How to Make Money with Horses?

Engage yourself in the horsing business or how to make money with horses by breeding them. The most useful pieces of advice are gathered in the article below.

How to make money with horses — is the question frequently asked by those, who already have a couple of runners and people, who are considering their purchase. This is a good idea to start your own business.

An enterprise, one way or another connected to the nature, has acquired many followers lately. No wonder all business coaches and creative people insist on doing the work with pleasure.

How to make money with horses by breeding them?


Horse breeding makes one of the brightest examples of such activities.

To achieve success here you need to have special knowledge about these animals, not limiting yourself by the ability to distinguish one race from another or healthy animal from the sick one.

It’s important to be noticed that such business won’t suit everyone, because a person has to possess special knowledge, which is significant in order to fulfill the idea.

Actually, people have different purposes doing it. A lot depends here on the race. Nevertheless, all of them just for convenience are divided on two types: light and heavyweight.

Light horses are called rideable. Right from the names one can easily understand how they are used. In most cases they are used for riding. It may be various services for tourists or sports.

Heavyweight horses are said to be the enduring, massive and powerful races, which are extremely called-for in the agriculture. They are often used to transport big and heavy loads.

When you deal with the nature, everything is important: character, habits, the psychology of its representatives, needless to say the basics of the care and keeping. Horse breeding is more difficult than nutria or rabbit breeding.

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What do you need to have to start making money with horses?

To achieve success in addition to the elementary skills you must have:

  • modern stables
  • qualitative feed
  • drill ground
  • utensils for animals’ care

When counting how much space you need for a stable, you must devote 3-4 square meters of free space to each animal.

You must also account how big the corridor will be, the width of which is likely to be nearly 2 meters. In addition to this, you are to have a special ground, where the runners will be regularly walked over.

Surely, the room to save the different instruments and feed for animals is needed to be made.

In general, all horses like to eat fresh grass, grain, fruits, vegetables and hay. Only when you are ready with all mentioned above, you can start searching and purchasing suitable foals.

Actually, all these circumstances define the necessity to be financed according to the size of the future project.

It’s important to figure out how you see its goals, whether it’s the cooperation with the agriculture industry units or a tourist camp or a country club. You can retrieve the costs providing the services or selling grown-up horses.

How to define the goals for making money and what are the possible purposes for money making with horses?

Surely, horse breeding must be supported by a definite aim. It’s not that simple as with pig breeding, which may only be the source of food.

If you look at horse breeding, you can make money in such ways:

  • selling grown-ups
  • using them for your own purposes

Selling grown-up horses you’d better stick to a certain sequence of actions:

  1. You must buy qualitative foals and all feed and mineral additive, which is required.
  2. After it you must make a nice and spacious pasture.
  3. When all conditions are done, you must take care of the animals and wait till they grow up.
  4. So, in three or four years it is ready to be sold.
  5. Then you must find the beneficial and trustworthy channels of selling and make a deal on the raised animals.

If you treat the business seriously, you are able to make actually pretty good money.

There is one more interesting way of horse business. It’s still breeding, but in order to sell them on the auctions.

It must be noticed that there were cases, when the stallions of the good quality were sold for few thousands of dollars. The most expensive and demanded at the auctions are the sports and walk races. They are bought to take part in horse racing or tourist industry.

One more rather good and promising idea is making a special club, devoted to the lovers of horse riding.

Carefully raised horses will come in handy here. If a visitor would like to take a few lessons from an experiences specialist (you’d better foresee it and hire some), he is sure to pay for it. By the way, the payment may be higher at the weekends.

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How to get money with horses?

Horse breeding as business is very cost-based and laborious. However, the income may be colossal as well.

Buy foals, organize the pasture, take care of the feeds, make stables, hire the specialists in horse care and three or four years later your efforts will be compensated by the income from the commercial transactions of direct selling or auctions.

At the latter, by the way, the price is often several times bigger than the initial cost. It concerns the sports and walk races. They appear on the tourist routes and modern competitions of different kinds.

From a specially organized clubs, where the “pets” raised by you are rented, you may get additional income, if you suggest the clients taking some horse riding lessons from the professionals.

The price may vary and be higher at the weekends and holidays and lower at week days.

It’s very wise to offer some teaching programs, which differ in the level of difficulty: the newcomers or masters, kids or adults. Needless to say, it requires the specialists of different qualifications and a complex of security measures, but it also broadens the possibilities of making more money.

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How much money can a person make with horses?

Such business brings millions to those, who dare to try. There are plenty of people, who want, but only few people make real money.

The simplest ways of getting money is rent and riding lessons. The prices in different country clubs are almost the same – you can ride a horse and pay $15 per hour. Horse-riding lessons are more expensive and cost $45 — $60 per hour. With proper advertisements and formed customer database a person can earn pretty high dividends.

The drawback of such business is seasonality, because in winter you have only expenses for maintenance of the personnel and horses, but the income you’ll get in summer will fully cover that.

Investments and profitability of horse business

The initial capital directly depends on the planned number of horses and size of the stables. In a large-scale business in the area of horse breeding the average numbers are:

$10 — $15 millions – the initial investment;

300% — the average profitability;

$45 — $60 per hour – a lesson on horse riding;

$1 000 — $3 000 a person can make by receiving horses of different owners to his board;

$40 000 — $100 000 – the initial value of representative of sports race;

$800 – the possibility to take part in the auction in order to sell sports races;

10% of the price is given to the organizer of the auction.

This way it gets clear that the horse business is not only laborious, but actually a cost-based process. Taking it seriously and learning how to deal with it, everyone is sure to understand how to make money with horses. Besides, you can get colossal pleasure from the favourite job and communication with these wonderful animals.

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