitable filmmakers and send them your application and synopsis.

Make sure the letter contains your name and address.

Offer your work to the agents and let them represent you. In most cases, the filmmakers will consider new scenarios only if the agents approve them.

How to sell a movie script?

Independent film producers also look for the scripts.

They do not work with the huge film studios and can find some time to read any scenario.

You should get in touch with the movie makers from the huge film studios, too.

Most of them are sure to return your work with a letter which says they do not accept the scripts which were not ordered by them.

However, you cannot achieve your goal unless you are stubborn enough.

Call them and send letters often.

Take part in various competitions for the script writers.

If you win such competition, you’ll receive many prizes: money, the contract, and people will shoot a movie according to your script.

Even if you do not win, many professionals will read your story and help you get in touch with the producers who might be interested in buying your work.

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How to write a movie script and sell it?

It’s easier to write a script than to create a novel or a detective.

Nevertheless, it has the specific format and a number of unique rules, which you must know.

Well, let’s write a movie script properly.

5 stages of how to write a movie script and sell it:

  1. The idea and characters.

    The books about screenwriting usually advise starting from the general idea of the whole story, i.e. with the idea.

    However, the idea is a very big category.

    How to pick the only one among them all?

    There is a way out.

    The experienced script writers advise beginning with the characters. Come up with the main character and think about him, his positive and negative qualities.

    Make it look like a real alive character.

    If you succeed, you won’t even notice how he made contacts with other characters – a charming lady will be with him, and a villain won’t make you wait for him long.

    The relationships between the characters will become close, complicated and the secondary characters are sure to appear as well as conflicts and possibilities to settle them.

    From this point, you are likely to be very close to the appearance of the main thing – the general idea of a movie.

  2. Structure.

    The standard of a script is the structure consisting of four parts: introduction, development, climax, and outcome.

    4 parts of the movie script which you must follow when writing:

    • The introduction (or opening) must not take you more than 10-15% from the whole story.

      Its goal is to introduce the main characters and express their main wishes and ambitions as well as the problems which they face.

    • The most part of all material will be occupied by the second part of the scenario – the main sequence of events happens here.

      There will be new problems, new characters will appear right to the moment when the tension of the performance will reach its maximum.

    • This maximum is called the climax.

      As a rule, it happens very close to the final scene and in most cases, this is either the disclosure of the huge scheme or the moment when the spy is unmasked or when he gets his memory back.

    • However, you should still leave some time for the outcome, i.e. the logical description of the outcome of the main character’s adventures and some philosophical conclusions of the story.
  3. Dialogues.

    Well-written dialogues are also extremely important.

    If your dialogues leave some traces in the producers’ mind, there will be a chance he’ll agree to turn your scenario into a movie.

  4. The audience.

    The peculiarity of a movie script is that it must be intended for the wide audience.

    One way or another, the film must be viewed by millions of people to be considered a successful one.

    Keep it in mind because your work must seem interesting for a wide circle of people.

  5. Put out a rod and line.

    It might seem that the story came to its logical end.

    However, you decided to write it not without a reason – you must sell it!

    Learn how to finish the story with a hint on the continuation because producers like sequels…

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How to sell a movie script using our pieces of advice?

  1. Your script can be booked.

    A producer will pay you some money while the rest will be paid later (a certain date is also discussed).

    If a producer is late, you’ll be able to sell your work to another person.

  2. Perhaps, social networks will help you get the producers’ attention.
  3. Before you sell a scenario, you are likely to prepare a couple of other works.

    It often happens that a producer finds your scenario appealing but he does not buy it and asks to remake it or create a new one on the basis of this idea.

  4. Create your own website to publish your creation.

    You can also do it using your personal blog.

  5. Only after your script is completely checked and processed according to all rules of formatting, you can start to promote it.
  6. Even if no one likes your script enough to buy it, you are likely to get some pieces of advice and recommendations from the specialists.
  7. Offer your work in as many places as possible.

    In order to do it, you can ask a searching engine to show you the addresses of the film studios in the country where you plan to work.

  8. As a rule, it takes from two weeks to a month for your application to be viewed.

    Moreover, it is not criticized or returned.

    It means that if they do not like your work, you won’t receive any answer.

If you are interested in how to sell a movie idea but your work have not been sold yet, you should turn to all known studios.

Do not stop your work on the new projects and each new script is sure to be better than the previous one.

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