How to Make an Extra 100 a Week: 20 Options

How to make an extra 100 a week: 5 kinds of working offline + 5 ways to make money using computer + 5 options of how to work online + how to make extra money for men and women.

How to make an extra 100 a week and why are people in the constant search of extra work?

From today’s article you’ll learn where you must look for the ways of getting additional income.

How to make an extra 100 a week working offline?

5 ways to get the additional profit of 100 dollars per week:

  1. A secret shopper.

    This job has become very popular lately, especially in the cities with developed networks of supermarkets where the administration does not have enough time to keep an eye on the employees’ work.

    It becomes the obligation of a secret shopper – to check the quality of the services.

  2. A delivery man.

    Deliveries are very important and even essential.

    Moreover, people who spread the advertisements, brochures and promoters are in high demand as well.

    These methods are not easy but you are paid well enough.

  3. Leasing the apartment.

    It is considered to be one of the most profitable ways to receive extra money. It’s up to you to decide how to give an apartment for rent – long term rent or the daily one.

    Nowadays, such ideas of additional income are rather topical and widely offered in big cities and tourist centers.

  4. Tutoring.

    Tutoring is also a wonderful option if you have enough knowledge. It’s better to deliver the information orally.

    For instance, it might be teaching foreign languages.

    It’s not difficult to find the clients on the Internet because your audience will increase up to the size of the country in this case.

    This is much better than tutoring at home because you are able to invite not only those who live in your city.

  5. Organization of events and holidays.

    Become an organizer of different events such as anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, etc.

    The skills of making gorgeous events are said to be a wonderful way to earn an extra 100 a week or even more.

How to make 100 dollars extra per week using your computer?

In case you’ve got enough skills and knowledge of how to work with computers, you should pick something from the below-listed professions which are sure to bring you additional income.

5 ways to make an extra 100 a week:

  1. A call-center operator.

    You’ll only need your phone and the access to the internet.

    An operator can accept the incoming calls and answer people’s questions after completing quick training.

  2. A sales manager.

    Moreover, one may become a sales manager.

    In order to do it, a person must call people on his own and offer them some goods or services.

    You’ll be paid a certain percentage from the sales.

  3. A website’s moderator.

    The job is similar to the communities’ administrator in social networks but it requires much more knowledge.

    You’ll have to publish new materials on the website.

  4. Webinars.

    If you are good at this or that question, you can gather on the internet a group of people and hold a webinar.

    You’ll get money and in case people like it, you can go on working in this sphere.

  5. Web-design.

    If you have a good taste and a developed fantasy, you are able to create various pictures for the customers using simple programs, or you can process the photos, etc.

How to make an extra 100 a week working online?

How to make an extra 100 a week?

Everyone can make extra money.

If you are an experienced internet user, the below-described methods will be perfect.

  1. Online stores.

    The most popular and fashionable way of income.

    You just need to create a trading internet-ground using the ready-made models and scripts some of which are free.

    This way to receive additional income almost does not require investments but brings rather good returns.

  2. Social networks.

    Multimillionaire social networks are said to be Klondike of income.

    There is information that the income from one popular public is equal the number of participants/subscribers.

    Almost 90% of the population spends all the time there.

    Where does the income come from?

    From the advertisements which you publish in your own communities.

  3. Personal website.

    You are able to create your own site.

    Define the theme and fill it with interesting articles and regularly renew them.

    Your target is to attract the visitors.

    If you do everything right, their number will reach 500-1000 within a few months and they are likely to bring you money.

    The longer you have your site, the better it is filled, the more people will visit it and the more money you’ll get every week.

  4. The affiliate programs

    Such kind of getting additional profit can be suitable even for the unseduced PC users.

    You’ll need only 2-3 hours to fulfill the idea.

    What do you need to do?

    Register in different affiliate programs (almost every store has them).

    After the registration, you’ll get the unique link which you must advertise.

    The commission fee is counted from every deal which was made using your link.

    The percentage can be from 30 to 75% of the sum.

  5. Freelance.

    Every day plenty of new sites appear and they need to be filled and designed.

    If you are a talented writer, designer or programmer, this kind of work is just for you.

    Such job requires certain knowledge and skills but you can get the needed experience on your own.

Ways to Make Money on the Internet

How to make an extra 100 a week for women?

Active women can make up to 100 dollars doing simple and creative things. Let’s discuss some of them.

5 ways how a woman can get an extra 100 dollars:

  1. Creativity.

    If you like to create things – this must be your right choice!

    Handmade things are extremely popular and are always in high demand because various souvenirs, beautiful knickknacks, embroidered clothes, and pretty dolls are created uniquely or by order.

    Creativity may bring you good additional income.

  2. Your blog.

    Create your own internet-ground or a blog where you’ll do the consulting work.

    Cooking, gardening, hobbies, childcare or just thoughts on the life issues.

    Regularly develop the blog and attract subscribers.

    Soon they’ll become your income!

  3. Childcare.

    Take care of children or become a caregiver for small children.

    In case you have a pedagogical education or you are good with children, you should work as a nanny.

  4. Animal care.

    You may choose a job of taking care of pets when their owners are away. Moreover, you may walk the dogs.

  5. Household chores.

    Many people, when leaving for a long time, do not want to leave their properties without ward.

    One can get rather high income watching over the house (watering flowers, doing light cleaning, etc.).

How to make an extra 100 a week for men?

The most popular kinds of additional income for men are gathered in the list below.

They are proved by the time and are sure to bring high profit.

Work of any building or repairing professions:

  • Carpenters,
  • Electricians,
  • Painters,
  • Master-builders,
  • Installation/uninstallation masters of the systems of canalization and water disposal,
  • Various workers.

How to Make Money as a Photographer?

People settle their lives, reach perfection in comfort and atmosphere all life long.

They always need the help of the competent, attentive, careful and respected specialists which are advised by the others.

Well, you won’t succeed without special training and experience in this sphere.

You should not expect good results in construction works if you do not have this kind of education.

Moreover, even the experienced masters watch the new arrivals in the construction business and consult colleagues.

They even take some lessons from time to time.

In one word, there is no perfection of the mastership in this field just like in any other business.

Nowadays, using the internet or any other mass media and communications, a person of absolutely any profession is able to find a suitable way of getting extra money every week.

Moreover, he’ll work when it’s comfortable for him, get profit and enjoy the things he is doing.

That’s why the question of how to make an extra 100 a week will not be a problem anymore.

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