How to Make Money Reading Books?

Are you fond of reading? We suggest you 2 best ways to make easy money by reading books.

This article is sure to enlighten you how to make money reading books.

We are the most reading people in the world. Everyone reads books: children, their mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. That’s why turning reading into a way of making money is not very difficult. You need only 2 things: your desire and my instructions.

I want to show you two different ways how to make money with the help of reading. The first one is writing book reviews and the second one is recording audio books.

How to make money writing reviews on books you’ve read?


make money writing reviews on books
In one of the previous articles we discussed how to make money using social networks and affiliate programmes. Making money by the reviews is one of its versions.

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So, how can you possibly make money reading different books?

It is very simple. You read something and if you actually like it, suggest reading it to your friends in social networks (facebook, twitter).

They follow the link you share together with your recommendation and buy this piece of literature. As a result, you get the interest from the one-stop shop’s profit.

The more friends you have and the more alluring your review is the higher is the number of transfers and, respectively, your income.

5 really important tips to make your profit higher by reading books:

  1. Turn your recommendation into a full book review.
    It means you are to write not just “this is a good book, buy it”, but “here I really liked that”, “I’ve learnt something from it”, “this book taught me this”, etc. It is sure to raise the level of attraction to your recommendation.Besides, a prospective customer can see what all this is about at once. In such cases only an interested person follows the link and it improves the conversion.
  2. Advise only useful and really exciting books for reading.
    Nowadays, shelves of every store are overloaded with books of different quality. Frankly speaking, most of them are simply trash. It makes people face a kind of problem: how to choose the right one, which is worth reading, out of the pile.
    If you solve this problem and become a person who always advises useful and interesting stuff, you will probably get such results:

    • With the lapse of time your friends will get used to rely on you in their choice of books.
      Each next selling will make you some extra money.
    • They will turn to you for help and new recommendations and visit your page looking for new reviews.
      It will simplify your job and increase the number of people, who are actually interested in your reviews. Eventually, it will lead to making more and more money every day.
    • You’ll become an expert on the reading market.
      The knowledge of all popular trends and tendencies can help you make some money on writing book reviews on the most expected pieces of literature. There can be another bright example.
      Knowing a lot about reading market, you can easily determine which genres are the most called-for.

In general, I believe now you understand better the essence of how to make extra money reading and advertising books.

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So that we can make money on book reviews, we need partners.

Today the most popular and highly-paid partner programmes have such shops:


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How to make money reading and recording audio books?

Today I’ve shown you that even such a trivial thing as reading can be turned into a money-making scheme. Moreover, it suits everyone from a housewife to a professor since there are fans of every genre of literature on the Internet.

Being stuck in a traffic jam, most people try to occupy themselves and switch radio channels searching for music that is suitable for their mood.

Unfortunately, such kind of a pastime brings only boredom and triggers headache. In addition, waiting this all to get an end is turning in a simple examination of yawning faces and posts for all drivers and passengers. The time spent in a traffic jam is an irretrievable loss which repeats itself day after day.

Not to waste their time many people try to find something useful to do. The only medium of perception then is hearing, so people prefer learning foreign language: they listen to the announcer and repeat the words after him. This way of a pastime is suitable for those who need it or, at least, has a wish for it.

Audio books are especially popular in English-speaking countries.

You can benefit from the idea and start your own business by recording different genres of literature, because the competition is not strong as of today.

To record the texts you don’t need to look for a professional actor. The only thing you need is to find a person with good articulation and nice voice.

Working together with the announcer you can release books that are extremely popular in audio format. As soon as your business starts to bring real profit, you can open your own shop to sell your audio records.

Speaking about genres, there can be a variety of them, starting with the classics, detective stories and love stories to some fantasy and popular science fiction. You can also create audio magazines, where you review all news in the spheres of business, psychology, sports, etc.

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