How to Earn Money as a 12 Year Old?

How to make money as a 12 year old: 7 ways how to make money on the Internet + 10 ways to make money in the real life + some general recommendations.

Money plays an important role in people’s lives regardless of their age.

How to make money as a 12 year old if you cannot be hired yet?

Modern world easily solves this problem.

Every student has a chance to find a pretty good part-time job and significantly increase his income.

Moreover, he must not necessarily do something difficult.

Everyone is able to find what to do.

How to make money for 12 year olds on the Internet?


Firstly, only a few people believe that it’s possible to find a job for a 12 year old student and get real money.

When the payments increase, a teenager realizes that there are some ways how to earn money as a 12 year old which are completely honest and clear.

The examples of ways for a 12 year old to make money in front of the PC:

  • Looking at different websites and links and writing messages.

    Every click brings a certain sum of money in this case.

  • Entering captcha has the following sense – a student needs to enter in the special window the combination of letters and numbers which are depicted in the picture.

    Such ways of making money require only time and being attentive.

  • Watching videos.

    There are various websites where the advertisers offer to watch their videos and pay money to those who do it.

  • Reading letters is a job when a teenager is offered to look through the texts and answer the test questions.
  • Doing some simple tasks.

    How to make money as a 12 year old in this case?

    The conditions are the following: we register on the website which the advertiser gives you, start playing in a certain demo-game and then write a short review about it.

  • Passing the tests.

    As a rule, such work is connected to the advertisements of the definite group of goods.

    The executive must read the text and the question to it and then choose one of the given options.

  • Processing the photos.

    How to make money at 12 using this way?

    It’s not difficult to do if a child knows how to use Photoshop (thank God, the program is not very complicated).

It should be noted that the money which a child earned on the Internet are gathered in the virtual wallet which must be tight to the name of the full-aged person.

A teenager won’t succeed without his parents’ help.

Moreover, this is more an advantage than a drawback.

Mothers and fathers must know what and how their child is making his first capital.

How to earn money as a 12 year old in the real life?

Some teenagers start aiming to make their own money very early.

There may be various reasons: someone wants new rollers or a bicycle but the parents’ income cannot afford it; someone just wants to have his own cash and avoid asking for pocket money.

Many of them look for the ways for a 12 year old to make money.

10 ways for a 12 year old to make money in real life:

  1. A babysitter.

    Parents often need a reliable babysitter and such job will be rather suitable if he or she likes children.

    One may even gather children in one group and look after them.

  2. A parents’ helper.

    This work looks like babysitting because a child might look after younger siblings, walk with them, feed them, play with them and do some light errands.

  3. A housecleaner.

    A child might always provide the parents with the very popular job of cleaning the house.

    It may be a set of tasks or separate one-time errands – to wipe the dust, to clean the sink, to wipe the floor, to vacuum the carpet, etc.

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  4. A seller.

    Such activity is seasonal and depends on the region where a child lives.

    When it’s hot, he can sell ice-cream, donuts, soda, coffee, etc.

    It may also be at the fair or in the crowded places.

    In case a teenager knows how to make something with his hands, he should try to sell handmade things.

  5. A car washer.

    The demand on this service never goes down; a child can organize a group of his friends and additionally offer coffee or tea which his client will drink while his car is washed.

  6. Taking care of the pets.

    A teenager who loves animals can easily take care of his pets as well as his neighbors’.

    It includes feeding, walking and washing.

  7. A neighbor’s helper.

    This activity concerns doing some light errands for the neighbors such as shopping, light cleaning, watering flowers, etc.

  8. A gardener.

    Cleaning the earth from the weed, planting flowers, cutting the lawn, taking away the leaves in autumn, watering the plants regularly – a small gardener will easily do all of it.

  9. The assistant worker in a store.

    The responsibilities will include help in unloading, sorting, preparing the goods for sale, putting them in the shopping window, light cleaning, etc.

  10. Cleaning the snow.
    The winter work for which a child can gather his friends.

How to make money as a 12 year old in the village?

The rural areas have plenty of possibilities of how to make money as a 12 year old.

Nevertheless, this work is definitely harder.

It concerns:

  • The help in the gardens and kitchen gardens;
  • Gathering fruits and vegetables;
  • Cleaning the houses;
  • Delivering the products from the stores;
  • The help of gathering the wood and hay.

In summer, one may find more ways for a 12 year old to make money.

First of all, children should try themselves in gathering fruits, vegetables, berries.

It’s quite enough to gather a basket of wild berries and walk through the yards.

You are sure to find a family who will gladly buy wild strawberries for jam or vegetables to preserve for winter.

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How to make money at 12 if you are talented?

Many people being only 12-13 can already make something unusual.

Nevertheless, only a few of them think how to earn money this way.

Nowadays, almost anything can be sold.

Ways for a 12 year old to make money using his gift:

  • If you are a gamer, you can create a YouTube channel (a website, a community in the social networks) where you’ll teach others how to play. Everything can be monetized later.
  • In addition, you are able to make various handmade things for sale.

    The process of creation must be also depicted and used as an info product.

  • In case you love animals, you can create a farm: hamsters, guinea pigs, cats and even dogs.

    Many species of pets are very expensive and this is a good way of making money.

  • Aside from all that, you can team with your friends.

    You may promote communities on the social networks or various websites.

    However, in order to do it, you need to be good at the sphere you choose.

  • If you are good at electronics, you should make use of it, too.

    Fix PC’s, set the smartphones, repair some household appliances.

    All of it can bring you high profit.

The most important things are that you have a hobby and you are really good at it.
In this case, the question of how to make money will be solved on its own.

How to earn money as a 12 year old following some general recommendations?

So, at first a 12 year old must understand that his work will not be legal.

On the one hand, it’s a huge risk because the employer can trick you and deprive you of the salary.

That’s why you should be very careful choosing the place of work, read the reviews about the companies and think everything over.

In this case, a teenager will easily find a job where the employer respects his employees and honestly treats all of them.

In addition, a 12 year old must know his rights, i.e. he cannot work more than 4 hours per day.

It is written in the law and you must take it into account.

Surely, if you are very initiative, you can work at several jobs and spend more time working but the employer cannot increase the number of hours on his own because it’s illegal.

Besides, parents should drive with their children to work.

If a teenager comes alone, he might be tricked.

Surely, it happens in most cases.

Consequently, you should be extremely attentive in such situations.

When a child comes with a parent, the chance he’ll be tricked is less.

How to make money for 12 year olds – this is not a rhetorical question because there are plenty of answers on it.

The most important thing is to be attentive choosing a working place and do not trust all people.

In general, the child’s work is not only a way to get the wanted sum of pocket money independently from the parents.

It’s a wonderful school of life in the positive meaning of these words.

The work is sure to teach a youngster how to be responsible and aim for success.

He’ll learn how to communicate with people and because of it, he is more likely to achieve huge success.

Besides, the work will definitely boost his self-esteem and confidence in his possibilities (which is a wonderful advantage).

We hope that all above-mentioned ways for a 12 year old to make money will help you make the right choice of the first profession.

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