Ways to Make Money on the Internet

This article reveals the ways of making money on the Internet. The only thing left is to choose which one appeals to you the most.

The volume of commercial activities on the Internet has increased multifold for the last ten years.

Various spheres of internet-trading, internet advertisements, remote jobs and providing of numerous distant services have developed a lot lately.

Are you eager to learn the ways to make money on the Internet?

We suggest you getting familiar with several of the most well-known options.

Completing tasks as one of the ways to make money on the Internet


  1. Engage youself in surveys.

    You are likely to earn money or get particular goods by completing some tasks on the Internet.

    Find the corresponding website and surveys asking a searching engine to show “sites with paid surveys”.

    Join few of such websites in order to increase the possibility to receive a higher-paid task.

    Tight the accounts to your e-mail and check it at least once a day.

    It will let you react shortly after you receive the offer from the employers.

    Here is a small part of suchlike sites:

    • The first choice is Yahoo! User Research

      This is the English website with various ways to make money.

      Participate and earn $5 – $150.

      Appraise new products free of charge. Play games on the Internet and make money on it.

      Speaking about payment, you can withdraw at minimum $50.

      The average cost of one task is $50 and more.

      The cost of surveys starts from $4 to $50 and even more.

      Referral system brings you $1for the registration of a new user (only if this user completed at least one task).

      NB: the earned money comes to you like personal checks.

      In addition, the name Yahoo! secures that it’s not fraud on the Internet.

    • Spidermetrix

      It is an interesting Australian website of surveys completely in English, which holds surveys on the behalf of different countries and has international quizzes.

      The compensation for surveys and reviews is made by Spider points – the value of a task is written in the invitation letters and measured by these points.

      The payment is possible as soon as you gather at least 300 spider points (1 point = 16 cents).

      The payment is done by the gift certificates and in cash on PayPal.

      Referral program: every invited user brings you1 point.

    • SurveyScout

      It’s the English website, which studies public opinion.

      The average salary is $5 per survey.

      It’s quite possible to win prizes and order products to test.

      SurveyScout works on the Internet with different famous companies from the USA, Canada and other countries.

      Speaking about payment, the minimum sum to withdraw is $10.

      The approximate cost of one task: 10 minutes = $10.

      There may be quizes, which cost from $10 to $200.

      NB: The money from your account comes in personal checks.

      Every month a $250 check is raffled off between the project’s users.

    • Executive Advisory Board

      The Executive Advisory Board Company is the world’s famous American company, which studies public opinion and is designed for people of the middle
      ranking (managers, small businessmen, police officers, etc.).

      Speaking about payment, you can withdraw at least $10.

      The average cost of a test: 15 minutes — $10.

      The costs of surveys start from $10 to $300.

      NB: The money from your account comes in personal checks.

      Every month a $250 check is raffled off between the project’s users.

    • CountryHitSongs

      These are the online surveys, which concern music.

      Here you communicate on forums, listen to young and famous singers, then complete a couple of quizzes, which concern only music.

      Speaking about payment, every survey costs 5 points.

      After you gather 300 points (the least number of points you can withdraw), you visit the “Gift shop” section and choose your gift.

      You may order a CD, which costs 300 points.

      If you do not want the goods, which are sent to where you live, you might also order a check.

      Referral system: every invited user brings you 5 points.

  2. Start tutoring.

    Most parents prefer the services of an online-tutor.

    Depending on the level of your skills, you are able to assist children in doing homework or help a university student.

    It’s obligatory to own PC and the high-speed Internet. Different institutions have diverse requirements to the tutor’s vacant positions.

    Some of care about the experience most of all, while some other demand having special education.

    Still, many companies find it extremely important that a tutor had higher education.

    A list of pages and companies, which hire tutors of the basic level, include,, Eduwizards, Aim4a, Brainfuse, and Kaplan.

Freelance as one of the ways to make money on the Internet

Freelance is a remote work (you do it from home).

A person who does freelance is called a freelancer.

The main freelance professions are:

  • web-designing;
  • writing articles;
  • text’s translation;
  • creating various presentations.

In order to start working on the Internet at the freelance exchange you should decide in which sphere you’d like to work and what really interests you.

In case you are not 100% good at something, you’ll need to find ways how to learn.

In such situation you should start from doing some simple tasks.

It’s also significantly important to know the ways how to find good customers.

Top freelance exchanges:


  1. Freelancer

    This is a widely known in the English sector website, which belongs to the Australian company Freelancer Limited.
    They assert as the biggest resource of crowdsourcing and freelance in the world.
    The directions of cooperation with foreign customers are the following:

    • web-designing,
    • soft development,
    • law (remote job of a lawyer or a legal adviser),
    • accountancy,
    • marketing,
    • engineering,
    • scientific field,
    • writing articles,
    • design,
    • content management.

    The average cost of completing one work is $200 – $300.

  2. Guru

    As much big and popular is this western service.

    It’s one of the ways to find remote work in the spheres of programming, IT and web-technologies, system management, copywriting, multimedia, graphic design, marketing, management and financing, architecture, engineering.

    In general, depending on the kind of activity and the level of competence, a freelancer has a possibility to make $10 – $50 per hour.

    The one, who is confident in his powers and wishes to get access to the highly-paid orders on the Internet, can buy the paid account.

  3. Upwork (oDesk, Elance)

    It’s the biggest foreign resource, which unites two popular freelance exchanges – Elance and oDesk.

    The main direction is freelancing in the sphere of IT services (web design, developing mobile apps, and programming).

    Other options of remote work on the Internet include writing articles and translating texts for money, offers for financial consultants, accountants, marketing experts, sales managers, graphic designers and SEO-specialists.

    At Upwork a freelancer may get an order on the hourly paid basis or with the fixed budget.

    In the first case, the system requires that the worker installed the special program, which saves screenshots of the work done.

  4. Constant Content

    It’s the most authoritative and biggest on the Internet ground to buy articles and order texts.

    As a rule, a western client, who needs to fill his web page with content, to order comments, official letters and documents, SEO or technical editing, comes to this very freelance exchange.

    The costs of the readymade articles, which are placed in the Constant Content catalogue, are much higher than the average prices all over the RuNet.

    What’s more, every text has two or even three prices.

    The highest price category is called Buy Full and it presupposes the whole assignment of copyright to the customer.

    The middle option – Buy Unique – allows only publishing the bought content.

    The lowest price is called Buy Usage; it preserves the author’s rights and allows him to sell the article again.

Managing your own site (blog) as one of the ways to make money on the Internet

  1. Discovering how information websites work.

    Every information resource is focused on the definite specific topic.

    The targeted audience finds the content of such pages extremely topical, important and fascinating.

    Successful information resources are visited by 1000 – 10000 people per month.

    The content of such resource is built on key phrases, which allow using it as one of the passive ways to make money on the Internet, using Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

  2. Selecting a profitable sector.

    Start from the interests in this field of work, which you consider to be the most exciting and the closest, and write a couple of ideas.

    Write as big list of such ideas as your leap of imagination allows you.

    Recall those, who might search for similar information on the Internet.

    Add the keywords to the searching request and you are sure to see which topics are in demand.

    Learn the resource, which content 100% corresponds to the requested keywords.

    You’d better use special instruments to explore the keywords.

  3. Finishing the settings.

    Firstly, determine your site’s platform (it may be WordPress, Joomla or Drupal).

    Then, you should pick the domain and hosting of the future resource.

    The domain means a website’s address.

    Webhosting is a service, which places pages on the world net.

    After you got the hosting place and picked a perfect title, you should pass to the managing panel and complete the account’s settings.

    You must install the platform of the future blog or site.

    Pick a beautiful theme to change the page’s design.

    The most famous hosting covers Bluehost and WPEngine.

  4. Filling it with content.

    You must create the most desirable content, which is going to raise the rating of your resource on the list of searching results.

    The survey on the searching results will serve you as a way to single out the most high-profile themes.

    In order to advance your rating on the list of searching results, you should write the articles on the similar themes.

    Use some particular instruments, such as Market Samurai, to select keywords.

  5. Monetizing your website.

    Pick among the following ways to monetize your work.

    Firstly, you should place the advertisements on the site.

    You are going to profit on every click through.

    What’s more, you are capable of selling your own goods or advertising somebody else’s products and make money on sales.

    With the help of Google Adsense you can install a kind of code to your site.

    The code is going to permit to place the advertisement on your site.

    It’s one more method among the ways to make money on the visitor’s clicking on these advertisements.

    Besides, you have an opportunity to begin selling the place for the advertisement on the pages of your site.

    Affiliate marketing is promoting goods of the certain group.

    There will be a link on your site or an advertising banner with a product.

    In case a visitor, following this link, will buy those goods, you’ll receive the percentage from the deal.

Having a YouTube channel as one of the ways to make money on the Internet

Many people watching video on the biggest video hosting called YouTube, do not even suspect that the authors of these videos make pretty good money on the views.

Make videos, if you have a favorite hobby or simply a desire and ambitions to become one of those, who make money on YouTube.

There are three main ways to make money on the biggest video hosting:

  • You are able to make money on views.

    If your channel is popular, if the number of views from each new video grows at a great rate, and if your channel has plenty of subscribers, you will definitely make much money with the help of Google Adsense advertisements.

  • Optimizing videos for searching engines.

    In order to optimize your video for searching engines, use keywords in the name of the video.

    Make sure these keywords are popular.

    Besides, provide your video with a proper description.

    If you preserve all these rules, you will definitely increase the number of video views.

  • Promoting services.

    It’s also one of the ways to make money on the Internet.

    Shoot a good video, where you explain the services you are able to provide.

    Add the offered services in the video description, and make sure you leave the website’s address in the profile of your account.

    It may be not only the website’s page but the address of the page or group in any social network as well.

    When people, who like your video, appear, the chances they’ll pay a visit to your website or page are sure to grow.

    Moreover, it increases the possibility they will order your services.

All these ways to make money on the Internet can become either nice addition to the regular salary, or full time jobs, which bring real money.

It’s significantly important to avoid being lazy and to devote enough time to achieve the first results.

We hope that now you are eager to try and implement the following ways to make money on the Internet.

Good luck!

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