How to Watch Videos and Earn Money: 6 Popular Ways

Watch videos and make money discovering popular ways to earn money by looking at videos + what a beginner should do to make money + the advantages of such profit.

There are several ways how to earn money looking at commercial.

However, the essence is almost the same: a users registers on a website, which is the mediator between the advertiser and the people who receive income, watches videos, follows the links and gets money.

Let’s discuss the most popular ways how to watch videos and earn money and where you can do it.

Earn money watching videos

  1. We register on the resource of a mediator who serves the sites which want to promote themselves into the mass.
  2. We analyze the existing offers where we must watch videotapes.
  3. We pick which videotapes to look at because each will bring us some income (as a rule, several cents) and gradually the sum is going to grow into dollars and turn into a real stable income.

Usually, after you saw a video you must enter “captcha” (the numbers or letters from a picture) and when you do it you are automatically redirected to the advertiser’s site.

Such transfer is the proof that you actually watched it and this action will make the advertisers send salary to your account.

However, no one demands from you to look at the record attentively and remember its content.

Our advice is to act according to the principle saw and forgot so that you did not fill your brain with the unnecessary information.

Watch videos and earn money learning all advantages of this money-making scheme

  • At first, you’ll have to work hard but soon it’ll take you less time and provide you with more income because of your experience;
  • Properly organized working process and following the advice will definitely help you get a passive income and have enough cash without spending too much time;
  • You are sure to have free working schedule and being your own boss – the more you work the more you’ll receive;
  • Completely free registration and no need to pay fees to get the opportunity to make extra cash watching advertisements;
  • In addition, you do not have to have a special education to do the job.

It’s quite easy to watch videos and earn money – you simply need to look at videotapes and wait for the certain payment.

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Watch films and TV-shows to earn money

It may seem that it’s impossible to receive money watching films: it’ll be more logical that the audience must pay to see something and not on the contrary.

Nevertheless, there are some completely legal methods to earn money watching films.

To tell the truth, this is absolutely new and not a well-known way to make money but its algorithm is revealed to the user, who decided to do this business, personally after contacting the employer.

How to earn money and watch videos on YouTube

The most popular video hosting, which provides with the opportunity to make money to all willing people, is YouTube.

In this situation, a user again wonders why someone will pay you a salary for watching a videotape.

Nevertheless, such opportunity is quite real but you only need to know the places which are ready to pay.

The users are usually paid because of the following reasons:

  1. Some owners of the videos wish to impress their friends showing the impressive number of views.
  2. Others are interested in another thing: after the video a user clicks on the advertisement and gets to the advertiser’s website.
  3. The owner wishes to make his creation popular: if you like it, you are able to share it with friends, those will share it with their friends and so on.

A usual payment on YouTube is from 1 to 5 cents per video.

Just like everywhere else, there are some secrets of more successful ways to make money.

Moreover, you do not need to look at the tape – while it’s on, you can do other things and make money on them.

In order to work on YouTube, you must have your account.

You may also earn your living subscribing to the channels, adding videos to the favorite list or living comments under the records.

Sometimes people even pay you to vote for a videotape.

Moreover, it is not always a positive vote: perhaps, somebody wants to do a bad turn to someone and will ask to put a bad mark.

Where can you watch videos and earn money?


    On the portal, you are paid for watching videos on YouTube.

    The process of making money is very simple because you just see some records and receive the reward.

    Besides, you may get more inviting your friends into it.

    You’ll get $0,01 for every view, every comment is sure to bring you $0,10 and every subscription you make will give you $0,35.

    Moreover, you will also get $0,005 for every record your referrals see, every comment they leave brings you $0,01 and every subscription your referrals will make – $0,10.

    The earned salary is paid every day and sent via PayPal.

    The minimum sum you are allowed to withdraw is $10.

  2. Viggle

    Viggle is a free app, which was initially developed for iPhone and is easily used on iPad.

    You can profit from Viggle by gathering the points listening to the music and enjoying videos.

    When you have enough points, you’ll be able to exchange them for such prizes as gift cards, music and much more.

    It is known that users made more than 19 million dollars on Viggle.

  3. Netflix

    The well-known service Netflix pays their users after they saw films and TV-shows on their website and composed their description.

    Netflix is looking for the candidates for the vacancy of the so-called taggers – people who (after watching a film or a show) must analyze it and write an understandable interesting description.

    The candidates for such vacancy must have the experience of working with the data systems, at least 1-2 years of working in a media company or
    Internet resource, the skills to work in Excel.

    Besides, the experience of being an analyst or a critic would be an asset.


    This is a pretty easy method how to watch videos and earn money.

    If you are registered on, you’ll have the additional income enjoying TV-shows, films or commercial.

    The earned income can be spent on renting the movies from

How to watch videos and earn money following a step-by-step instruction for the beginners?

Step 1. Is to create an email.

The electronic address is required to register and connect with the mediator.

Step 2. Is opening an e-wallet.

If you have no account to use in cashless transfers on the Internet, you should definitely create one.

The stable (or even one-time) income on the Internet has no sense if you have no e-wallet.

Usually, the moneymakers use PayPal because it is the most popular and reliable option to perform Internet transfers.

Step 3. Is the registration on a website in order to see the tapes and earn money.

The procedure is elementary and usually causes no difficulties.

Step 4. Is actually to see videotapes and withdraw the income.

There are also more interesting and well-paid methods how to profit from videos.

For example, you may take part in the video surveys or profit from leaving reviews and comments.

Sites and apps, using which you may watch videos and earn money, are good options how to get your first dollar or first income on the Internet in general.

Most entrepreneurs, who have their businesses on the Internet, began precisely from such things or such like projects because they allow you to profit without investments.

Some of them eventually created their own resources to get long-termed and passive income.

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