How to Make Money Selling Ebooks?

The best advices to earn money selling ebooks. Start doing!

If you want to get money selling ebooks read this article first.

Selling ebooks is one of the most profitable kinds of business which you can do in the Internet.  While you are working about the house, you can succeed in this business in a few days.

If you decided to get money selling ebooks, you would better write your own one. But there are a lot of them written by the other authors which you can advertise and earn money on their sale fees.

But, actually, if you write and put online your own book to sale, nobody else will sell something like that. So you will have a unique product that will attract attention of the Internet users. When you are selling ebooks alone you have more chances to earn too much money.

What is an ebook? How does online selling bring money for you?


An ebook is actually any text and graphic information which has its specific format and can be spread through Internet.

It is one of the best digital products in its technical features. If compared with usual paper books, ebooks put out its printed analogues more and more.

They cost much cheaper for both the author and the reader. You don’t have to spend any expenses on paper, cover, publication order in printing-office, storage expenses (warehouse service) and transportation. All these points make electronic edition much cheaper.

You should pay once to make an ebook. These are temporary expenses if someone is making it himself or financial expenses if  he ordered such book making for somebody else. Then you copy a file of the book as many times as you need and make selling.

There is almost immediate digital product’s delivery. You saw an ebook, paid and downloaded it.

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Ebooks formats for sale

There are two the most popular formats for online ebooks selling through Internet: PDF and EXE.

PDF format is used if there are a lot of pages in the book. Initial information is prepared in the text editor first, for example Word, then it is compiling with a help of special programs into PDF. You should install Acrobat Reader or its analogous program on your computer in order you could read and view PDF files.

To make EXE format is more difficult. Here you should prepare each page in HTML first (list all the links, prepare pictures (photos), make a design), and only then all the book files are compiling with a help of special programs into one executive file with EXE format. Such a book with EXE format has more opportunities without any other additional programs.

What kinds of ebooks for selling are there?

Free of charge ebooks are made for advertising or viral marketing. You tell the people about some of your products, services, your site, affiliate program and so on.

You must admit that its more convenient to describe, for example, all the advantages of some product on several pages of the book than, for example, in the form of a letter or an article. And such books which are free of charge are spread in the Internet too fast. People like to buy something without paying for it. You have just to provide with reference to the payment page.

Fee paying ebooks are made for its further selling. These are different textbooks, guides, step by step instructions, descriptions and so on. As a rule people sale their life experience  on any problem or topic in such books. And believe, a great many of them are ready to buy it. Everybody wins: You get financial gains when you get money selling ebooks, and another person gets a decision of his problem, moreover, fast decision of his problem.

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Make your business on ebooks selling

Why making ebooks and their selling are profitable?

Answer the question: What people are searching and doing in the Internet?

You will say: People are playing the games, get acquainted, entertaining and so on. Also people are searching for information. And the main thing is that they are ready to pay for useful information.

They are ready to pay for information which helps them to solve their problems. That’s why you should leave “the garbage” and provide the reader with clear and concrete information which helps to solve the problems. It should be a book which everyone can read and understand.

A great many of online shops in the Internet selling ebooks confirm it (people are ready to pay and pay). Where’s is demand, there’s supply. Selling ebooks is a very profitable business. You can easily start making money from such a business. It has a lot of opportunities for each of you.

Such books are demanded for years. Once you made it and then it brings money for you.

Do you want to be good at ebooks selling and make money on it?

That’s good if you have your own site. Then you should put a description of your book and attach online shop script with a payment service provider to the site. In such a case you will get all 100% of your income from your books and other products selling.

Or you can use the third party payment service provider with all integrated payment service providers . In this case you just need to put a link on this service and all the payments will be made there.

If you don’t have your own site or you don’t want to make it, selling ebooks is possible through the third party online shop. There are a great many of such shops, but take into account that you will have to pay a commission at an average from 30 to 50 % from the cost of the selling book.

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The advantages of selling ebooks

Selling ebooks is just started developing. So if you decided to make your business selling this product it’s high time to do it. It’s no late to try yourself in e-sales and therefore get money from your knowledge and experience selling.

Internet is so fast developing. Hundreds and thousands of new users appear every day. Therefore, any information is needed.

That’s why ebooks can be made almost on any topic. Remember it.

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