Where Can I Sell My Laptop: 4 Best Pieces of Advice

Where can I sell my laptop preparing it + selling it on eBay or Amazon + the prices on the used device + 4 pieces of advice on how to sell it?

With the lapse of time, every owner of a laptop asks himself a question “where can I sell my laptop?”. 

Especially, if this is the old one.

Everyone has his own motives – some people just wish to buy a new and modern one, others need a more powerful model for work.

Where to sell laptop and how to do it?


Selling your used computer can be a perfect way to make additional money.

  1. Before you do it, you should use special cleaning towels to wipe your gadget clean.

    Check whether it works in order to be able to show a potential buyer its possibilities.

  2. Place free advertisements on several social networks and set its price (reasonably low one).

    It’s easier to find a customer on a thing which costs less than the similar goods.

  3. If someone responds to the advertisement, you should decide where to meet with the customer over the phone or exchange the letters via email.

    When you meet in person, you can demonstrate the laptop and get the discussed sum of money.

  4. Find a person, who is looking for the old gadgets, and ask him how much he is willing to offer you.

    If you are satisfied with the offered sum of money, you should give him your old device and get the money.

  5. Go to the websites which specialize in selling computer equipment and look if they are looking for old laptops.

    If there is such information on the site, you’d better find out the location of reception points and visit one of them.

How to prepare old laptops for sale?

Surely, the best possible option will be to format the hard drive and install a new OS.

Nevertheless, if you are unaware how to do it and you are reluctant to spend extra money on the specialist’s work, you must study the following things:

  1. Remove your personal data from the PC’s hard drive.

    Save your personal files on the USB drives or HDD and delete them from your gadget.

    Then, you are to get rid of the files which contain such data as the passwords and logins to the important services (websites of email, public services, data from the e-wallets and credit cards) as well as your photos and the scans of the documents.

  2. The history of the browser.

    Delete all history of the sites you visited.

  3. Program software.

    Delete the software you bought separately but do not forget to deactivate the license on this device first, otherwise, you might have trouble using this software on your new computer.

  4. Cleaning the system.

    Install a program to clean the system (such as CCleaner) and use it to clean the hard drive and registry.

  5. The appearance.

    Make sure you sell your laptop without visible stains (and if there are some, you must remove them) and you are able to turn it on and off normally.

Where to sell laptop using the Internet? – On eBay

This is a huge online auction where hundreds of thousand of people sell and buy the goods every day.

It provides them with the possibility to get rid of almost any kind of goods including the old laptop fast and profitably.

3 steps to discover where to sell laptop:

  1. The trade on eBay starts with a simple step – registration.

    As soon as you are done with this easy procedure, you’ll need to receive the status of the seller and learn where to put your first lot for sale.

  2. You must define the kind of the sale because eBay offers two possibilities to sell the goods: through the auction (when you set the primary price and the users bargain for this item) and selling at the fixed price (when you set the precise sum of money you want).
  3. You cannot sell your items on eBay if you pick the wrong category for them.

    That’s why before putting the advertisement about your laptop, you should pick the proper category of goods.

Where to sell old laptops? – On Amazon

  1. Account.

    Get into your profile on Amazon.

    In case you have no member account on Amazon, you should go to the entrance page and enter your email address, instead of the password you type No and click on the button Add.

    Then you must follow the instruction on the screen.

    You’ll also need to add your name, email address and password but it is likely to take you only a couple of minutes.

  2. Category.

    Choose the category which corresponds to your item through the keywords.

    It’s extremely important to find the precise version and model of your goods so that the clients received exactly the things they order.

    Amazon will also offer you the list of the last bought goods on this site.

    That’s why in case you wish to sell one of the goods; you can pick it from the list.

  3. Goods.

    Click on Sell your item after you found the needed category.

  4. The condition of the item.

    Choose the condition your item has.

    Though you can sell on amazon brand new goods, most sellers pick one of the following conditions – as new, very good, good, relatively good.

  5. Price.

    Set the price choosing any sum of money you want but you’d better make it lower than your rivals have on Amazon.

    Click on Add an item to put your laptop on sale.

How to Make Money without Spending Money: 8 Simple Ways

How to set the price and where to sell used laptops?

What price you should set for your PC?

This is a rather difficult question.

On the one hand, you do not want to sell too cheap, on the other one – you wish to avoid scaring the customers away.

The perfect option will be to study the similar advertisements and pick the golden mean.

Take into account that the prices on computers with the same characteristics but from different manufacturers will differ.

You must cater on the offers of the same models and manufacturer as yours.

If a laptop is working, its sale might help you get up to the 70% from the initial cost.

Surely, everything depends on how old and worn out your computer is and whether it has any damages.

4 useful pieces of advice, where can I sell my laptop for cash

  1. If you have a brand new laptop, you must definitely write in the advertisement that you are selling a new device.

    Besides, you’d better set a lower price and it will promote the sooner sale.

    It’s not a secret that there are plenty of people to buy new gadgets cheap.

  2. A laptop is likely to be sold fast in case it is in the perfect condition and you do not estimate it too high.

    Moreover, if a person is bargaining with you, you can decrease the price a little.

  3. If you have no time to do all of it but you are certain you wish to sell the gadget or you need to do it urgently and not very cheap, you can learn where the stores which specialize in selling laptops are and turn to them.
  4. Take the photos of your gadget so that the potential buyers had the most precise image of what they are buying.

That’s why you must take photos this way:

  • The top and the bottom of the laptop – in order to show the body.

    It’s also useful to take off the top and make a separate image of the manufacturer’s stick with the general information on the device.

  • From the sides – in order to show the connectors and the presence of the optical drive (if there is one).
  • The appearance of the open laptop – to demonstrate the screen, the keyboard, and the touchpad to the potential customers.

Where can I sell my laptop?

Selling a laptop is not an easy thing to do.

No one can guarantee that you will definitely find a buyer.

You must be ready to spend much time and efforts and learn how to be flexible in your price policy – in this case, your chances to close the deal successfully are much higher.

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