What Can I Buy with 100 Dollars: Interesting Options

What can I buy with 100 dollars – 5 simple items + 6 interesting gadgets + 3 unusual things.

100 dollars – is it much or not?

Everything depends on the country and city where you decided to spend this money.

In some countries, you cannot be on the loose while in others it’ll be quite enough to make the expensive purchases.

What can I buy with 100 dollars?

Today, we’ll discuss it together!

5 simple items you can buy with 100 dollars

  1. Clothes

    The purchase of a new piece of clothes is an excellent way to spend 100 dollars.

    You have not renewed your wardrobe for yourself, your parents or friends for long, have you?

    Go shopping and enjoy every purchase.

  2. Computer games

    If you are keen on computer games, the presence of 100 dollars will provide you with the opportunity to buy a couple of games from 30 to 60 dollars.

  3. Music

    You can buy plenty of musical tracks with 100 dollars.

    For example, in iTunes Store.

    ITunes supports iPod, iPhone, Apple TV.

    It may be used to translate the video files (including HDTV), audio files and photos to the connected multimedia player Apple TV.

  4. Food

    Is there even a person who does not enjoy eating something tasty?

    100 dollars may be spent on steaks, sushi, chocolate, etc.

    When we speak of the restaurants, you must know they are not cheap at all.

    A dinner for two in a good restaurant will cost you 100 dollars or even more.

  5. iPhone

    The used iPhone or his copy will cost you approximately 100 dollars.

    The American Retailer RadioShack started to offer the so-called “refurbished” 16 GB iPhone 4S only with 100 dollars.

6 gadgets you can buy with 100 dollars on eBay

  1. Leap Motion

    A good idea will be to order Leap Motion for your PC, which is able to distinguish quite precisely the gestures in the air in front of the screen, has relatively small size and can be applied in many apps.

    The controller, aside from the main block, is now located in HP laptops as well.

    Leap Motion is matched with PC and Mac.

  2. Quadcopter

    Quadcopters are rather popular but not very cheap.

    The similar toy made in China can be bought with 100 dollars.

    Syma X5C also fits the budget.

    It has a 6-axial gyroscope, 2 MP camera, and a remote controller.

    Inside there are 2 GB of memory and the 500 mAh battery for 7 minutes of the flight.

    The radius of action is in average 50 meters.

  3. Drone tank with camera

    The drone tank Brookstone Rover 2.0 is controlled by Android or iOS devices.

    It is able to record videos and take photos and browse them to the social networks at once.

    There are two lights to shoot in the dark time of the day and a person can change the angle of sight.

    The radius of action is up to 60 meters in the open space and 30 meters if there are walls.

    One can buy it with 100 dollars on eBay.

  4. Action camera

    Surely these are not GoPro but they have 1920x1080p and 1280x720p 60fps and are water and dust resistible.

    The angle of sight is 120 degrees and they support the SD cards up to 32 GB.

    The package includes 3 different fasteners, a USB-cable and a charger.

  5. Game console

    Many people definitely feel nostalgic towards the old game consoles and some even have the pile of cartridges.

    There are plenty of game consoles for the lovers of the retro games which support the original carriers and controllers.

    For example, with 100 dollars you can buy Hyperkin Vector Red Retron 3 which supports the SNES, NES, and Genesis games.

    The package has two wireless gamepads but also has the contact sockets for the original ones.

  6. Players

    This category includes sports and swimming gadgets.

    There are water resistible headphones and players on the basis of bone conduction which do not need to be put in the ears.

    There are quite a lot of them on sale.

    For example, mp3 player iCharge SG03 with 4 GB can be bought with 61 dollars.

The unusual things you can buy with 100 dollars: 3 unusual items

  1. Metal detector

    You need $70 + shipping to buy a metal detector with the information display and buttons for the settings.

  2. Wi-Fi endoscope

    One can buy a Wi-Fi endoscope with $90.

    It may come in handy for the lovers to dig in the cars or other equipment with hard-to-reach places.

    The gadget supports the connection by Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n to Android or iOS (there are some corresponding apps).

    A camera records video in the format 1280×720 with the angle of sight 60 degrees.

    It is attached to the flexible one-meter-long tube which is 8,5 mm in diameter.

    There are 6 LEDs and one more on the handle.

  3. Useless Box

    This gadget can be considered like the souvenir for a geek.

    This is the so-called Useless Box, to be more precise – a set “gather on your own”.

    The device is the self-disengaging box with the only on-off switch.

    The price is about $70.

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What can I buy with 50 dollars: headphones for you smartphone

  1. Sony MDR-XB50

    The headphones Sony MDR XB50 look very stylish and bright.

    The outer part has the piece of anodized aluminum.

    The headset has several color options including red and blue.

    They have a very good low frequency which is reflected in their title “Extra Bass Earbud Headset”.

    There is only one button on the controller.

    You can buy Sony MDR XB50 on Amazon with $43.

  2. Urbanears Kransen

    Aside from the excellent sound, their advantage is the well-thought construction.

    Two headphones are closed in each other and there is a special section for the male where you put it after you fold up the headset.

    The cable from these headphones is almost completely webbed and it does not let it get mixed up.

    The headset Urbanears Kransen cost about 39 dollars on Amazon.

  3. The SOL REPUBLIC 1111

    These headphones look on solid A+ and have the buttons to control the loudness and the flat cable which does not let them knot.

    Just like Sony, this model is not suitable for classical music and you’d better turn on something harder.

    This model is the most expensive on our list — $50.

What can I buy with 20 dollars: Top 5 gadgets

  1. Portable battery charger Xiaomi 10 000 mAh

    It’ll be quite enough to charge iPhone 5 times.

    Now you can buy it on sale only with 17 dollars.

    Its weight is about 207 g.

    Almost everybody will be pleased to receive such a present taking into account the portability of mobile phones.

  2. A lens for smartphone LIEQI LQ-018

    If you like to take pictures on your iPhone (especially, if we speak about iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s) or you have such friend, why not buy a special lens for smartphones?

    Now, we’ll discuss precisely the lens LIEQI LQ-018 which costs 10 dollars.

    The package also includes the 180-degree “fisheye” and the lenses for the macro photography 10x and the wide-angle photography 0,65x.

    In addition, there is a special strap for iPhone 6 and 6S.

    The lenses are made from metal.

    That’s why you should not worry about their longevity.

  3. Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band

    Mi Band is a fitness tracker.

    It is able to count steps and track the special exercises (which are set in the app).

    You can set the daily goal, for instance, 10 000 steps and watch how you reach it.

    As soon as the bracelet counts enough steps, it will notify you with the vibration.

  4. Wired gamepad Joypad

    360 and any Windows PC (the version of Windows must be 7 and higher). It is attached by the USB.

    The weight of the gadget is around 400 g.

  5. Wind-protective touch-gloves

    The main target is to let a person use his smartphone without the need to take off the gloves.

    They will be suitable for people who go in for skiing, enjoy various camping and riding bicycles.

    They cost only 7 dollars.

What can I buy with 100 dollars?

Anything you want!

The variety of goods will definitely satisfy even the most demanding customer.

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