How to Make Money Playing Games?

Would you like to know how to make money playing games? From this article you’ll learn which ways exist for combining work and play.

Today computer games are made not only for entertainment.

Besides wonderful graphics and enthralling gameplay, games also give us opportunities for making money.

In fact, if you are an experienced gamer devoting much time to this activity, you can turn your hobby into a full-scale job.

Even amateurs can make some profit simply playing games.

Isn’t it cool, considering that not so many occupations can be both profitable and entertaining?

So, how to make money playing games?

There are several ways to make profits playing games, applicable for both online and regular computer games.

You can also use other ways of making money, and it is best of all to combine them.

Main ways to make money playing games


1. Writing video game reviews.

Many websites pay for reviewing popular games.

So, if you play games or clearly know their essence, you can write a detailed review and then publish it on a site.

Doing this, you gain the reputation of an expert of this game, meanwhile making your profit.

2. Create a blog about games.

You can regularly write game reviews and keep your own blog.

Creating it, you can share your gaming experience.

Besides reviews, your blog can provide readers with informative and interactive communication.

Also, to make money blogging, you’ll have to be careful selecting key words and prioritizing games worthy a review.

3. To make money playing games, sell characters and game objects.

Some people may consider it weird, but a lot of game fans are ready to pay their money for game objects or popular characters.

Some popular MMORPG games practice such sales (World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Dota, and so on).

Thus, tie a knot:

  1. This way of making money is considered illegal.
    Don’t write in your game chat about selling something for real money, or you can be banned. Communicate with your buyers on other sites and forums.
  2. Serious profit will require investments.

    Typing your offers, you’ll be able to make a bit of pocket money, but bonanza accounts will still be out of reach.

    Many games require buying paid accounts (or even a few), boto software to carry out routine work for you, and an upgrade of your PC so that it can function properly with a new load.

    Some other expenses can also be expected.

  3. It’s not passive income; from time to time you’ll have to check your bots, adjust game settings, sell objects manually, solve other minor problems, and correct mistakes.
  4. You’ll have to constantly monitor the situation on the game market to stay informed about supply and demand for game products.

    For successful sales, it’s very advisable to have some economic background.

  5. When banned in a game, you can lose all invested effort and money.

    Thus, learn all potential problems and possible solutions.

  6. You can’t play only favourite games.

    Usually you’ll have to play “boring” games, struggling for getting necessary objects.

  7. Create your “main account” that will not interfere with the rules of the game.

    Don’t add bots to it – just periodically swap there your storage resources to save them in case the bot is blocked.

4. Create let’s play or video-review/ game walkthrough.


Let’s play is a video walkthrough of a game with its author’s commentaries.

You can upload it to your own YouTube page and get paid for browsing sessions.

This is a long-term profit: sometimes even old videos are reviewed and you get paid for that. But making money on YouTube is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of hidden rocks.

How to create let’s play/walkthrough:

  1. Record a video.

    For that, install screen-recording software (for instance, fraps) and video-editing software (for instance, Sony Vegas or Camtasia Studio).

  2. Choose new popular games that will be interesting for you.

    If you become a popular video-blogger in this field, some companies will offer you making reviews before the release of the game.

    This will provide you with great traffic, and the company – with additional advertising.

  3. Create unordinary videos.

    Let them have some zest – the Web is full of dull “students” murmuring something to themselves.

    Stand out, speak loud, distinctly, and emotionally, make your speech humoristic and catchy.

    Attract people with a zest that will make them wait for your next videos and subscribe to your channel.

  4. Promote your channel.

    It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to attract a multimillion audience only by means of key words in your titles and talking your friends into making reposts.

    In the first instance, it’s desirable to provide advertising in issue-related groups of social networks and sites.

    You can also order reposts on special sites to enhance people’s acquaintance with you.

But remember: creating let’s play can be prohibited due to the game’s copyright.

Some videos can go smoothly, and others can be turned down by YouTube.

Thus, thoroughly learn the rules of the site and the game developer’s attitude to recording such videos.

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5. You can make money playing games with the help of streams.

Streaming is a live online game presentation.

Everything happens in the real time mode, and there is a chat where viewers can leave their comments.

To create streams, you will need a good computer with steady Internet access (high uplink bandwidth).

If you want to be in picture, provide yourself with relevant software, microphone, and a camcorder.

Of course, much depends on the author: you’ll need charisma, sense of humour, and loose tongue to entertain viewers even in the midst of a boring game.

What do streamers make money with?

They use…

  1. Advertising built in on the service (special streaming sites) and commercial videos shown during sessions.

    A lot of views are blocked with adblocks, so at least 10 % viewers don’t count.

  2. Paid subscription: people pay for subscribing to popular streamers.

    For this, they get special marks in the chat, advanced features, or simply streamer’s gratitude.

    Paid subscription appears only after a certain number of views or hours of streaming.

  3. Large companies allot certain sums for their video or logo on the interface of a streamer.

    It’s a standard system when buying ads, but only popular streamers get such support.

  4. Charitable donations.

    Some streamers place widgets in the bottom of their page through PayPal system.

    But don’t count on viewers’ generosity: this profit will suffice only for paying Internet bills.

6. Create your game website.

You’ll be able to use it for posting your favourite games, updates, walkthroughs, and all mentioned above.

You can upload your videos (reviews, let’s plays and walkthroughs) to your YouTube channel and increase your number of views.

Thus, you will make money on your site and collect views/viewers on YouTube.

7. Participate in tournaments to make money playing games.

Some online games have regular tournaments in which winners are granted money prizes.

You can effortlessly find such competitions via search engines and sign up for participation in a tournament devoted to one of your favourite games.

So, all you need is signing up and winning.

If you are a skilled gamer and you win the tournament, the reward will be a welcome surprise for you!

By the way, tournaments are conducted not only for server games; there are online tournaments for other games as well.

For that, you’ll have to follow the official site of the game developers to be aware of the respective schedule.

Good profits will require very good playing skills.

Besides, you’ll have to kill much time training, polishing game schemes and strategies.

Your personal characteristics must include perseverance, charisma, and self-confidence.

But even all of the above will not guarantee you success.

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8. Become a game tester.

Some websites need computer games tester to check the workability of games before their release.

Such websites usually offer solid payment for such work.

So, what does a programmer’s income consist of?

First of all – of a merited salary, provided according to a labour contract.

Yes, gamers conclude contracts with cyber sports organizations with obligations and rewards specified in them.

At the end of the previous year, one of the most well-known Chinese Dota 2 players mentioned that the average salary of a top player (be it a LoL or a Dota 2 player) varies within $ 5000.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

In Reddit topics you can find other interesting figures: American gamers make $ 160000 per year; European – from 50000 to 70000 Euros annually.

Several popular games you can make money with

  • World of Warcraft

    At the peak of its popularity, this many-user game (created in 2005) embraced 12 million players (as of 2010) and today it’s still popular among 7.5 million people.

    It is a RPG fantasy game.

  • Defense of the Ancients (DotA)

    Initially, DotA was a map for the Warcraft Universe, but in 2006 it developed into a separate project.

    In 2011 DOTA 2 appeared and became the most popular game in Europe with the gaming audience of 23 million people.

  • Entropia Universe

    A Space strategy shooter of 2003 where you must play and trade between five planets: Calypso, Rocktropia, Arkadia, Next Island, Cyrene.

    More than 2.5 million people play it today.

  • World of Tanks

    The game of 2009 with 60 million players.

    Participating in tank battles, gamers obtain “credits”, train their crews, and accumulate scores for upgrading their tanks.

    If you want to make money playing games online without any investments, start with free MMORPG. Get your first income and proceed to more profitable “platforms”. Or you can make a certain investment without wasting your time.

    When picking a game, pay attention to:

    • the cost of a game or a subscription fee (if any);
    • market saturation;
    • the cost of objects;
    • the existence of game bots and their effectiveness;
    • their cost and the possibility of their further installation/maintenance;
    • read other people’s reviews that make money with this game.

Ways of making money with MMORPG games


MMORPG are mass multi-user online role games in which players take roles of certain characters.

Depending on the “world” of the game, the publisher creates a wide range of characters for it.

Users get an opportunity to act on behalf of their character in terms of a virtual world which exists regardless of joining or leaving players.

MMOPRG gained incredible popularity due to an opportunity of real interaction between players in terms of a game space.

Thus, here are options for making money with MMORPG:

  1. Selling and reselling virtual goods and values, necessary for players of a certain game, at an auction.

    Making money with MMOPRG without investments is almost impossible.

    First of all, almost all multi-user games have a “threshold of admittance” (the cost of a game), in some cases accompanied with a monthly subscription fee (about $ 10–15 a month).

    Besides, you won’t make good profits without buying special bot-software for launching several characters. Thus, you’ll have to pay subscription fee for every character.

    That’s why if you want to make money with MMOPRG, assess the level of necessary investments.

    Such way of making money playing MMORPG games isn’t substantial: about 50–100 dollars a month with considerable time expenditure.

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  2. Reselling of the account with a higher level of “experience” for making money playing games.

    As we can see, it’s almost impossible to make money with online-games without any investments. Especially, if we mean MMORPG.

    Nevertheless, selling products or “boosted” accounts to other players at auctions can bring substantial income.

    For instance, a “boosted” account in the World of Tanks game can cost from 100 to 500 dollars.

    However, it’s all not so easy as it seems.

    You’ll have to spend much time on learning all nuances of the game world and virtual economy, getting valuable sources or objects within strict time limits, selling them quickly at auctions, and so on.

  3. Making money with partner programs (attracting new players through referral links).

    Partner, or affiliate, programs are, probably, the easiest way for making money playing games, although they are available only for webmasters and administrators having access to Internet audience (traffic).

    Such variant is good for website owners or visited blogs, group administrators in social networks, direct mail managers.

    Webmasters get their interest (circa 10–25 %) from a new customer’s purchase of access to a game.

The world of computer games provides unlimited opportunities for receiving profits from a wide range of sources.

Numerous examples of success let us clearly see that creativity and enthusiasm can be applied to most unexpected spheres.

Keep practicing and monitor updates to always know how to make money playing games. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your PC software to be able to play all modern popular games.

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