List of Life Insurance Companies: the Best of the Best

The list of life insurance companies: 8 American organizations + 3 German firms + the firms in Great Britain, Switzerland, China, and France.

The life insurance company secures the citizens and legal bodies.

The certificate of insurance is the document to prove you’ve got it.

The list of insurance companies is the topic we are going to discuss today.

Top companies in the United States of America


The list of 8 firms which are pointed out for the quality and trustworthiness of their services:

  1. The first one is State Farm.

    State Farm Insurance is huge and transnational.

    It secures the property and is number one by the premium income not only inside the country but abroad, too.

    In 1922 the first office was opened in Illinois.

    Nowadays, it works with the mutual insurance (instead of the corporate – ownership fund): vehicle, aviation, estate, accidents, and reinsurance.

  2. The second one is Allstate Insurance Co.

    The list of life insurance companies also includes this organization (established in 1931 by the Sears Roebuck).

  3. The list also includes Metropolitan Life Insurance, Inc.

    The recipient of the National Traverse Insurance (established in New York, 1868). In 1915, it became the mutual life assurance firm.

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  4. The American International Group, Inc.

    The AIG is definitely a very important international diversified organization and the top insurer of the trading and manufacturing risks.

    The first office was opened in Shanghai, 1919.

    Nowadays, the holding controls 44 subsidiaries in 130 countries.

    The workforce is 28 thousand employees.

    All subsidiaries are united in six specialized divisions.

  5. The fifth is Continental Insurance.

    It was established in 1853 and nowadays it works in 100

    The specialization field is reinsurance and vehicles.

  6. Cigna is on the list, too.

    Cigna is the head diversified firm which works with property and responsibility.

    It appeared in 1982 after the merger of a couple of old communities Connecticut General and INA Corporation.

  7. The Prudential Insurance Company of America.

    It presents the most various kinds of contracts: personal and collective, usual and ordinary, participating, retirement, health, etc.

  8. Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

    Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is the American international holding which is located in Omaha, USA.

    They observe and rule many affiliate companies.

    Initially, it dealt with insurance and reinsurance but due to the investment decisions they turned into a multi-profile business where such operations are only 21% from all revenue.

    The rest includes railway traffic, electricity production, communal services, retail sales, etc.

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Estate insurance and responsibility for the huge sales and manufacturing establishments of the USA brings 8 billion dollars of revenue per year.

The American monopolies’ foreign business and the foreign enterprises in the USA and other countries bring 2 billion dollars.

Life assurance revenue is 9 billion dollars annually.

The list of life insurance companies in Germany

The list of 3 best German organizations which won people’s trust:

The German vend is covered by 39 agencies, 10 of which get more than 51% of the entire income.

  1. Allianz.

    Allianz goes well ahead of others.

    Its share gets 20% and this makes it one of the top-10 biggest companies in the world.

  2. Colony.

    This community is the Herling concern and can be also called one of the biggest.

    Still higher level of concentration has the associations which deal with reinsurance.

    Here only 5 organizations get about 75% of revenue.

  3. Cologne reinsurance community.

    It’s the huge reinsurance establishment in Germany.

    The premium income reaches 2 billion euros.

    Munich Reinsurance is also the huge corporation which secures and guarantees the qualified help.

The organization in the United Kingdom

Throughout the history and even nowadays the British insurance market has dictated its own terms and conditions which became the ground of the deals all over the world.

This business has two main directions in the UK:

  • The longstanding cooperation (lasts for decades);
  • The general agreement (including the one from accidents and temporary contracts which last less than one year).

The renowned Lloyd unites:

  • More than 23,5 thousand individual insurers;
  • 2181 foreign participants (1370 of which are from the USA).

Lloyd operates on 5 main independent markets – marine (40% from the total premium income), general estate, aviation, motor and the market of short-term life assurance.

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The main organization in Switzerland – Zurich Insurance Group

Switzerland has also developed this business a lot.

Zurich Insurance Group is the biggest in the area.

It is very powerful and has 34 affiliate firms in the country and abroad.

Zurich Insurance Group Ltd is the universal organization which works in three main business segments: the general, the global and the rural.

The similar company in China – China Life Group

China Life Group has the main office in Beijing and it is surely the leader.

It belongs to the government.

The predecessor – PICC – appeared in 1949. In 1966 PICC separated and in 1999 it received the modern current name – CLIC.

China Life Group secures the list o things: life, estate, accidents, pension, and funds, manages assets, investments in industries and works abroad.

They invested money in several banks and firms which managed the security papers and in the non-profitable organizations.

The best one in France is AXA Group

AXA Group is the world’s leader in the sphere of financial protection.

It was founded in 1958 after the merger of several regional companies Les Mutuelles Unies.

In 1985 they got the controlling stake Groupe Drouot and the brand new AXA appears.

Nowadays, AXA offers the insurance and assistance in 56 countries.

The regional network includes 118 branches and about 7000 coordinators who are not tight to those branches.

The central office is located in Paris.

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The list of directions in which this organization works:

  • Tourist;
  • Automotive;
  • Estate;
  • Medicinal.

The list of life insurance companies looks like this.

The list includes the most acknowledged and very reliable ones.

Your choice must depend on the trustworthiness and financial status of the insurer.

If these indexes are relatively high, you can sleep tight.

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