How to Make Money from Phone Calls?

The article contains the methods of making money on the phone and their description. Connect the paid numbers and start working!

If you want know how to have a simple and quite well-paid job on the Internet or in the mobile area, you should consider such opportunity and learn how to make money from the phone calls.

It’s very simple: you are contacted and you make money for the incoming calls on a higher rate than most mobile operators have.

SMS are also more expensive.

The whole secret is how to get such number, which will take money from the calling number.

It turns out all mobile operators provide with a service “paid number”.

The name may differ in different companies but it doesn’t change the essence.

The only detail is that people who contact this numbers pay more.

Such number is provided, as you can guess, for money. So, as soon as you have it, you’d better start working.

Ways how to make money from phone calls


  1. Enable paid numbers, which will bring money.

    Before you begin to work on such phone, it’s better to know that in the advertisement you must add that the call is charged and say how much it costs, and you’ll avoid conflicts in the future.

    Subscriber contacts the paid number and you get the percentage from the sum spent on the communication.

    You are contacted, you pick up the phone and then it’s like in the taxi: taximeter is working and the bill is growing.

    You can be successful at this field when you provide with actually demanded by the clients things and they are worth money spent on the call.

    Such service exists in very narrow and competitive areas of the market: urgent law support or information consultations, paid technical support or learning foreign languages over the phone.

    Dishonest owners of the paid numbers, who don’t mention the higher price of the call often face conflicts and are obliged to return the money and even pay a fine.

    However, if you act according to the law, you can make money providing different services:

    • Giving reference information.
    • Taking orders on different kinds of items and services.
    • Providing with entertaining information: pieces of advice, horoscopes, fortune-telling, etc.
    • Taking orders on the multimedia content.
    • Voice chat.
    • Paid consultations.
    • Payment for any service by the phone call.

    The advantage of such method to make money is that you don’t need to discuss the price with every client, because it is already included in the price of the phone call.

    The main secret is how to keep the person on the line, because the tariff is usually by-the-minute. It means the longer you talk, the more money you make.

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  2. London variant how to make money from phone calls.


    With the appearance of the free connection on the Internet, the number of calls in the usual telephone network began to decrease rapidly.

    As a result, the fantastic sums of money from billions of calls began to descend and many mobile operators must take measures now in order to stimulate their clients to use phone more often.

    The most radical decision was made by the UK mobile operators.

    They suggested to their subscribers real money for the usage of their phone numbers and called it “a bonus for the incoming calls”.

    The principle is clear and understandable.

    When you call, you pay for it.

    When someone contacts you, the operator pays you the percentage from the money spent by the one who called you. Nevertheless, your number is the usual one.

    The person, who contacts you, doesn’t pay over the price from his tariff.

    This rule covers all incoming calls, including the ones from inside the net.

    You make money on all incoming calls, regardless from where they were made: from the city phone, from the mobile, Skype or IP-telephony, from England or another country.

    Besides, international calls and the ones left on the answering machine are also paid, which is nonsense for the paid numbers.

    Generally the rebate is about 3,3 – 3,5 pennies per minute.

    Why do the companies need it? It’s also very simple and clear: the money made by the company directly depends on the number of the calls, which are addressed to the numbers of their subscribers.

    That’s why it’s profitable to share the money with you, because if you have more incoming calls, the richer will be both you and the company.

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  3. Making cold calls to make additional money from them.

    You are sure to have got some unexpected calls from different companies, when unknown people offer you this or that help, products, discounts you didn’t even ask.

    Sometimes people ask you to answer some questions, fill in the profile or leave the review, etc.

    Even average people are contacted regularly, and if the number is registered as a company’s number or on the Internet, such calls are coming 2 – 3 times a week.

    It happens more often if you live closer to the capital and less often when you are farther on the suburbs.

    If you ask an average London tenant who and how many times calls him every day, you’ll find out he gets 15 – 20 calls from various firms, shops, credit brokers and so on without his requests.

    It’s called “cold calls” – the managers of the companies connect with the random numbers and hope the product or service will be interesting for the addressee.

    This is a generally accepted marketing practice.

    Earlier these calls didn’t take long.

    Most people just answered “no, it doesn’t interest me” and hung up.

    However, nowadays, when people learnt how to make money for each second of the incoming call, they find it beneficial to listen to the detailed information about the hot offers, services, and discounts on various topics and from different companies.

    The talks are longer and thought over, with plenty of questions, details and discussion.

    As a consequence, only from “the cold calls” and without efforts the British receive from the mobile operators 200 – 300 GBP (pound sterling) per month!

    Small part of the income they leave on the balance of the phone, and most money are sent to the bank account or PayPal.

    The British get rebate just using their SIM-cards inside the country.

The advantages of making money from phone calls

  • All of them are coming to the usual, but not paid numbers.

    Clients don’t pay a penny more than their tariff defines.

    It’s possible to accept calls from any mobile and fixed location phones, from VoIP telephony, Skype and any country.

  • All calls are average and private, that’s why there is no need to register or provide some service.

    The subscriber, who contacts you, doesn’t receive any service and doesn’t pay for them, that’s why there is no way how he could return or take the matter to the court in order to get money back.

    The money you make is not your income from any activity; it’s just a personal rebate from your mobile operator.

  • Connection to the number is possible on the Internet for the citizen of every country.

    Rebate’s payment is made by a regular transfer on any bank account from any country.

    The calls are accepted by VoIP telephony on the computer of the subscriber in any place on the planet.

  • As the numbers are not paid, there are no limits how to use the answering machine or the full automation of accepting calls on numerous phone numbers.

So, making money on the paid phone calls is possible.

Taking into consideration the methods mentioned above, it becomes clear how to make money from phone calls.

All you need is a phone, a paid card and access to the Internet.

The rest depends on how much you desire to make money and multiply your income.

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