How to Sell Jewelry Online: Step-by-Step Instruction

How to sell jewelry online – a step-by-step instruction on how to open your own online-shop or sell it on eBay.

The market of jewelry and bijouterie has been greatly developing lately and every year the share of online sales has been only increasing.

The advantage of jewelry online-shops is that potential buyers can spend much time on the site and thoroughly choose the accessories.

The impossibility to try them on is easily compensated by the photos of really high quality.

Moreover, the perspectives of promoting on the Internet are rather competitive to the popular offline strategies.

So, read our article, because there you are sure to find the information on how to sell jewelry online.

How to look for a supplier to sell jewelry online?


As soon as you finally decide which group of items you are interested in, you may think about the definite selling items.

In this case you might go one of three different ways:

  • The first one concerns looking for the responsible jewelry manufacturers on your own and signing the corresponding deals with them about the goods’ supply.
  • The second way is to create your own trade mark.

    It is very easy to start suchlike business for the owners of small jewelry workshops, which do not only know about the demand on this or that item (service), but are also capable of creating their own unique design of jewelry.

  • The third possibility is having the items delivered from China, because it’s not a problem to find them there!

    One can learn the range of goods, which are manufactured in this country, from the Internet on the pages of Taobao, Aliexpress and some other.

    Regardless of the fact that Chinese People Republic is full of various advantageous offers, you should find out how to deal with the suppliers from this country.

How to sell jewelry online by creating an online-shop?

You have plenty of options of how to create your online shop using several available possibilities, which are rather widespread nowadays — the website development by a web-studio, using the constructors or the ready-made sites for a reasonable price.

The site which sells expensive jewelry on the free hosting might seem not prestigious at all and is unlikely to get the clients’ trust.

That’s why in order to save money and time you should think how to present yourself as a serious online-shop, which approaches all aspects of activities very reasonably.

Creating online-shop to sell jewelry online:

  1. Come up with a name of your online-shop

    Check the regional, local or other laws, which accompany the creation of such kind of business.

    Besides, you will definitely require personal tax reference number.

  2. Consider all possible alternatives

    If you are not willing to make your own site with your own shop, you might use the already existing selling grounds.

    The service and cost of placing advertisements there vary, that’s why you’d better spend some time to discover the one that completely corresponds to your needs.

    Here are some of them: Etsy, eBay, Artful Home, or Wholesale Crafts, in case you wish to sell them in galleries and boutiques.

  3. Pick the title and domain name of how your jewelry online-shop will be known

    Try to find a word, which would sound clearly and understandably, lest you always had to spell it or it was distorted.

  4. Work on the site’s structure

    It must be completely clear even for the inexperienced customer.

    The arrangement of the goods must be logical and allure clients to purchase the goods.

    In order to find the needed item a user should not have to do more then three clicks – this is a golden rule of placing subdirectory and stock-keeping units, which was proved by the world’s biggest online stores.

  5. Develop the site’s design

    In this case it’s more reasonable to turn to the professionals’ services instead of using the ready-made options.

    For online-shops it’s preferable to have minimalism style, sophistication and the highest level of graphics.

    The design of low quality can push away the potential customers, because here we speak about purchasing rather valuable things.

  6. Chose the hosting to locate your web-site

    Perhaps you need a page, on which you activity will be described as well as your portfolio, and contacts how to reach you.

    Moreover, you may need a site map.

    After you browse it on the permanent link, you may start filling your online-shop with the goods.

  7. Make the impressive photos of the highest quality

    It is desirable to offer a few shots of every item in different angles.

    Besides, make sure you add the function to zoom the photos.

    Not less effect have the photos of jewelry on the models.

  8. Add detailed description to every jewelry item.

    Write down the materials, assays and the characteristics of the precious stones.

    Mention the precise parameters and create a table with the rings’ sizes and explain how to use it properly.

What Can I Sell Online to Make Money?

Advantages and disadvantages of selling jewelry online

E-commerce won the sellers and customers’ hearts over long ago: the customers have a possibility to make instant purchases, while the businessmen see it as a notable economic advantage.

When you think about the question of how to sell jewelry online, you should think about all niceties.

What does an owner of online jewelry shop need? We analyzed the main pros and cons.

Advantages of selling jewelry online:

  • When creating an online shop the owner does not have to waste more money on renting a room, buying expensive equipment, security, alarm system and on salary for the cleaning lady, manager and several shop-assistants.

    The activity of online shop can be fully secured by 2-3 people.

  • Having a proper marketing strategy and precisely accounted business plan, any online jewelry shop may be paid off in half a year after opening.

  • What an entrepreneur can possibly be not dreaming about having his shop working 24/7?

    In times of high technologies and time deficiency the customers find it easier to pick goods on the Internet, and it especially concerns people who live in the capitals and metropolises.

    That’s why non-stop work of an online-shop in the format of 24/7 could not have come at a better time.

  • The easiest way for a businessman to rule his online store is by means of the cloud services.

    Having all business processes automatized, the owner of the virtual jewelry shop can account for the goods alone or with the help of another employee as well as to manage the clients’ database or accounting.

    They may call their clients, prepare and send the reports to the tax department and, consequently, save money on salaries for other employees.

Disadvantages of selling jewelry online:

  • Jewelry belongs to the category of goods, which a person would like to touch and get in “the physical contact with them”.

    It’s impossible to do it on the Internet and it does not fit some clients: watching at the picture can never be compared to trying jewelry on.

  • An owner might lose a definite share of clients because of the impossibility to return or exchange the jewelry according to the law.

    One can return or exchange the jewelry only in case of obvious manufacturing defect or discrepancy of an assay.

How to make money dropshipping?

How to sell jewelry online on eBay step by step?

If you do not want to open a full-scale online shop to sell jewelry, there is another way – the world’s largest selling market eBay.

So, in order to sell jewelry at eBay one needs:

  1. To learn a lot about the jewelry you sell in order to have all possible information and being able to share it with the clients.

    Study on eBay the finished lots with similar jewelry in order to get the image of how to estimate your goods,

  2. To make excellent photos.

    Pick a clean background and proper light.

    Depict the jewelry from various angles and zoom to capture the marking and some unique peculiarities.

  3. To get into your eBay account.

    After you sign in click on “Sell”, then “Sell an item”, and then “”List an item” to start making a lot in order to sell your jewelry.

    At page “Select a category” go to “Browse categories”.

  4. To define the category, which describes the thing you sell in the most precise way.

    Pick “Jewelry & Watches” and then add categories, which limit them to the one you are selling.

    After you are ready with picking the category, go to “Continue”.

  5. To write all information in the paragraphs “Title”, “Conditions” and “Item specifics”.

    Writing the title you should use keywords, which a customer may insert in a searching bar.

    Add all possible details in the paragraph “Item specifics”, because it is the way how the customers are going to narrow the search to discover your lot.

  6. To upload the previously made images.

    To do it you should click on “Add pictures”.

    In the appearing window you must push “Browse” and show the way to the images on your HDD.

    After you chose all needed images you need to browse them by clicking on “Upload”.

  7. To write down the lot’s description.

    Do not forget to add many details and extremely precise description of the jewelry.

    Moreover, make sure you added the information on how the purchase will be packed and sent as well as other data you consider important.

  8. To decide whether you wish to sell an item at the fixed price or to start an auction.

    Choosing selling an item for a fixed price you should follow the corresponding sign and set the price.
    In case you wish to hold an auction, click at the corresponding tab and set the initial cost.

  9. To insert the detail concerning payment and the cost of delivery.

    Check the received lot at the next page and click on “List an Item”, if you wrote all the data right.

    Click at “Edit listing”, if you wish to return in order to change something.

  10. To wait till your jewelry is sold.

    After someone buys it, either for a fixed sum or at an auction, send the customer the sales invoice and wait for the full payment.

How to Sell an Idea?

6 tips on how to sell jewelry online

  • When you develop the price policy, first of all take into account your expenses at the manufacturing, including the cost of the materials, the time of work, the place of work, etc.
  • Provide the services of the highest quality, because the presence of the good clients’ service and respectable business custom has the crucial importance for success in any kind of business.
  • Go to the jewelry forum.

    The best one nowadays is

    In order to sign in there you need to confirm you are really in the business.

    They have the list of wholesale suppliers, the heads of the companies and other information and pieces of advice, which may come in handy for the newcomers.

    The membership is free till you want to get the premium package, which will let you sell jewelry online.

  • The Arts Business Institute is a non-commercial organization, which offers seminars and mentor programs in e-commerce as well as plenty of other resources for people who work at the wholesale market.
  • Pick the staff.

    These should be the managers, which will accept and formalize the orders for jewelry, an accountant and a delivery man.

    Teach the managers the art of service and how to work with clients.

    To do it you may turn to the educational center, where your employees will be offered a number of training courses, which are sure to teach them how to improve the customer services culture in your online store.

  • Offer your clients the cumulative discount system and it will secure you with the flow of clients.

Moreover, you should not forget to advertise your business.

It does not matter whether you created a site or used the online store, create pages in social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

We hope we managed to provide you with the answer to your question of how to sell jewelry online.

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