Making Money Online Forums

7 best steps to make money online forums. Put them to your bookmarks.

A forum is any website and Internet resource for discussion on different topics.

In this article we would like to share one more kind of making money with you. It tells about how easy to make money online forums writing short texts even if you are a lazybone.

By what reason should you pay someone posting short messages? – You can do this for your weblogs promoting and websites advertising.

Here everything depends on your wish to make money online forums. If you really want to do this you have just to provide the discussion boards paying for messages with short overview on a specific topic.

1. Your online making money: posting profit.

There is a great many of online forums which for its higher users activity set the payment for their messages but as a rule not all the sections should be paid. Usually an activity in the news and discussion sections isn’t paid. All the messages there are for getting pleasure than for informing.

More recently the discussion boards with payment are toughen with the rules due to the visitors leaving senseless posts for making money. For this reason some sections with payment were cut. Try not to violate the rules and leave useful messages in order not to be amerced.

The topics of the forums with payment are different. While choosing it you are to take into account not just if it is paid well but if the topic is familiar to you.

2. For those who still want to make money posting online forums: try yourself as a moderator.
Moderator is an assistant to the administrator on any website or discussion board. He has less rights but nevertheless he manages well with such tasks as: following the rules and participants punishment who violated them; cleaning from spamming and floodering and full or partial their account access blocking; settlement of arguments between the users and their cease.

Especially the moderator is needed for forum activity irrespective of the site reach and its number. The largest of them with a high attendance have one or several moderators in each discussion thread so that he could be able to follow all the participants.

That’s why you can choose that section which is more interesting for you and where you are more competent.

Very often moderators are searched for distant work for free. It’s a good job to start with and it will help you to get some practice and knowledge.

For being a moderator one has to be an advanced online user with anytime Internet connection and a lot of time for forum work. A good command of English and knowledge on its subject are required for the employers.

So if you speak English well, you have nice chances to make money online forums on this position.

Salary depends on the amount of online work and forum popularity.

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3. Making money online forums: signature selling.
Signature sale is one of the types to make money online forums. It’s very popular in online English speaking segment.

Signature purchase on discussion boards for advertisers and optimizers gives them qualitative and thematic traffic flow which you can easily cash in later.

Besides the audience attraction a lot of its pages will refer to your website that has positive promotion effect for  the long- and midfrequency queries and also helps to raise TIC and PR rates.

Signatures sale can be a good additional profit for the users while making money online forums.

Say honestly, once I saw a popular participant on one of the SEO forums, who was offered 900$ in a month for a signature buy. Not too bad for the passive income, isn’t it?

Prices for signature sale depend on the forum options such as: daily and total amount of its unique visitors, TIC and PR rates, its subject.

And depends on the  forumer’s selling signatures rates such as: user status (moderator, administrator, Vip), term of service, user reputation, total number of  topics to discuss and post activity (topics) in a month.

Posting should be without any spelling and punctuation errors. It will help you to sale the signature and make money online forums faster, and at the same time to look smarter.

You can find the signature customer by leaving the message in the appropriate forum section or putting your offer on the message boards and other websites.

How one can make money online forums effectively: 4 options


1. Contextual advertising.

It’s as an advertisement, which corresponds the content of your forum pages or search query of its users (Google Adsense). Contextual advertising usually images into the text blocks. The placement of ad units plays the key role. The frequency of users clicks on ads and your making money depend on its placement.

Let’s turn to the aspects of the forum search promotion. The visitors of your discussion board from search systems often turn to a specific topic and less to the homepage. Better to place the ad units directly within the topic itself.

The types of placement:

  • After the first post on the first page.
  • Before the first.
  • After the last.
  • Before the first and after the last posts.

2. References sales from the forum pages.

You can sale references on your discussion board as on any other web site. You can do it both manually and automatically.

The footer is a typical place of the selling references on forum. There are a lot of pages and they are quickly generated. So there will be more than enough platforms for the references.

But be careful and sale not more than three references from each page. Otherwise you will get under filters of the search systems.

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3. Banner ad.

Here everything depends on the design and forum makeup. The typical places for big banners sale are:

  • forum header
  • directly under header
  • footer

Also you can sale banner-buttons in the forum list. Such banner placement is called sponsorship or support.

You decide the cost for banner placement on your discussion boards. But you should understand that the price depends on its popularity, attendance and authoritativeness.

4. Close forums.

You can also think about such specific type of making money as close forums. They are simple enough.

You make your own one for your conference representatives and set the payment for its access.

But then you will have to make the entrants interested with more developed functional opportunities or something useful and tasty.

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4 advices how to make money online forums more productive


  1. After the registration the first thing that you have to do is to study the rules.
    Find out which payment systems are used for payment, it’s terms and amount.
  2. You are to follow the rules concerning the size of the message and its number.
    Each resource has its own rules concerning its limit.
    Some forums allow to leave 100 posts and another not more than 10.
  3. An important thing for making more money online forums is to write the constructive posts, relating to that topic where they are left.
    Those which have no sense aren’t paid and can be put under ban on this forum.
  4. All of them should not just make sense but be without any grammatical mistakes.
    It’s necessary to write it without any orthographic and grammatical mistakes.
    Messages with a lot of mistakes are not paid.

If you are interested in such kind of making money, you should put into search line a needed query, for example: making money posting online forums!

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