How to Make Money Teaching Online?

True professionals should know how to make money teaching online, because nowadays education through the Internet is a very promising sphere.

The Internet is becoming more and more integral part of our lives. All people, one way or another, start to work part-time of full-time there.

Five or seven years ago there was no such thing as education through the Internet,  but now this method becomes more and more popular and called-for, especially for those, who want to get profound knowledge.

Still, not everyone having professional knowledge knows how to make money teaching online.

Teaching online is a very promising niche. Knowledge is going out of date so quickly that one must learn something new all the time not to drop out. Users prefer to get knowledge distantly, attending short-term internet-courses or training.

Let’s figure out how to transmit your knowledge through the Internet and make good money on it.

What should one teach on the Internet to make enough money?


Every professional is able to teach people almost everything. If you are a professional in a particular area, you can start your own online teaching program and stably make really good money.

There are various topics:

  • business
  • marketing
  • programming
  • computer graphics
  • photography
  • foreign languages
  • school subjects (preparation for the exams)
  • relationships
  • handmade
  • health

So, being a specialist in any of these areas you can easily teach and transmit your knowledge and in acknowledgement of it get paid.

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The availability of the niche of teaching online is counted on the ground whether it is likely to be sold again. If something is sold only once, the business is not going to be promising.

Let’s look at the example with painting courses:

  • You can learn how to paint from scratch, or you may improve your level at the additional training.
  • It may be teaching illustrations, watercolours, scatching and so on.
  • The niche is infinitely deep that allows creating plenty of different online courses and teaching them repeatedly.
  • If a person comes to be taught the beginners’ elements, it will be very easy to sell him next levels later.
    Besides, it’s the courses which teach some creative subjects, hobbies (painting, baking, embroidering, illustrations, etc.), that have the most loyal clients.

It means that every new client may bring you huge income in perspective. As a result the money from the online lessons will increase all the time and you can account for the income of $10 000 every half a year (in case of active work and good selling).

The advantages of teaching online

  1. You become financially independent.
    You don’t need to life from check to check, take a non-paid leave of absence to spend time with your kid and don’t need to save money during half of the year to go to the seaside in summer.
  2. You’ll get an opportunity to travel freely in any season and any country.
  3. You have free time to devote to your family, sports, hobby, self-education.
  4. You are able to spend all summer out of town, for example, in the country house, or rent a nice house at the seashore.
  5. You have an opportunity to move to a different country on a permanent basis, as we did it, and don’t care how to find a job there.
    Work and high income will be your constant companions in any country.

How can you find clients to make money teaching online?

One of the key moments is a search of potential buyers, your future students. That’s why the best option to advertise yourself on the Internet is a complex advancement.

  1. Creating and filling your website with useful and free content, which should be not about everything in the world, but focused on the topic of your online course.
  2. Creating accounts and groups in social networks with the description of your services (for example in Instagram).
  3. You Tube channel is a required element of advancement.
    Without one, you probably won’t make it.
    You record useful videos concerning your topic and put it on your channel. Videos are significant for your advancement.

How much money can you make teaching online?

Different niches of teaching bring different income. Everything depends on the level of demand on the market and the rivalry.

You can spend a little research of just drop in a shop of a very famous affiliate program which specializes on a selling of different online courses. You are sure to notice that most of them are devoted to the business, finances, self-development, style, self-improvement.

All these areas have their own leader, players who are considered to be the image of a perfect teaching and competence. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean the market has already been divided. There is always some space for the newcomers under the condition that they pick the right niche and won’t be too ambitious at the very beginning.

The income from the one sold online course may start at $2 000-$3 000 thousand per month. This sum may be multiplied several times, if you really work hard. However, at the beginning of the project even few thousands are actually good reward.

Such money is possible in case you choose the right niche, positioning and marketing strategy. If your product is really needed, people are sure to buy it. It fits the logic.

The investment to start an Internet-business by selling online courses is minimal, comparing to the usual business and the amount of the people who want to get the needed information in different areas is counted by millions. Some of them are waiting only for you.

If you are a professional or really good at something, don’t waste time and build your way of teaching online. Start your project and make money teaching online.

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