How to Win Keno?

You are eager to learn how to win Keno, aren’t you? In our article you are going to find some useful recommendations and strategies.

The entertainment, which became popular all over the world – Keno – brings joy, pleasure and wins to millions of gamers every day!

Despite the very simple rules in Keno, which do not require special skills, many lovers of casino in all of its manifestations are ready to spend hours trying their fortune in this pleasant for eyes and mind lottery!

If you want to enjoy a game of chance without risking too much, you are sure to like Keno.

It’s extremely easy to learn and start playing.

There are no complicated strategies and tactics here.

Keno is available in many restaurants, bars, casinos and now on the Internet, too.

You’ll win, if the machine chooses your number.

Yes, that’s so simple!

Elements of bingo, poker and roulette make this game rather attractive.

Let’s look closer at how to win Keno.

What is the essence of the Keno lottery?


The essence of the game is available for understanding even to a pupil – Keno, just as well as most gambling games, is based on the random number generation.

For those, who prefer Keno online, the so-called opponent is a special program, which generates random numbers.

Meanwhile, the player stakes on few numbers from the playing field.

The result of the game depends on whether the numbers, on which a player staked, will coincide with those, which the random number generator showed.

Plenty of possible combinations, which may occur on the playing field, make the probability to win very small.

A player may stake on 2 – 10 cells and the more cells turn to be winning, the more profit you’ll get as a result.

Those people, who at least once thought about how to win Keno and tried to play this game, know that it’s almost the only game, where the wins can repeat endlessly.

Big prizes are won quite rarely, that’s why it deprives the profit hunters from getting rich in a moment.

However, if you take into consideration how often you can win small sums, you’ll see a zest in the game, which creates a different, special perception.

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How to improve your chances to win Keno?


  1. Learn how to play Keno.

    You cannot win until you play, but you are sure to lose if you don’t know how to play.

    • Start from a Keno ticket, which contains the numbers from 1 to 80.

      Every number is represented by a dot on a coupon.

      Most gaming establishments demand choosing from 4 to 10 dots on a coupon.

    • Then you stake in a booth.

      The higher is the stake, the higher is the payment for win.

    • Within a few minutes there will be chosen 20 different random numbers and you’ll see them on the casino’s screen.
    • According to the final number of coincidences with your coupon, you may be a winner.

      Besides, the more numbers match, the higher is the payment.

    Usually Keno games start every 4 minutes.

    If you missed a game, it’s only a moment before you start waiting for the next one.

  2. Find the establishment, where the level of payments is not terrible.

    Do you know how casinos advertise themselves, saying that payments from slot machines reach 97% or any other high number?

    Actually, Keno’s payments are worse and may be on the level of 60 or 70.

    However, every casino differs a bit, so come around and ask about it.

    You are able to increase the chances to win simply by moving farther from home!

    Just because the chances to win Keno are small, the payments will probably be not advertised.

    Come in the gaming room for Keno and inquire from the workers about the level of payments.

    He does not work for the commission charges, so he’ll be quite honest with you!

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  3. Find the progressive Keno.

    You have terrible chances at winning Keno, so the only real strategy will be the search of the game with progressive jackpot in a casino with high level of payments.

    As soon as jackpot gets raised, the advantages of home get lower, and jackpot continues to grow!

    Pay attention to the jackpot’s passage rates, payments for all other wins (except jackpot), current and maximum sum of jackpot.

    If possible, learn how big the last payment was in order to have a notion about how to receive jackpot before you win it.

How to act in order to win Keno?

  1. Account for the expected figure of every win (except jackpot).

    These are quite routine calculations using combinatorial analysis, but because of the big numbers, you’d better do it with the help of computer or, at least, on a good calculator.

    Unless you are a Rain Man, in this case you may do it orally.

  2. Account for the probability of winning the progressive jackpot.

    It is done just as well as calculating other wins, which has been previously described, except for the fact that the expected sum depends on the size of jackpot.

    Which size of jackpot guarantees you a nice game?

  3. Write down a formula of the expected game result as a function of jackpot size.

    For example, if the simple wins eventually bring $0.60 in return, and jackpot has a probability of 1/250 000, then the total return will be equal $0.60 + j/250 000, where “j” is the size of jackpot.

  4. Calculate how big jackpot must be, setting the total return equal to the price of the ticket.

    In order to play with $1 the formula will look like this: $1= $0.60 + j/250 000 or j = $100 000.

    If jackpot is not that high, you can walk around slot machines, take a glass of lemonade from a waitress and kill some time by video poker.

    All you can do is to wait until the jackpot gets bigger.

    This is the difficult part, because you cannot know for sure that it will happen.

    That’s why, do not stay too long; you can play with lower chances or simply go to the bingo room.

How to add variety and win Keno?

  1. Use combinational coupon.

    Now everything gets more difficult, because you add combinations. For example:

    • You pick six numbers.
    • Circle them in two groups of three numbers each.
    • Make a note on the playing field “2/3” and “1/6”.

    It means that you want to stake $3 – $1 on the first group, which consists of three numbers, $1 on the other one and $1 on all six numbers.

    This is similar to the racing: predicting the winner is great, but winning the triple bet is even better.

  2. Stake on combinations.

    Numbers may also cross in combinations. Let’s say you staked on a group of two, three and four.

    These are three groups, but you can also stake on the group of 5 (3 and 2), group of 6 (2 and 4), group of 7 (3 and 4) and group of 9 (all numbers).

    How much will it cost with the stake of $1? $7.

    Make sure you wrote on the coupon how exactly you want to stake!

    Otherwise, you’ll puzzle the worker.

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  3. Play with a “royal” ticket.

    If one number is circled, it’s a king.

    You can also include it in combinations.

    Let’s return to the first example (2/3 and 1/6) and add a king to the combinations. We’ll receive 2/4 and 2/7.

    A king is connected to every group of three and to the sum, which is equal to 7 numbers.

How to win Keno with the help of different techniques and strategies?

There are several techniques and strategies of playing the Keno lottery, which are used to win more often than to lose:

  • D’Alembert’s method.

    This method offers you to do simultaneously two stakes of the same size right after your failure.

    If you win, you’ll increase your capital just on the sum you’ve just lost.

  • Martingale’s method.

    It differs from d’Alembert’s method by the fact that the player increases the next stake two times after he lost the game.

    If he wins, he’ll return to the initial level.

  • The method of the number chain.

    This way is less risky and dangerous to play.

    Besides, this technique is flexible, but it does not promise you to return the lost money very fast.

    At first the player defines the sum of the future win and the time of the game.

    If a player wins, he reduced the predicted numbers two times, if he loses, he increases them on 1.

  • The strategy of pursuit.

    This is the method, when the players stake on the same numbers, until they appear.

    Very often this strategy is combined with the first two, described above.

    It is used by the players all over the world much more often than others.

There were plenty said about how to win Keno, that’s why everything is up to you now!

Though, the methods mentioned above do not guarantee 100% win, knowing them you are sure to increase your chances.

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