How to Open an Online Boutique: Detailed Instructions

How to open an online boutique searching for the suppliers + registering the hosting and domain + attracting the customers + testing + developing the store?

If you are keen on fashion and love clothes, you must definitely open an online boutique because it will be the perfect business for you.

In order to learn how to open an online boutique, you won’t have to look for the place to rent or buy to locate your shop.

In addition, you won’t need to hire plenty of employees if you actually need them at all.

Read our article on how to open an online boutique.

Look for the suppliers before you learn how to open an online boutique


Choose a reliable supplier who will offer you clothes of high quality.

If you want to provide your customers with the possibility to try the clothes on, you’ll need to choose a wholesale dealer who is ready to pick the items according to the sizes.

If you use the services of the transportation carriers, you must learn their history beforehand to make sure their reputation is really good and they accept and process the orders fast.

Make the test order in your own shop to see whether the current supplier corresponds to your criteria.

You’d better focus on the goods which are offered by several wholesale dealers.

This way you’ll get rid of the potential dependence in case the dealer will suddenly change the price policy or have problems with the availability of certain goods.

Your business won’t be harmed by these hardships.

The most widespread schemes of interactions between the suppliers and the online boutiques are the following ones:

  1. Buying goods and saving them in your own warehouse.
  2. Saving them at the supplier’s warehouse and buying when necessary.
  3. Dropshipping as a good alternative.

If everything is completely clear with the first two options, the last scheme differs a little.

People order things through your online boutique while the goods are saved at the supplier’s warehouse and he delivers them directly to the customer.

Look for the suppliers long before you decided to open an online boutique.

It’s possible to do using different methods: using any searching engine on the internet, on the sites with advertisement and theme forums, in the newspapers and on the conferences of the needed industry.

How to register the hosting and domain of the online boutique?

Set everything on your website before you open it – buy a domain and hosting for your future online boutique.

Most hosting companies offer the possibility to create and open your store fast. It’s time you picked a domain mane (the shop’s name) and register the hosting for your website.

If you already have your own brand, you’d better make the domain alike. It must not be too long but easy to remember and pronounce.

Hosting is the place on the remote server which is given to you by the provider to place your website.

Surely, it may all seem difficult and unclear for the non-specialist, that’s why we suggest you turning to the professionals to create and register the domain and hosting, lest you made any mistakes.

After it, the primary target will be to make the trading account to accept the online payments using your shop.

You’ll also have to learn how to inventory the goods and browse all models on the site.

Only now you are ready to open the store.

How to attract the customers and open an online boutique?

How to open an online boutique and receive high income?

It’s impossible to receive the high income from the sales if only you and a couple of your friends know about the store.

The more targeted visitors you attract to your store, the bigger will be the sales and the higher will be your income.

Learning how to attract visitors you are sure to find out various methods of online marketing.

The main of them are the search promotion and contextual advertisements.

In every certain case, their effectiveness will differ depending on the theme and the targeted region.

That’s why you must know how to test and analyze the results in order to define the most profitable directions of the business.

In fact, you are able to open an online boutique for the weekends but its promotion is sure to take you much time.

For instance, SEO optimization and content marketing belong to the long-termed strategies and their results will be visible only a few months after you started working.

In case you wish to have fast sales, the contextual advertisement will suit you perfectly.

It allows learning how to attract the first visitors within a day or two after you started your campaign.

The payment for the clicks on the ads is also a good way to gather the customers on the Internet clothing market.

It is economically profitable for the startuppers because you give the money only when a person actually clicks on the advertisement.

Find the places where your potential clients may spend time on the Internet and think how to place your advertisements there.

Use the services of the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter to increase the interest the audience with the best offers from your online boutique.

Analytics and testing your online boutique

The possibility to track the users’ actions on your site and the effectiveness of attracting the customers using different channels is one of the most significant advantages of the e-commerce.

As soon as you opened an online boutique and started to sell, you’d better add the analytical systems, hold the regular monitoring taking into account the installed metrics, and test the various changes on your website in order to increase the conversion and feedback of the online boutique in the commercial sphere.

Which elements of online boutiques must be tested?

  1. The changes of the page design or the catalog.
  2. The appearance of the separate graphic elements and publishing the texts.
  3. The appearance and the functions of the basket.
  4. Other components of the website.

It’s quite possible that even small changes will help you to increase the sales.

However, you should understand that such experiments can be held only if your site already has a huge amount of regular visitors.

Usually, this number starts at 1000 visitors per week or 100 visitors and more per day.

One of the most significant indicators is the percentage of refuses on the pages and the index of conversion by the traffic channels.

That’s why you must constantly work and think how to improve them.

Tracing the reaction of the visitors on the similar changes allows receiving the reliable information of what is working and what is not and comparing the effectiveness of the various introduced changes.

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The further development of an online boutique

In order to make a profitable business in the sphere of e-commerce, you should constantly work on its improvement, development, and optimization of the business processes.

Opening an online boutique is only the first step on the long way to becoming an entrepreneur.

However, in order to become one of the leaders, you must be ready to risk and make the extraordinary steps.

This is the further development of your online boutique as a business.

An online boutique must be developed in the following directions:

  1. Creating the loyal audience of the customers.
  2. Constant development of the client’s service.
  3. The analysis of the rivals’ work.
  4. Testing and implementing the new ideas.
  5. Forming the trustworthy relationships with your customers.

The e-commerce develops fast and slowly forces the classical offline stores out of many niches.

It’s not surprising because people buy on the Internet not only to get the items for the lower price.

The main motivation is that it’s much more convenient to make the purchases this way.

One is able to order the required things using any gadget anytime and anywhere.

Your task as an entrepreneur will be to think fast about how to open an online boutique.

Start working right now, lest you lost the chance to take your own niche with small investments of time and money and go much further than your rivals.

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