How to Make Money Selling Beats?

A step-by-step guideline on making money selling beats. Be sure to bookmark it!

It wasn’t so long ago when very few people could imagine they were able to make money online selling beats.

Frankly, it is not an easy, but a reliable source of income. It consists in composing your own music and uploading it on a stock music site (a site selling beats). This site, in its turn, finds a buyer for your composition, the latter buys it, and you get your emoluments. Their size depends on the number and quality of your tracks uploaded to this site.

To make it clear, I’ll tell you right away that a track can be sold as many as 10 000 times and you will still get your royalties!

What do you need for composing beats?


  1. Zeal and enthusiasm of a creative person.
  2. A computer with a high-speed Internet for rapid downloading of various recording software and optional watching of different YouTube lessons on composing music.
  3. Speakers, headphones, or studio monitors – at least one of these items.
    To record high quality beats, be sure to get decent equipment.
    Sufficient budget provided, you can buy it online at a very reasonable price.
  4. Studio microphone in case you decide to record voice over your tracks.
  5. If possible – a midi-keyboard or a synthesizer, a guitar, etc. with connection to the computer.
    The set of necessary items depends on what kind of beats you would like to record.
    For instance, I have a decent guitar and a synthesizer, but I use them only when composing music while I record it with the help of my computer. It all depends on you!
  6. Some relevant experience and music education.
    You will benefit from this in any case, though some composers enjoy great popularity on stock music sites without having completed a single year of music studies.

What kind of music should I record?

  • Your musical style can be diverse – from covers of classical compositions to metal, pop, rock, rap, symphonic, electronic, folk music, and so on.
    The list is endless!
    It depends on your preferences; every style will attract its buyer.
  • The duration of tracks can vary from 2 seconds to an hour and so on.
  • You can also accompany your uploaded beats with various effects, sounds, and what not.
    These can be electronic effects or a sound of knocking at the door – anything to your buyer’s heart’s content.

How to sell beats?

Stock music sites serve as intermediaries between the users wishing to sell their music and the clients looking for the beats to match their goals.

These sites bring together vendors and buyers of musical files and also serve as executors of the buying and selling process of the selected material.

Stock music sites provide a full range of services when searching for your potential clients. They charge musicians for guaranteeing the safety of their deals, thus simplifying the composers’ work as much as possible.

The author of the audio file must only register on such a site and upload his composition for sale. If asked how he is going to make money on the Internet, the author can answer that his beats will be sold 24 hours a day 7 days in a row!

The exciting trick is that the same tracks will be sold not once, but hundreds and thousands of times without your participation.

To make money selling beats, you only need to create a single track or an exclusive sound effect, upload it to the stock music site, tag the keywords, and you’re done! Afterwards you can visit your project and check how much money you have earned.

Consequently, you’ll be able to use your free time for composing new beats to increase your income.

To develop the topic more precisely, we should mention several most popular stock music sites serving this purpose:


The last four resources are the most popular and promoted, but we advise you to try to make money selling beats on all given sites.

The main thing here is to sell your own music – plagiarism is excluded!

Most musicians still don’t understand the whole process of selling their records and aren’t sure that their compositions will attract clients. They still don’t think it’s real.

But to make money selling beats online is way easier than finding buyers in real life. On the Internet you don’t need to look for your clients personally, camp on the doorsteps of various agencies, and make a number of other unnecessary movements.

Just stop and think: the daily attendance of such sites can total several hundreds of thousands visitors, and what if we multiply it by 30 days? This will be the audience of the whole planet!

Every sold track will give you as much as 25–70 % of the profit; the rest of the money will be the commission of the stock music site.

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How much money can I make selling beats?

Every month you can make several thousand dollars – this is the sum available from selling music on the Internet, to be more precise – on stock music sites. The income will depend on the quality of your records and demand for them as well as on the size (volume) of your portfolio.

For example, a relatively short portfolio of 35–45 musical compositions can bring you on the average 400–500 dollars.

Who buys sound effects and musical files?

Among these customers you will find the same people that create ads, different promos, various flash-videos, games, applications, software. The audience typically comprises deejays, designers, but it can include regular listeners as well. These users are accustomed to paying for an author’s work.

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Making money on beats: what are you selling?

You are going to sell your rights on using your composition. You will own the copyright, and the purchaser of your creation will be issued a license for its further use.

There are two types of such license on stock music sites:

  1. A license permitting private non-commercial use.
    For example, according to this license, a track recorded for one’s site, job’s purposes, friends, and so on will cost about $ 2–20.
  2. A license with extended rights for commercial use.
    It allows the buyer to make money on the Internet by means of music – your music.
    The buyer can use your works for his commercial purposes, but sales and copying in numbers exceeding the limits discussed in the agreement are prohibited.

    For example, the vendee can release 10 000 of ads or postcards with your music. The copyright is still yours, but a new license for these tracks will cost the same client a 10 or even 20 times higher price than the first one.

Making money on the Internet will also directly depend on the quality of your musical files. You can post your files on the stock music site and set the price for them only after they undergo moderation.

A considerable income can most surprisingly come from short but quality made and unusual compositions. Some authors manage to make considerable money on such works, beginning with 1000 dollars and ending with several dozens of thousands.

If you have firmly decided to devote yourself to making money on beats, we advise you to remember a very important detail: the purest music and various sounds are of the highest demand on such services.

Secondly, very few people listen to vocals, unless the voice is so unusual that it outshines even the most off beat tracks.

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