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Top 6 sites where you can make money online. Register there and start making money online!

If you are interested in working with foreign websites, you have to open accounts in foreign payment systems.

The most popular systems of such kind are Payza and PayPal. When you register there, you receive your personal number which is your email address. Preference is given to boxes, registered at the .com zone, e.g.

Best foreign resources offer many different opportunities, using which you may receive a decent income.

For example, you may fulfill certain tasks or receive rewards for visiting various websites. Apart from that you have to take into account the fact that most of these resources do not work without minimum payment.

Sites to make money online: options


As you have already guessed, the main way to make money online is to visit different web pages.

However, if you are not willing to earn more, you may continue fulfilling certain tasks, looking through lots of different ads, or “liking” posts at YouTube or Facebook.

Another way to make money online is to invite referrals. However, such method will suit American referrals mostly.

For example, the project under the name “Clixsense” has organized a referral system in order to promote their resource. If you want to start earning with this website, you have to invite another person and then you’ll be able to receive your payment.

Are you looking for sites to make money online?

Western websites with active advertisements pay more money per click than Russian websites.

However, if you decide to start earning online, you should register only at the well-known web resources. Otherwise you are taking a risk of losing all your earnings – most foreign websites exist and pay rewards for half a year or even 3-4 months only. That’s why I’ve decided to create a list of reliable sites where you are able to make an income.

How to Make Money with Google AdSense?

You can trust these resources – many people have already received their earnings from these websites.

  1. Clixsense

    It is probably the best source of active advertisements.Here you will receive much while performing tasks and surveys. There is also a bonus system there as well.

    If you fulfill tasks and answer questions from surveys, you are going to earn a few dollars every day. If we talk about the Post-Soviet countries, Russia may be considered the luckiest one – its citizens usually get the highest paid surveys and tasks.

    Besides, here you can also find ClixGrid – a lottery which enables you to win up to 10 euros.

    Rewards are paid through PayPal, Neteller and Paytoo.

    Clixsense has been functioning since 2007.

  2. Neobux

    It is the most popular website where you are able to earn online.If you are an average user, you won’t make much at this resource. However, if you upgrade your account and invite new referrals, you will be able to receive a high payment.

    Many people earn up to few thousand dollars a year with the help of Neobux.

    Here you will find many clicks which cost 1.5 cents and many hundreds of those which cost 0.1 cents.

    As for the ads, you may watch them in semi-active regime, i.e. you open a web page in a new window and start clicking on other websites.

    Payments are made through Neteller, Payza and PayPal.

    Minimum payment is $2. All payments are conducted automatically, thus you will receive money in a few minutes.

    Besides, this web page offers a chance to win $50 online and an opportunity to upgrade your account with the help of the AdPrize lottery.

  3. Donkeymails

    This site has been functioning since 2005.If you visit category Your Inbox, you will find paid emails there.

    Paid2Click – here you’ll be able to receive a reward for clicking (about a hundred of new clicks per day).

    Point2Click offers paid clicking for points which you may spend for ads.

    Paid2Signup – here your task is to register at different resources. You will make from 5 to 11 cents online for every registration. You should register at different foreign pyramids, blogs, social networks, etc. if you want to make money online with this page.

    ManualSurf is a source of manual surfing which pays in credits that can be spent for ads. The site offers about 200 new web pages daily. You may also participate in the raffling of prices (money and credits).

    You can also receive points in the category named Contest PTC (there is also a lottery there).

    Get Paid to Review – you should visit an advertising page and find a certain phrase or word there.

    Rewards are paid through Payza, PayPal, EgoPay, PerfectMoney and OKPay. Minimum payment depends from the system itself.

  4. Ojooo

    It is a reliable German project which is popular all over the world.Clicks cost from 0.1 to 3 cents.

    You may easily make up to 80 dollars per day online with the help of this site if you upgrade your account. Earnings can be received through Payza, PayPal, OKPay. Start earning with this website!

  5. Twickerz

    It is a very stylish and popular site in Western countries. It has been successfully functioning and conducting payments since 2011. Rewards are paid through PerfectMoney, Payza, PayPal, EgoPay.

  6. Ayuwage

    It is a highly profitable site with clicks, ads and different tasks. You can use this resource without upgrading, it is not obligatory.

    Ayuwage has been making payments since 2009. You can receive money for your PayPal account.

    After you have registered, you should visit category “start earning”. Then you should go into “regular sites” – here you’ll find the most expensive clicks. Left column contains clicks which cost 1.5 cents, while those in the right column cost 0.5 cents. There is no timer at the resource. When you launch the website, you should start counting up to 10 and then you can either click or follow a link.

    The category “view sites” contains less profitable clicks – their cost varies from 0.1 cents to 0.3 cents. This category works much simpler. All you have to do is to launch a site and wait 10-20 seconds. You don’t have to follow any other links. Before you start opening a site, you will receive a reminding what you have to do and what interval you should endure.

How to Make Money with Pay Per Click?

Sites to make money online: how much money can you make by clicking?

Don’t think that you will become a millionaire at once. Americans know the value of every single dollar, that’s why you will have to work hard in order to receive a decent payment.

However, you can make up to $500-700 per month.

Gradually your income will increase; all you have to do is to be persistent and hard-working!

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