How to Make Money on Online Games?

You are interested how to make money on online games, aren’t you? This article will teach you how to make money this way.

Online games appeared on the world stage relatively not long ago, but won the wide audience at once.

Surely, there are still plenty of fans of the good old single-player games with more beautiful graphics, complete plot and other advantages.

Though, the advantage of online games is in the gameplay itself: when you play, you know that behind the image of a man, an elf, an ork or an animal is not the programmed code (NPC) or the so-called computer dummy, but the real person, who is also a gamer.

It should be noted that not many people know how to make money on online games.

That’s why, let’s discuss this question and look at every single detail.

The ways how to make money on online games


  • Achieve success in the virtual world using the projects, which allow withdrawing money to your electronic invoice.

    Now, we are speaking about those projects, which do not presuppose investments, but the income is received by achieving positive results in the virtual world.

    As a rule, such money making scheme takes much time, and it’s extremely difficult to have a stable and big income.

  • The second way of making money presupposes money investments

    The more money you give to the online game, the higher may be the expected income.

    In order to make money you’ll also have to perform certain functions, but they will be much easier than in the first option.

    According to the reviews, such way of making money on online games is the optimal and the most profitable one.

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  • One more way how you can make money on games, even without playing it yourself, is to invite other users to the project

    Most gaming projects are accompanied by activities of the affiliate programs, due to which absolutely everyone may make money on referrals.

    Needless to say, not everybody is able to make money this way, because it may be very difficult to find so many referrals.

    On the other hand, such method of making money is passive and after you get the needed amount of referral users, money will be regularly transferred to your account.

The list of online games, on which you can make money online

  1. Market Glory.


    It’s a strategy game, which was worked out in detail.

    Here you can become employed, elected for the President, lead wars or fight the opponents.

    For all play acting you’ll get money.

    Investment of your own money is not obligatory, but desirable.

    You’ll have plenty of different resources, but energy is the most important among them.

    The more energy you have, the more money you’ll receive from the referrals, your work or fights.

    According to the conditions of the referral program, you will make 10% of the income from every invited person.

    Though, the conditions do not end there.

    The first one hundred days from the moment of your registration the referral will give you adequately money.

    After one hundred of days other players may start to beat him off.

    Lest this situation happen, you must either pay money for the reservation every month, or retake the blood referrals from the angry opponents.

  2. Golden Towns.


    This is the economic, political and military simulator, in which the virtual gold may be converted into real money or exchanged for real gold.

    After you enter the virtual world, you need to develop your town, build an army, extract resources, widen and hold the line.

    Unlike the similar systems, the way how you may get gold is not limited by one method.

    The best option is to start extracting this resource, but in order to do it you need a serious development of your town.

    You have a possibility to get gold from gathering bonuses.

    You are able to get those bonuses after you join your town to any country. Every country has specified bonuses, but chose only those variants, which are paid by gold.

    Selling referrals is the last way how you may receive gold.

    You can invite your friends and acquaintances to the online game or even create a ground for players’ engagement.

    According to the rules of affiliate program, you will receive 10% from all the resources, which were gathered by the involved gamer (gold is also taken into account).

    In some cases you have to wait long, before the referral starts extracting gold, that’s why you may sell him for about 0,1 gold.

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  3. GoalTycoon.


    This is the new game form the MarketGlory developers for the huge football lovers.

    A new player gets the predetermined team from the very beginning. The team consists of 11 players.

    You get a football team and a club park.

    You’ll also have a team of consultants, which are going to help you to develop your club, providing you with the information about the needs of the club, stadium and other things.

    The popularity is a very significant factor in GoalTycoon.

    The higher is the level of your popularity, the more money you make.

    Besides, you don’t have to do anything. The matches are held automatically, and you will receive money after the match, which took place on your own stadium.

    Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget to play every day.

    Don’t forget to check in the system every day as well.

    You will get money from the fans, when the match is at your home stadium. As a rule, it happens once in two days.

    You are also able to make more money on referrals.

    Your referral will bring you 10% from the income.

  4. Second Life.


    It is a 3D virtual world with the elements of social networks, which has more than 1 million active users.

    At once after registration in the game you are able to make your first money.

    It is desirable, of course, to make some investment to the gaming project, but it is not necessarily.

    The internal currency is called Linden dollar.

    You can exchange it on market-based currency exchanges, which are very indistinct, especially under present market’s fluctuations.

    There are plenty of mansions in Second Life, where the owners sell different things.

    The owners need for the things to be sold, that’s why they need to be ahead of the competitors in the common register.

    Most of the game entrepreneurs invite gamers to visit their property (you will be exactly the invited person) and see some animation; the owners are paid for the views.

    Came, saw, made money – this is the algorithm of your actions.

    The second, but not less popular, way how to receive landing is Money Trees.

    The aim is to go round and collect money from the trees. In the few hours you can go round again and get income iteratively.

    The third way how to make money reminds the email reading and the paid surveys: you make money by registering on the third party web sites and completing the surveys.

    The fourth method: simple games.

    This site has gambling machines, logical games and so on and so forth.

  5. Entropia Universe.


    The game is related to the projects of commercial type, which allow withdrawing real money.

    Entropia Universe gives you a possibility to move in the outer space in any direction. Space is considered to be hostile, because it is more evil than good.

    Entropia Universe has its own currency – PED. 1 PED is equal to 10 cents.

    You can improve and make more money on manufacturing things, but you won’t be able to make much money on it.

    Players noticed that in order to succeed in making money, you must invest your own money, and the sum is quite big: to have adequate income you must have a capital of $1 000 (according to the foreign sources).

    The first and the simplest thing, which you can do in order to make money – to collect sweat from the mobs, which live on almost all planets of the virtual world. Mobs’ sweat is sold for PED.

    The second way how to make money is the trade on the auction.

    An auction provides with an opportunity to speculate on the costs of different kinds, because the cost on different things is constantly changing here.

    The third thing, which you can do (the most costly and profitable one) is to buy shares of the Entropia Universe Project.

    The shares will bring you dividends every week. One share costs around 1250 PED or $125 – pretty much, judging by the current prices.

    Every year it brings 24% of its value.

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The advantages of online games, playing which you can make money

  • They bring additional excitement and motivate you to treat the playing seriously, which in case of success will inevitably bring even more pleasure.
  • The most obvious advantage is direct economic profit from taking part in online games with possible money withdrawing.
    The cash can be easily teleported from the screens of PC directly to your pocket with the help of electronic money.
  • A panacea from unemployment, accusations in laziness and life misfortunes.
    Work at home, in your room.
    Do the things, which bring happiness and respect of your friends and relatives!

Now you know how to make money on online games.

Try to use one of the suggested projects.

It’s quite possible that due to them you’ll entertain yourself and make additional money at the same time.

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