Making Money with Pay Per Click

It is easy to make money with pay per click, but you need to know what sites to use. The payments are carried out by Payeer, Perfectmoney, Payza, PayPal.

Making money with pay per click is quite popular among Internet users and thus is in great demand on the web. Even a kid can make money with pay per click; it was the start of online business for many amateurs and professionals.

You can make money with pay per click by means of so called sponsors (buxes) – it’s these services that offer such possibility. There are a lot of mail sponsors, but we will talk about them a bit later.

And now let’s name the activities we will be paid for:

  • Reading mail
  • Internet surfing
  • Accomplishment of assignments
  • Ad clicks

What do these activities consist in?

For example, reading mail means that you visit the advertiser’s site to read his message for you; in our case it will be the information meant for attracting us as clients. But usually such mail contains exclusively spam, so you can simply visit the site (the advertiser indicates the link for your redirection), wait for the completion of the countdown and thus get money on your account.

As for surfing, it’s as easy as pie. Click on the link, navigate to another site (the advertiser determines your redirection), wait for another countdown, and afterwards receive your financial credit.

Surfing can be of two kinds – manual and automatic. They don’t differ a lot, except that manual surfing requires from you the proof of browsing the page by means of the so called captcha, and automatic surfing proves this activity by default.

Assignments can be quite profitable. The point is that you will be required to carry out some tasks (the advertiser gives you the detailed explanation of the task as well as the instruction for its fulfillment). The main thing is to read the conditions attentively, key into them, and then send a correct report; thus, your work will be quickly paid by the advertiser.

Ad clicks are a similarly developed kind of manual surfing. Ad clicks are usually meant for advertising of one’s services, referral links, and so on.

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Make money with pay per click: core of the profit


As we have mentioned, making money on clicks is enabled by mail sponsors. But there’s a slight hitch: the Internet has a plethora of such sites and not all of them can be equally useful. Some sites simply litter the web, while the really quality and reliable ones are next to nothing.

I expect your question: how do I select a mail sponsor?

Don’t worry; I will help you with that. Pay attention to the full operation time of the sponsor, the number of its registered users and the amount of money paid to them.  This information is available to anyone – sponsors don’t hide it. You can get it from the main page of the sponsor. Afterwards, you can take a decision regarding your further use of the service.

Also, bear in mind that you don’t need to register on multiple sponsors to make your clicking activity fruitful. In such a way, you won’t make more money, but will simply waste hours of your precious time. It is sufficient to select a couple of sponsors and benefit from these few more than from a possible hundred.

Now let’s directly consider the sponsors that will provide you with such type of income.

By the way, making money on the Internet with pay per click is most reliable and possible without any investments.

Making money on the Internet with pay per click without any investments

There are a lot of sites for making money with pay per click. I picked only the best ones for you. Visit these sites, sign up, and start making money!

It’s a legendary, trustworthy, reliable site operating since 2008. It has a customary convenient interface and plenty of assignments. You can participate in the Ad Prize lottery and win not only money prizes from $ 10 to $ 250, but also get from 10 to 10000 neo-points. The payments are immediate and automatic, starting with $ 2.

CLixSense is a unique project worthy of your participation. Besides making money with pay per click it also offers the click-to-win lottery ClixGrid (if lucky, you can win from $ 0.10 to $ 5). The payments are regular and begin with $ 6. The site works since 2007. is a foreign authentic and most generous project for making profit and advertising.

Be sure to surf 10 sites a day; without browsing them today you won’t receive paid-for ads and reimbursements from referrals tomorrow. Minimum $ 2 is required for moving out your funds, the process is instant, I checked it!

Initially, after registration, paid-for advertisements ($ 0.02) will appear only after browsing 10 sites; also, while browsing them, you collect credits which you can instantly use for reimbursement of your ads.

I recommend you to study the project, familiarize with it and begin making decent money with a 100 % beneficial referral system (for example, if a referral makes 10 cents per day, your account will be loaded with the same 10 cents – an unprecedented system among similar projects!). Signing up for the project is preceded with a 10-second advertising video.

The transfer of earned means to payment systems of PayPal and Payza is almost instant (I would rather you Payza as many exchange services work with it and also a very reliable Magneticexchange).

Make Money on Web Cam is a time proved project for making money and advertising. It has been stably working and providing payments since 2011. It offers you plenty of possibilities for earning money, a clear interface, and a forum with comprehensive guidelines for working on this site. The payments are stable and begin with $ 1.

This project deserves your attention, join it! is a wonderful project for profit and advertising. Make money on watching ads, take a chance of winning up to $ 5 in OkikGrit game, sign up for other projects on paid-for offers. The site regularly provides contests, an active forum, and stable and timely payments from $ 5.

The best, most reliable and well-regarded electronic currency exchange services are:

  • Magneticexchange
  • Orangeexchangepro

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