Make Money on Web Cam

The method of making money on web cam is a great opportunity to earn decent money for self-confident women!

Actually, an opportunity to make money on web cam is a very prospective job, because you can make up to $1000 working with the help of your webcam.

Such job is usually suitable for girls who prefer to work at home. We all understand the fact that nobody likes struggling in constant competition; however, there are many girls who like to make money very quickly and without sparing much effort.

Thus, you are more likely to hear about the disadvantages of the method of making money on web cam than about its positive sides.

Nevertheless, nowadays there are many amateur girls who make money on web cam, using their usual laptops, sitting in their rumple pajamas with old-fashioned carpets in the background and dully keeping silence in front of their web cams.

Most of such girls think that if they are ready to expose their breasts in front of the cameras, they don’t need to know anything else. However, they are completely wrong.

You may ask why that is so. Let’s review the situation in detail.

Camera is all we need!


If we think about the career of a web-model, we have to keep in mind that camera is one of the most important factors which influence your income from the job. If you want to make money on web cam, you have to take it into account.


Everything is quite simple. Most users go online in order to look at the beautiful girls, and imagine how disappointed they will be if they come across an account of the girl who owns a web cam of poor quality.

Do you think such user will visit such website again? I don’t think so!

Why would he do so if there are so many accounts of girls who have expensive video sets?

The quality of the transferred image is a very essential factor in the business of making money on web cam.

Why would somebody watch a video of poor quality if he can simply go to the cinema and watch TV there?

Would you go to the cinema in order to watch TV there? I doubt it. The same goes with web cams. If you want to make money on web cam, you have to buy an expensive video set of good quality.

Set proper lighting!

Proper lighting is another important factor which should not be left out here. There are several simple rules which you should keep in mind if you want to make money on web cams:

  1. Lighting has to be aimed at you!
    Don’t dispose your web cam in front of the window or any other source of light in the room. You have to understand that in such case camera is going to be focused on the source of light and people will see only indistinctive dark silhouette instead of you.
  2. Shade is your foe in this business!
    If you think that the atmosphere of semidarkness can produce a romantic image, you are completely wrong. And the reason is purely technical – it is all about your web cam! The less light there is in the room, the worse your transferred image is going to be. Is that how you plan to make money on your web cam?

Clothes and make up.

how-to make-money-on-web-cam
Let’s talk about your appearance – your clothes and make up.

First of all, I’d like to point out that you should concentrate the attention of your future audience either on your face or your body, don’t try to do both at the same time. If you choose to make an accent on your body, wear sexy underwear, stockings and some jewellery. Most models choose this option.

Concentration of the attention on the face is more suitable for models, who have an exotic, vivid or attractive appearance. However, honestly speaking, the option with the concentration on the body is more advantageous.

As regards makeup, such factor is very individual, and there are no restrictions or limitations here.

Pose and angle.

Unfortunately, very few people understand the importance of proper pose and angle. You have to take into account the pose which you choose, because it can greatly influence your income together with proper lighting. Let’s review these factors in detail:

  1. Try to keep a distance from the camera!
    Amateurs sit very close to their webcams, and thus their audience can see only the part of their face or the whole face in the close-up. It is very wrong. You should keep a proper distance in order to expose your whole face and part of your body to your audience. Such simple recommendation may help you to make money on web cam.
  2. You have to keep in mind several popular poses of models in front of the web cams.
    There is no single answer which pose is the most advantageous. It is all very individual. However, you should not forget the following: every pose can have its positive sides.So, one of the most popular poses is to sit in front of the camera. You can sit on the chair, armchair or even sofa. You can use everything which is going to make you feel comfortable.
    Pose # 2: you can lie down on your bed or even on the floor. Such pose can also enable you to experiment with different angles: you can take a video from different parts of the room. And if you choose the third pose, prepare to stand.
    Girls, who choose to stand in front of their web cams, usually dance, because they want to attract more attention of the audience.Besides, never dispose your web cam from bottom to top, such angle is the most disadvantageous. You should keep in mind that your body has to be seen as well.
    As regards the angle and disposition of the camera, you can sit with your back turned to your computer.

Try to do the following: change the angle of the camera few times per day and note how your rates depend on such changes.
Different angles of shooting may influence the amount of your users, and thus, the amount of money you make on web cam.

Facial expression and communication.

Everything is quite simple here:

  1. Smile more often.
  2. Pay as much attention to your audience as possible.
  3. Talk to your audience as much as possible in order to keep them interested.

However, not everybody likes communication. Keep in mind: some people enjoy talking, while others prefer to watch in silence. Besides, if some visitors of your website threatens you, hurts you or insults you in any other way, add him to your black list right away. These visitors may only destroy your willingness to make money on your web cam.

Interior of your working place.

The interior is the least important factor in making money on web cams. I want to give the following recommendations to the amateur girls:

  • Work in your bedroom or living-room, on your bed or couch.
  • Place several stuffed animals in the background.
  • If you cannot expose your interior for some reasons, hang a curtain that will cover your background and show only your working place.

Five mistakes of the amateurs: what should you avoid if you want to make money on web cams?

Many new models encounter with such mistakes when they start working in the business of making money on web cams.

  1. At first you may receive different erotic messages from the visitors of your website.
    If you don’t like it, simply pay no attention to them. In case if such messages harass you, add these visitors to your black list.
  2. Some visitors may ask you to strip yourself in public chat.
    They promise to continue your conversation in private paid chat if they like your body. Don’t believe in such tricks!
  3. Sometimes people write: “Oh, I think we’ve met earlier”, “I think we live in one city”, etc.
    Don’t answer these messages.Why do they do that? Such trick is quite famous.
    Some girls believe in these fairy-tales about being acquainted, and they start crying and complaining about their life. Some visitors enjoy complaints and like when the model becomes anxious and vulnerable. These visitors can have a low self-esteem or have experienced of unsuccessful relationships, and that’s why they like seeing people in the same situations.I’d recommend you to ignore such users. Don’t pay attention to them, but try not to add them to your black list at once.
    Why? Because a person would like to see that you’re paying attention to their harassments.
    Are you able to guess what they are going to do next? They will surely create another account and start their “terror” all over.
    However, if you pay no attention to such messages, the visitor will send you several messages and leave your account without accomplishing the desired.
    The problem will be solved!
  4. Never give your real personal data to the visitors of the website!
    Some people may ask you to continue the conversation in Skype or other services, and this can be even worse!Some models agree to these offers, forgetting that if a person knows your real name or city of residence, he may find out your real address as well.Besides, some users don’t pay for the conversation in Skype, and the model doesn’t receive any money. You should remember the following: a person, who is able to pay for your work, will never look for free ways of entertainment.
    I’d recommend you to work only at your own website; in this case you’ll be safe.
  5. Remember: you may block your account for every city you wish.
    By doing it, you can prevent people from certain towns and cities from attending your website.
    I hope you’ve enjoyed my recommendations how to make money on web cam.

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