Make Money with Your Smart Phone

5 simple ways to make money with your smart phone.

Nowadays smart phone has become a very popular gadget. Probably, every modern person owns such device.

There exist many different applications that make using smart phones very interesting and less complicated.

Have you ever thought about the opportunity to make money with your smart phone?

As it turns out, there are many ways to do that. I’m going to review some of them in this article.

First of all, there are many photo applications. You can make money by taking different photos with your smart phone.

Secondly, there are many programs for browsing advertisements on your device. In this case your task is to register at different websites, download applications and games, or watch advertising videos.

Thirdly, there exist many different programs where you may receive an income by participating in various marketing researches. Usually the users of such programs make real money which may be withdrawn to their telephone accounts or digital wallets.

Make money with your smart phone: 5 popular applications

make money with your smartphone

  1. Start making money with your smart phone with the help of WHAFF.

    This type of making an income presupposes downloading different programs to your gadget on the basis of Android. Payments are made in American dollars.

    Besides, this application offers another way to make money – you can simply play a game and be paid for that. Every visit of the website is paid.

    If you want to download this program, you have to visit Google Play Market and login through Facebook.

    When you launch the program, you may start earning by downloading games and inviting friends. All you have to remember is that you must not break the rules of this system. Thus, you cannot write your own code in order to invite your friends through Google Play. If you break the rules, you will be immediately added to the black list and expelled without any payments.

    You may withdraw money through PayPal, Steam, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox and Play station. Minimum payment is $10. If you use PayPal, you will be able to withdraw your earnings to any bank account.

  2. You can return money spent on purchases with the help of your smart phone.

    One of the most popular free applications in the USA is Ibotta. The application is compatible with Apple and Android. It offers instant discounts for your purchases. You can use this program while shopping online at Amazon, Best Buy and ITunes.

    Money received from Ibotta may be withdrawn to any bank account with the help of PayPal and Venmo. You may also use it for purchasing gift cards at Best Buy, Starbucks, ITunes, Amazon and other online stores.

    You may consider this program to be improbable, but trust me, it really works!

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  3. Make money with your smart phone by selling your photos.

    There is one popular free program which gives an opportunity to make money in such way. It is called Foap, and it’s compatible with Android and Apple. All you have to do is to take photos with your gadget and download them to Foap.

    You can sell practically every single picture you make if any company is interested in it. Here belong cute photos of pets, pictures from your vacation and even photographs of food, if you’ve got any.

    The amount of downloaded photos to Foap is not limited. Every sold photo will bring you $5.

    If you want to make more money, you should use different platforms where large companies are ready to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for necessary photographs.

  4. If you want to make money with your smart phone, fulfill simple tasks for high payments.

    If you have a gadget on the basis of Apple or Android, you can download Field Agent and then create your own account there. It is completely free. Afterwards you should take a couple of photos. The topic is not established, it can be a picture of your favorite pet or the glass of juice you are currently drinking.

    When you are registered, you can start fulfilling various offers. These tasks cost from $2 to $12. It may not seem a big sum, but at least you are able to earn it without leaving your house.

    The Field Agent platform states that it has already paid $4.5 million to its agents since its foundation. You may become an agent as well if you start acting right now!

  5. You can reimburse your expenses with the help of your smart phone and turn your device into the source of income!

    Business people, freelance and part-time workers regularly spend much on their trips. Usually you spend your own earnings, hoping that either your company or client is going to refund your expenses.

    In order to prove the company or the client where you have spent money you need to show a receipt or a ticket. However, are there many people who like to stuff their wallets or pockets with a bunch of receipts?

    Smart people have already solved this problem by creating a useful free program for Apple, Android and Windows Phone. It is called Expensify. This program will enable you to create accounts directly from the photos of receipts. The application will make a connection with your bank account or credit card in order to withdraw operations which you don’t have receipts or tickets for.

    Besides, Expensify is compatible with most bookkeeping applications for simple delivery of accounts.

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Make money with your smart phone or how to increase your income?

If you want to earn more with the help of your smart phone, you should follow certain recommendations.

First of all, start working at all 5 projects simultaneously. You have to understand that some of the platforms may offer only few tasks, and if you are engaged in all of them, you may earn a decent income.

Secondly, keep in mind that there are many more other applications for Android and other systems, where you can make money with the help of your smart phone.

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