Making Money with Google AdSense

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The globally known web search engine Google decided to expand advertising space by creating contextual advertising program Google AdSense.

It belongs to the most highly paid systems brining unceasing profit. This provides a great opportunity for augmenting profit as for entry-level webmasters so for the experienced Internet entrepreneurs.

Making money with Google AdSense is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill your dream about tidy income. But before applying it, learn its main principles and rules.

Types of income on Google AdSense


Making money with Google AdSense? There’s sure enough nothing supernatural in this job.

This program offers three types of income:

  1. You post contextual advertising or Google banners on your web-site and get money from users’ clicks.

    Besides, you can use Google to post a search form on your website. With the help of this form, visitors, looking for necessary information, click on the ads shown by Google in “search results”. Thus, you get your second income.

    The program also allows placing links on the sites of Google referrals. When a user enters Google AdSense system from your link, the program will pay you after he starts making money.

    To participate in Google AdSense, you need to own at least one site. For successful registration your site must meet the rules of the program. Therefore thoroughly choose the topic of the site and its contents, essential for finding the keywords.

    If the web content is interesting and diverse, you can attract more clients and, consequently, receive snug income.

  2. The second way to make money with Google AdSense is to develop websites, targeted at such type of business.

    These sites are meant exclusively for making money with AdSense. They are called Made For AdSense. Using this method, you can get a bigger profit than by simply placing blocks of ads on existing projects.

  3. Of course, there is also the third way.

    You can create a megaportal with 50000–100000 of unique visitors per day.Then, due to such huge attendance, even plain placing of AdSense ads will bring you a great credit (even if only 0.1–1 % of visitors click on these ads). But you are very unlikely to create such portals on your own.

    Such initiatives require a team of developers and big infusions of money.

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Making money with Google AdSense: choosing topic for the site

Though contextual advertising can be placed on almost every permitted site, not all of these platforms can be good for launching a profitable business. For example, entertainment websites are usually known for cheap announcements; their topic is determined by the system itself and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The most profitable topics for contextual advertising are real estate, business, cars, household appliances and electronics, Forex.

Therefore, if you aim to receive good profit from contextual advertising, get your website optimized for certain key requests and, of course, attract new clients.

Far from every visitor is interested in advertising; on the average, only 10 out of 100 potential clients will browse your ad.

If you struggle to create a well-visited website (and expensive, competitive topics will require from you much skill for that), make several sites, or even dozens and hundreds. In reality, it is not such a difficult task. If every day you create a site consisting of 10–20 optimized pages, three months will suffice.

As a result, you will have a system automatically bringing you profit every day and every minute!

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Making money with Google AdSense: rules for placement of ads

Installation of the webscript for contextual advertising isn’t enough; it’s very important to thoroughly work on placement of ads, their color theme, and type (text, text and visual, and video advertising).

Psychological studies claim the left upper corner to be the most attractive part of the page, thus, use it for a vertical banner. The end of the text is also good for ads, so finalize it with the words “also read…” or “we also recommend”. A template with two right columns is recommended for blogs, the sidebar being in the rightmost position, and the ad next to it or above it.

Thus, when scrolling your page, the visitor will have to browse three blocks of ads!

As any business, making money on contextual advertising requires time and experience. Plans effective for some sites might not be successful for others; you’ll have to try different options and choose the best and the most lucriferous.

For instance, bright ads on solid business sites are exclusively annoying, while, placed on other recourses, – exceptionally eye-catching.

As you see, making money with Google AdSense doesn’t present any superdifficulty. Of course, certain nuances exist and require a more detailed consideration, but, in general, such kind of earning profit is quite feasible and reliable.

So, create your website and try to make money on it with Google AdSense ads.

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