What Can I Sell Online to Make Money?

Do you ask yourself what you can sell online to make money? In the article below you are going to find the list of things you can sell and make money.

There are plenty users online, who are interested in various things and services.

The presence of demand opens huge perspectives to make money online.

That’s why many people wonder what they can sell to make money online.

Let’s talk about two aspects of this question: one-time sales and ideas of what to sell in your own online store.

What I can sell online to make money: 4 options


Many people, who have different valuable things, would like to sell them straight to the customer, without the services of the mediums such as pawn shops and commission stores.

We’ll tell you more on what you can sell online to make money:

  1. Works of art and jewelry, which found their new owners online, bring more money to the seller as there is no need to pay commission and no one tries to bargain a price down.
  2. One can try on his own to create the works of art or handmade things, which are in high demand.

    Embroidered pictures, for instance, may cost much money; figures and other souvenirs, especially, if they are of high quality, may also interested customers – particularly the foreigners, and it will bring you money, perhaps even in foreign currency.

  3. Knitting and sewing to order are extremely useful skills.

    Moreover, the items of high quality, which were made to order and according to the particular parameters, may cost much more money than things sold in the stores.

  4. Things you can sell online to make money may not necessarily be tangible. There is a whole list of intellectual property assets, which can be sold online:
    • Texts – publicistic genre, fiction, poems and so on.

      After you sign in on the content exchange, you can write texts to order.

    • Photos of high quality – you can make good money for the unique content.
    • Illustrations, which were created by those, who are good at drawing with a pencil (or a stylus in case of the digital art), are in very high demand because there are not so many unique pictures, which have not been used before online.

      In order to use such picture a person must have author’s rights to do it, which you as a painter can sell to your client.

    • Original domain names – who knows, maybe you’ll get an idea to register a domain name, which might probably turn to be in demand to those, who are ready to pay big money – do not be afraid to be creative.
    • Websites with good traffic and societies in social networks with many participants can be sold and bring you big money.

      If you have a resource, but you are not ready to part with it, why not start selling advertisements there?

    • Scientific research results.
    • Business ideas.

Top 10 ideas of goods you can sell in your own online store to make money

  1. Quadrotor and accessories.

    You must have heard about drones or quadrotors.

    Such flying vehicles were primarily invented for the army’s goals.

    Since time these vehicles have become rather popular to use in everyday life and for people’s entertainment.

    If you are looking for the most commercially viable kinds of business on 2016, you should try selling drones.

    The demand on such things is constantly growing, that’s why you’ll be able to make pretty good money on them.

  2. Gadgets and mobile phones.

    The marketing specialists have discovered that such items belong to the top sales online.

    This category includes any item, which costs less than $600.

    Appealing prices, which many online shops offer, attract many customers. Nowadays, people can afford themselves to renew various gadgets and mobile phones regularly.

    Moreover, they mostly do such purchases online.

    The customers compare the prices online and in real shops and see a huge difference.

    After it they easily spend their money, because they realize they saved a pretty penny.

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  3. Household appliances.

    These items belong to the top 10 thing sold online.

    Nevertheless, many people are afraid to make such expensive purchases online even nowadays.

    In spite of the fact that online stores have lower prices, most of the customers still go to the mall.

    The thing is that such expensive items are bought rarely, that’s why the clients want to compare different models in person and make sure they have no flaws.

    Besides, some people never faced shipping the goods via post.

    They believe it’s more convenient and beneficial to order the address delivery.

    So, if you are still not sure what to sell, start with something else, with things which are more popular.

  4. Green tea.

    You can sell various sorts of green tea – it’s a wonderful idea to start your business with the minimum investment.

    Modern people care about their health, that’s why green tea, which has healing qualities, is extremely popular.

    Another product in high demand is green coffee.

    However, its popularity has been decreasing lately, so, if you want to make good money, focus on selling green tea with different flavors.

  5. Products to clean the organism.

    Healthy nutritious products, the so-called detox, have been gaining popularity very fast.

    Various herbal teas and brews are in the highest demand for now.

    They are all over the social networks.

    You must have come across such items in your news feed at least once.

    Some products are really useful for your health, but there are some, which remind by its ingredients of the usual tea with various fillers.

    Nevertheless, it’s rather profitable business idea, because detox is sold online in huge volumes.

  6. LED-based lighting.

    This segment opens wide perspectives for the aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Experts assure that in 10 years all illumination tools in the world will be changes by the LED-based ones, because they allow saving much electricity.

    Moreover, LED-based lighting serves much longer than usual glow lamps.

    Such idea may make you rich, if you find the proper approach to it, because LED-based lighting becomes irreplaceable in everyday lives of modern people.

  7. Books.

    Regardless of the fact that many people have been using electronic devices to read books lately; usual printed books are still in high demand.

    Books editions cost much less online on the specialized sites than in the real books stores.

    Moreover, many online shops offer their customer good discounts and nice bonus programs.

    A customer may find any required edition online.

    Every book has the annotation, with the help of which you can learn its content.

  8. Shoes and clothes.

    These goods are in demand on the market in any economic condition.

    So that the clients could pick the thing of the suitable size, online shops provide them with all detailed information about every item: Color,

    Material, Size, Main service characteristics.

    Besides, they browse photos, where you can see how this or that thing looks like.

    As a rule, they are demonstrated by the models, so that the customer could estimate the item visually and see how it looks like on a person.

    Moreover, reselling clothes is a perfect option for those, who are interested in how to learn to make money, if they are unemployed.

  9. Children’s toys and gifts.

    Many modern customers prefer to order gifts and children’s toys online.

    There are plenty of sites on the Internet, which offer their services of helping with gifts.

    Thanks to this, a person may pick the proper surprise without any difficulties and it will definitely bring joy to his relatives or friends.

    So that the gift was unique, one can make it individual, i.e. there is a possibility to order an original inscription or engraving.

  10. Cosmetics.

    Experts consider that cosmetics and perfumes are the most sold goods online.

    Many online stores, which sell brand products, offer their customers video lessons and tutorials from the experienced specialists.

    Thanks to this, the clients get goods of high quality for the reasonable price and learn how to use the bought cosmetic items properly.

    Speaking about perfumes, usually the well-known perfumes, which the clients had or tested before are bought.

In conclusion, we may say there are some things you can sell online to make money.

Frankly speaking, their list is rather long – you should only turn on your fantasy and be ready to part with the things that mean a lot to you but can bring you much money.

Where there’s demand, there is supply, that’s why stop asking yourself for so long “What can I sell online to make money?” and define your goals as soon as possible.

Do not be late and you’ll be able to make good money.

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