Where Can I Get a Loan with No Job?

How to get a loan with no job: 3 possibilities of getting a loan with no job + 4 options where you can get it + pros and cons.

Sometimes it’s rather difficult to get a loan from the financial organizations taking into account all their demands.

When you have no job, it’s even more difficult to receive it because many financial institutions treat the legal employment as the permission to give a loan.

Still, you think how you can get a loan with no job.

Read about it in the article how to get a loan with no job.

What a loan is?


The bank operation which gives the borrower money on the terms of payment of interest, collectability, maturity, and security is called a loan.

In a wider meaning, it is the monetary economic category, the essential component of the goods/money relationships.

This is the relations between the two parties when one of them gives another some valuables (money, security papers, and precious metals).

The borrower is obliged to return them within the set terms and pay the interest for the usage.

As a rule, the cash is given when the credit agreement is signed.

It contains the main terms and conditions such as the maturity, the percentage rate and the security of the credit.

A loan is provided by the banks and other credit organizations such as the centers of micro-financing, the manufacturers when selling their goods and services, and the retail companies.

Can I get a loan with no job and regular income?

It’s quite possible to get a loan with no job.

There are several ways how to get it.

However, before you file an agreement, you should think everything through and consider all pros and cons.

You should consider the following questions if you are eager to get it:

  1. Are you able to pay for the credit every month?
  2. Are you ready to pay the high rates?
  3. Do you actually need that money or you could borrow it from a friend?

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The financial institutions gladly give credits to the legally employed citizens: any creditor wants to get his money and interest back, on time and without any troubles.

Regardless of the fact that the unemployed is not always a person who does not have a regular income, it might also be a man who does not have a legal job due to certain reasons or works with the labor contract.

This is why some credit organizations give loans to the unemployed.

3 possibilities, how can I get a loan with no job

  1. Property secured loans.

    If a person has a possibility to get a property secured loan or secure it with other valuables, a bank will provide you with the required sum of money without any basis or doubts.

    However, a person who files this agreement must be sure what he is doing.

    Think how to pay back the mortgage in the future.

    In addition, a person must keep in mind that in case he fails to fulfill his obligations to the bank, he may say goodbye to his property or things he provided to secure the mortgage in this financial institution.

    They may be real estate or vehicles – cars or trucks.

  2. Offering a profitable business project.

    Very often those people turn to banks who have the great knowledge in the sphere of entrepreneurship.

    The main start in this sphere is to open one’s own business and it requires many financial investments.

    In order to reach the goal, one must prepare a business project to show it to the bank employees.

    So that the chances were higher, a borrower should treat it very seriously.

  3. Flawless credit history.

    How to get a loan with no job?

    If you wondered how to get a loan with no job and, consequently, borrowed money many times and returned it in time, your chances to get the new sum would become much higher.

Where can I get a loan with no job: 4 options


  1. A student’s loan.

    Students can get the federal student’s loans from the federal credit agencies.

    They are subsidized by the government in order to help students to pay for the education.

  2. A loan from a pawn shop.

    If a person is unemployed and he is not a student, one of the possibilities to get cash is to go to a pawn shop.

    You may bring valuable objects such as watches, cell phones, jewelry and household tools.

    The sum is usually defined by the price of the object.

    A client of a pawn shop has certain terms under which he must return the money.

    If you fail to return it, you won’t get the property back.

    That’s why you should not give the most valuable things if you are unable to return the cash.

  3. A church loan.

    It is another option how the unemployed people are able to get help with no job.

    Hardly anybody heard about it but some churches offer the financial support to their congregation, peculiarly those who desperately needs money.

  4. Private investing.

    One more option is to turn to a private investor.

    Sometimes, it’s easier to receive the required sum this way.

    A person who has some free money will lend it if you secure it with some property.

    This option is convenient if the borrower has a good credit history.

    However, as a rule, the percentage rate is extremely high and you’ll be made to pay through the nose.

How can I get a loan with no job discovering all pros and cons?

5 advantages:

  1. You take the needed sum right when you need it the most.

    Taking a loan allows getting the required sum fast.

  2. The proper organization of a family budget.

    When you take a mortgage, you start to plan your expenditures more thoroughly.

    It’s very difficult to take the income from a family budget and give it at once but it’s easier and more rational to return the mortgage in small pieces which are almost imperceptible for the family.

  3. Stimulation of the working efficiency.

    It has been proved that people who took a loan work harder and aim to repay the credit as soon as possible.

    It leads to successes in career, helps to overcome the life difficulties and get rid of the debts.

  4. The economy on the percentage rate.

    If you know how to calculate everything right and pay in time, you can save much on the percentage rate.

  5. The possibility to gain profit from the object of the mortgage.

    Some people give for rent the bought houses, repay the debts faster, and move to the personal real estate several years earlier.

    Besides, some people use the cars, which they bought on credit, for work and earn to repay the mortgage.

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4 disadvantages:

  1. The most significant drawback is the overpaying.

    You take in a bank one sum and return much more.

    The percentage rate will depend on many factors: the conditions under which you took a loan, the terms within which you must return it, etc.

  2. The fines for the delay in payments.

    You do not always manage to pay in time and a bank punishes you with the fines.

    If such delays are regular, your fine can become several times bigger.

  3. The possibility of losing the financial solvency.

    If a person is unable to return the payment due to a certain situation, he can be deprived of his apartments which a bank will sell at an auction.

  4. If you plan the family budget bad, the credit might pump all money from you.

How to get a loan with no job?

The solutions that were discussed above are sure to help you receive a loan.

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