How to Travel the World and Make Money?

We Present You 5 Best Variants of Travelling the World Making Money. The Basic is the Friendship with the Computer.

The main factor keeping people from going on a fascinating tour is money. You need whether save more money whether earn more so that there was enough of it to be able to travel.

Today I’ll tell you how to travel the world and at the same time make money.

From my point of view a good job has such outstanding characteristics:

  • Profitability
  • Farness distance (work not at the office but wherever you want)
  • Concernment (the job should favour)
  • Taking not much time

How to Travel through the World Making Money: Copywriting


From the word go you can write for a song and gradually develop the reputation in rubles and hryvnias. The best way is to find clients wanting the texts permanently, to study out their specialization and to write for them. It’s a good idea to create a blog with your works and demonstrate it to your clients.

You may add the link on your blog to your E-mail signature, statuses in social networks, skype, forums and different other resources of communication. Recollect which of your friends have websites, blogs and make them an offer. Communicate actively on the SEO forums.

Copywriting may provide 300-400$ per month occupying 3-4 hours a day.

How to Travel the World and Make some Money: Introduction of your Blog

A popular income on the Internet is a creation of the blog. Telling about your travels, shooting some videos on your way and providing them with your comments within the framework of your blog you may attract the attention of a big amount of people including advertisers who are oriented at the touristic targeted audience.

The main thing is to entice the biggest possible amount of visitors with help of qualitative and interesting materials!

How to Travel through the World and Make Money: Distance Work in Skype

It’s a sort of distance work, the essence of which is communication. The most popular are:

  1. A teacher (usually of some language) – it’s an opportunity to use different programs and work online. Earnings don’t differ from offline ones. On you may look through the vacant positions of English teachers and the reviews all over the world;
  2. A consultant: if you can persuade somebody that you know something better you may be asked for help and even sometimes make money doing it.
    Here I haven’t my own experience but if your knowledge is unique it’s for you.

How to travel the world and be able to make money: computer programming

You may learn how to do it. It’s true! I have some friends who have learnt it from scratch. There are some training courses where you are taught, procured labour and only then pay money for traineeship.

An hour of a “green” programmer costs normally 20$. Earnings may achieve a few thousand dollars in case of constant workload. Usually you make 800-1200$ working for 4-8 hours not even every day.

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How to travel the world and make money: photographer

Maybe you’ve been fascinated with photographing for a long time and don’t know where you can apply your talent? Then you may just turn your hobby into your work. Try to capture all the most interesting moments of your travel.

You may offer these photographs whether to the editions specializing exceptionally on photographing or to common online-journalists who as a rule supply their themes issues with photos.

Also you may suggest your professional photograph services to other people placing your portfolio on famous freelance markets or on publics.

Chances are high that the best works will interest the clients and a photo session, for example, in Paris or in London will supply you with a good income.

Besides that there are a lot of website image banks through which photographers can sell their works at the form of digital goods. The majority of such web-services eke out a living from the commission which they receive from each transaction for the assignation of convenient tools and a sales channel.

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