How to Make Money Writing Reviews: 17 Popular Websites

How to make money writing reviews: 17 websites where you can leave a review and make money.

One of the simplest and useful ways to make money on the Internet is writing reviews.

You may take part in various surveys and not only enjoy making money but also study some interesting facts about new products and services.

Undoubtedly, you won’t make millions this way but, perhaps, only a hundred of dollars.

Still, it’s quite possible to find ways how to make money writing reviews.

How to make money writing reviews: 4 important rules


If you wish to make money writing reviews, you must complete the registration (sign up) on the special sites.

Then you’ll begin to receive various invitations to take part in a survey or writing a review.

When you start to make money writing reviews, you should better follow some significantly important rules:

  1. Register on the several inquirers at once because if you work on 4 or 5 sites devoting to them two or three hours every day, you are likely to get 20-25 dollars per month.
  2. Try to complete the survey as soon as possible because the quicker you react to the offer from the service with the paid surveys, the more invitations you’ll receive in the future.

    To do it you should check your mailbox rather often because you’ll get your invitations there.

  3. Share the personal data and fill all lines honestly and profoundly.

    A good profile which is of very high quality has better chances to pass more surveys and, consequently, increase the income from the paid surveys.

  4. It won’t be access to use cunning when sending your personal data.

    If the survey asks whether you are planning to buy a product or travel abroad, you’d better say yes and you’ll receive the surveys concerning these products and services in the future.

    It’ll bring a significantly bigger number of the invitations and you learn how to make money writing reviews.

What are the conditions of making money by writing reviews?

  1. Create completely unique reviews, i.e. do not copy it somewhere from the Internet.
  2. You must write in a plain and understandable language without any contractions.

    Grammar and spelling mistakes are also inexcusable.

  3. You cannot send the links to the reviews to your acquaintances, so that they watched them and you made money.

    It can be easily checked and stopped.

  4. Making money writing reviews directly depends on the number of people who watched them and not from the number of written reviews.

How to Make 200 Dollars a Day: 7 Best Ways

5 popular websites to make money writing reviews

  1. Surveysavvy:

    • Each review costs in average $2-3;
    • You may withdraw at least $1 by ordering a named check which you can cash in any bank (be very attentive when you file it);
    • There is a referral system.
  2. Paidviewpoint:

    • At once after the registration you get $0,80;
    • You are allowed to withdraw at least $15.

    After you sing up for this site you’ll receive on your email the invitations to pass some surveys which usually consist of 10 questions.

    They need it to complete your profile (work, hobbies, etc.).

    Every survey costs $0,03.

  3. Tellwut:

    • You’ll get a bonus for registration and completing the profile which is equal 200 points (2 000 points = $10);
    • Using the earned money you can purchase gift certificates for the online stores, coupons or various goods directly from Tellwut.
  4. Senderearnings:

    • When you sing up and fill your profile you receive $5;
    • You are allowed to withdraw at least $30 using PayPal or receiving a check;
    • This resource sends three surveys per day.
  5. Treasuretrooper:

    • The registration and completed account brings you $1,75;
    • You may withdraw starting from $20 in check;
    • There are plenty of games and competitions for the users.

    Moreover, aside from surveys, there are plenty of other ways how to make money: cash tasks, cash offers, cash search, etc.

Other resources where you can make money writing reviews

12 sites which provide you with a possibility to make money writing reviews:

  1. is a huge international network of the paid surveys.

    The completed form brings points (35-60 points), which are equal $1,5-3 per each form.

    When you reach $50, you may order a check which will be sent to you by a postal order.

  2. gives you $5 for registration.

    The cost of every review is pretty high – most forms cost $1-2 but sometimes they reach $10.

    When you earn $25, you can easily withdraw the money using PayPal.

    However, many people do not like these reviews because they contain questions which take you 30-40 minutes.

    Moreover, if you decide to trick this site and fill the quiz somehow, the administration of the project can refuse to pay for the work.

  3. allows withdrawing even $15.

    It’s not a problem at all because there are many surveys with 10 questions only and they are often sent to you.

  4. offers you to estimate the sites.

    The review must consist of only 2 sentences.

    After you sing up, you can pass a couple of surveys at once.

    The price of the reviews differs and can reach $5.

    If your review is said to be the best you may win $500.

    The resource lets you withdraw minimum $75.

    There is a referral system which also provides you with a possibility to make good money.

  5. HitPredictor is a site of the paid online surveys which concern only the sphere of music.

    It will be suitable for everyone who wants to make additional money.

  6. pays from $10 to $300 for the reviews.

    You can withdraw at least $50.

    Each survey takes about 10-15 minutes.

  7. Yahoo!User Research is a resource from the well-known searching system.

    You will be paid from $4 to $50 per form which usually takes not more than 20-25 minutes.

    You may order a check when you reach $50.

  8. ContractorAdvisoryBoard learns people’s points of view all over the world.

    They are interested in those who work in the sphere of building (residential, commercial and industrial construction).

    There are not so many building workers and because of it, every survey costs from $10 to $200.

    Besides, if you received an invitation to take part in the paid survey and you did not take it, you are still included in the prize drawing.

    It happens every month among all registered users which have a chance to win $250 worth goods.

  9. is a social network which was developed to make money using different methods and not only by the reviews.

    In order to participate in a survey, you should go to Make Money and pick People Dollars.

    There you are going to find various quizzes and other ways how to make money.

    Besides, it has a multi-level referral system.

  10. now pays only by the certificates for but it is said they would start paying with checks or PayPal soon.

    Every month they organize lotteries.

  11. differs from the rest of the sites by the fact that it does not do marketing research but only studies human behavior on the Internet.

    The drawback is that they do not pay money and only provide you with a possibility to win $250 every month, or $100-500 in a lottery, which is organized for the participants of a certain survey.

  12. gives you points for the completed surveys. 1 point is equal 1 cent and you can withdraw in check at least 1000 points = $10.

Creative Ways to Make Money Online

Pros and cons of making money writing reviews

This way of how to make money is recommended not to all people because the process is painstaking and laborious, and it requires assiduity.

It won’t suit those, who:

  1. Are into a highly qualified work;
  2. Are irresponsible (a person must be patient and have enough power of will);

If you do not belong to these categories, you may continue reading.

The advantages are the following:

  • It does not require special qualification, experience, age and even a student or a pensioner can cope with it;
  • Passive income (a review which was written even a year ago will bring you income);
  • You decide on your own how much and how long you want to work (if you are in a writing mood, you can write 10 reviews; if not, you may do it tomorrow);
  • You can work anywhere (home, cafe, another city).

The disadvantages are the following:

  • It requires much time (you must be self-disciplined and have enough assiduity);
  • There will be a long period before you reach a good income (you won’t be able to make much money fast);
  • You can be banned, that’s why you must pay attention to the site’s rules – study and never break them.

    Do not be rude communicating with the website’s administration.

It’s not difficult to make money writing reviews and even a school student can do it.

This way to make money will be suitable for those who can easily write and describe the goods.

Surely, you must not expect huge income, but nevertheless, if you approach this process seriously and with all responsibility, you’ll get a good source of additional income.

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