Make Money with Ads

2 best ways how to make money with ads on your personal website.

You can make money with ads if you meet only two simple conditions.

First of all, you have to own your personal website and it should be quite popular.

You should understand that if you want to make money with advertisements, you should not simply own a web resource, but to promote it as much as possible.

If your traffic registers only a few dozens of users per day, you won’t be able to make a substantial amount of money with advertisements.

On the contrary, if you create and promote a useful resource of high quality which is visited by 300-500 people every day, you will be able to earn a living only with the help of advertisements.

Make money with ads: banner ads


By banner ads (or banners) I mean that the situation when the owner of the web page looks for advertisers by him/herself or creates an ad with such words: “Advertise here!” In this case the advertiser will be able to find you on his/her own in case if he/she gets interested in the traffic of your web page.

If it happens, you negotiate a price with your future advertiser and then he/she places the advertisement on your website.

However, you may come across some difficulties in this business. In fact, finding advertisers is not easy when your website’s traffic is less than 1000 unique visitors per day. Advertisers have very high demands towards web pages. They also check the quality of the website and its chance to awake the interest in the audience.

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Make money with ads: content-targeted advertising

I’m going to explain you how this type of business works. First of all, you have to register on the website of the intermediary firm, receive a special code and place it on your web page.

All advertisements will be related only to the content of your website, and you will be able to choose their quality and quantity on your own. Besides, there is a huge amount of the intermediary firms in the Internet.

One of the most popular resources of such type is Google Adsense.

Google Adsense works with web pages with different traffic, but its established minimum payment is $100.

If you work with these advertising systems, you have to follow certain rules and avoid cheating. Don’t ever try to increase the traffic of your visitors artificially! You have to remember that using special programs and spam for the promotion of your resource is not fair and should be avoided. If advertisers reveal such “tricks”, they will add you to their black lists without any payments.

Nevertheless, content-targeted advertising is a very profitable business.

For example, commercially oriented websites which are attended by 2000 unique visitors every day can bring you $300-500 only from Google Adsense. Moreover, if you manage to promote your resource and catch interest of many visitors, you will earn up to few thousand dollars per month! I won’t be able to tell you the exact numbers; you’ll figure them out if you decide to start making money with advertisements.

Make money with ads: main rules

If you want to become successful in this business, you have to follow a few rules. Here are some of them:

  • Your website has to be commercially oriented in order to catch your advertisers’ interest.

    If you create a resource with anecdotes, don’t even think about finding a way to make money on content-targeted ads – you won’t be able to find a single advertiser.

  • You have to be interested in the topic of your web resource as well.

    Everybody knows that business is based on interests. If you know nothing about your sphere of work and take no interest in it, you will never be able to promote your resource and catch the interest of your audience.

  • You have to place blocks of advertisements very carefully: some of them have to be at the top of the page while others should be placed throughout the whole text.
  • Ads have to harmonize with the rest of your page’s design, though they may have a different color.

    However, you shouldn’t go too far. Some people are scared by the excessive amount of advertisements, and if they come across such situation on your page, they may leave it right away. You should always know when to stop!

  • Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment and make changes!

    You can arrange blocks of advertisements in a different way from time to time, change their colors and design, etc. Afterwards you may track possible alterations of your traffic due to the changes of the design.

There are many more other intermediary firms, which can help you to start making money with ads. They are less profitable and have fewer demands. Besides, they are great for web resources which have not become popular yet.

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