How to Make Money on PayPal Fast: Top 5 Web Sites

There are several ways how to make money on PayPal fast. Read about the most effective ones in the article below.

PayPal is likely to be the most well-known payment system. Today we will discuss the websites on which you can learn how to make money with PayPal.

How to make money on PayPal fast?


Initially, PayPal system was invested to accept the payments from the clients.

For example, you have an online shop, and by means of PayPal, you can accept money for the goods, services and so on.

Nevertheless, nowadays there have been invented plenty of ways how to make money fast staying at home.

Two ways how a person is able to make money with PayPal?

  1. Register on the special sites, which ask you to cope with some work and then receive income on your PayPal account.
  2. Study how to perform various tasks from the advertisers.

5 websites where a person can make money with PayPal fast

  1. allows everyone to make money by looking through the websites as well as passing the paid surveys, too.

    This website is the best option to make money on PayPal fast and without investments.

    You can transfer the income to your account after you earn $8.

  2. is the resource which exchanges traffic and allows you making money with PayPal this way.

    For every thousand of the reviewed websites, your balance is increased on $0.30.

    When you make $3, you can send it to your PayPal account.

    Another way how to make money at this page is to use the referral system – as soon as your referral looks through one hundred websites, you earn $0.10.

  3. is the service of the links’ contraction and the possibility to make money with the PayPal payment system.

    The income is based on contracting your links and putting them on the Internet.

    Place the links on your blogs or sites, forums, and social networks avoiding spam, i.e. to put them only in the allowed placed.

    A user, who follows this link, before passing to the needed website, sees the advertisement from

    This is the ground of the site’s work.

    The price list for clicks depends on the country and it published on

  4. is a site where you are able to make money on the clicks on the paid websites and on doing tasks (mostly registrations).

    This is a very old resource, founded in 2006, and it pays using many payment systems, including PayPal.

    The minimal sum to withdraw is only $1.

    There are links on the page, watching which you’ll get the credit.

  5. provides the users with the income from the referral system.

    Moreover, you can attract referrals through your personal link or rent them on the site.

    In order to receive the reward from the referrals’ income, you need to be active yourself according to the rules of the resource, i.e. to click on the paid websites every day.

Doing tasks from the advertisers in order to make money on PayPal fast

In order to do the suchlike tasks, there exist plenty of special services, where most advertisers sing up.

You only need to complete the registration on one of these sites and start doing the offered tasks.

There you are likely to find 5 various ways how to make money:

  1. Site’s surfing is the review of the site.

    If you pick this category, in the center of the screen you’ll see the list of resources you should go to.

    Every website has a short description. In the end of the line, you’ll see the sum of money you are going to receive for viewing this page.

    After you pick the page, you go there.

    Here you need to wait till the countdown in the lower left corner is over.

    Then you’ll see the captcha and you must print the needed number.

  2. Reading of the letters means answering the questions.

    You’ll find all needed information in the attached letter.

    Your task is to read it and give the right answer.

  3. The origin of the texts is a more profitable work.

    When you pick this category, in the center of the screen you’ll see the list of accessible tasks.

    You must pick one of them.

    The essence of this task is to visit a certain resource, read the information there and give correct answers.

  4. Doing the tasks fast you will get the interesting job, which you must do.

    Everything is done just like in the above-described examples.

    You pick the wanted task, read what precisely needs to be done and do it.

    In the end, you’ll make the report, which is also described in the task.

  5. The contests from the referrer are available for active users only.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple.

However, it’s not the only way how to make money on PayPal fast.

How can a creative person make money with PayPal?

If you are a creative person – compose music, paint or are fond of photography, you will easily make additional money fast.

You just need to sell your music, digital pictures or photos on the Internet.

There are plenty of sites, where you can browse your creative work and get tens or thousands of dollars per month.

How to make money on PayPal composing music?

You are a musician, and at your leisure hours, you enjoy composing various light tunes or stroke of genius melodies.

It may definitely become a perfect way how to make money with PayPal.

Surely, all your work must be digital, in the mp3 format with 320 kb/sec bitrate.

For example, if you do an advertisement video or a presentation for the company, you cannot use the music from of the famous composers or singers.

It’s illegal and you might get into trouble, if you browse and spread your video on such service as YouTube.

To create the commercial content a developer must use the legal content.

How to Make Money in the Music Industry?

In order to start selling music and making money on PayPal fast, you are going to need:

  1. To sign up for the site.
  2. To go to your profile.
  3. To browse the tune.

Pick the keywords as precisely as possible to describe your melody (classics, jazz, rap, trans, rock) and check the number of downloads.

In order to get the money for your music, you need to have a Visa or a MasterCard.

Register your card in PayPal and wait for the money to come.

If you wish to sell your music fast, you’d better browse many tracks.

If you are creatively blocked and still have only a few tracks, you may sell a tune both as a whole and partially.

Do not set a lower price than others have.

The price is not the decisive factor in choosing this or that melody.

How to make money with PayPal fast selling photos and pictures?

Tens of thousands of companies – magazines, publishing houses, advertising agencies, and Internet websites need pictures, photos, logos.

Many designers when developing banners, logos or graphics buy the ready-made vector images and finish them, so that to satisfy the customer because it saves time and money.

If you like drawing during the leisure hours and strolling with a photo camera, you can easily make a couple of hundreds of dollars per month.

To do it fast you only need to sign up for the sites of stock images (just like in case with music).

Moreover, the pictures should be of the Ai or Eps format.

The photos should be of high quality and, desirably, with very high resolution.

Some of the most popular photo stocks are,, and others.

In order to make money on PayPal fast you need:

  1. To sign up.
  2. To connect your profile to one of the international payment systems tight to your Visa or MasterCard.
  3. Browse the image.

Read attentively all demands of the site to the quality of pictures and photos and strictly follow them!

Pick the keywords properly to describe your image or photo and it will be easier for the customer to find your work.

The more pictures and photos you browse to your profile the more money you are going to make.

The price on stock photography is lower than on the tunes and is in average $1, but your photo or image may be downloaded tens and hundreds of times.

However, some of the money will go to the site.

From the obvious advantages of the PayPal system, aside from the possibility to discover how to make money with PayPal, one should pay attention to the following ones: a rather simple interface, the possibility to make operations with any currency, insurance, and the possibility to return the payment.

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