How to Make Money on Craigslist?

How to make money on Craigslist if you have your own business, unnecessary goods or your intellect? Secrets are united in article.

The 90’es design, no advertisement but still 20 million visitors every month. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? The brilliant of the Internet is open to all money makers in the world. Only the lazy one won’t use this website, when learning how to multiply his wealth.

In the system of Craigslist no one puts an aim to make mass sales and get thousands of profit. On Craigslist people sell, buy, find people and reach any possible targets a bulletin board can help with. Nothing more…

All these are for “the average world’s inhabitants”…

So, how to make money on Craigslist and what methods are used for such purpose?

What is Craigslist and why do people need it?


Craigslist is a bulletin board with all the consequences.

One can put an advertisement here free of charge, except for a few cities with the offers of work and real estate.

If you don’t make money with anything like it, Craigslist is available for you free of charge. There are no other worthy websites in the world!

To the major functions that many people use, especially those, who live in the USA, belong:

  • Search of accommodation or housing.
    Besides, it may be separate flats, rooms or parts of a room as well as housing to spend a vacation, have offices or parking lots and so on.
  • Purchase and sale of items or goods.
    There are sections to sell or buy furniture, electronics, cars, jewelry, household appliances, toys, musical instruments, clothes and many-many more. It may be the most popular category of the site.
  • Meetings and acquaintances with new people.
    Here people place ads to find other people in order to spend time together, to find some intimacy. Besides, there are many different sections and everyone is likely to find something for himself.
  • Search of a job or new place of work.
    If companies, especially small local firms, need the workers, they put an ad in the sections of the website according to their profile – manufacture, restaurant business, computer systems, non-profile work, education, etc.
  • Search of various services, connected to the beauty or health, education or help around the house, finances, moving.
  • There is a forum on plenty of topics.

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How to make money on Craigslist?

  1. Selling your items.
  2. Reselling the items.
  3. Selling partner’s items (topical for the webmasters).
  4. Searching the needed executors of any service.
  5. Searching customers.
  6. Advertising your firm/service.

Very often to fulfill different missions on Craigslist one must use absolutely different strategies.

What do you need to start working on Craigslist in order to make money?

  • Your product/service/ offer;
  • Good English slang;
  • High inventiveness, creativity and ability to express your thoughts clearly and convince others;
  • The desire to make money.

All these points are compulsory!

If you have a problem with something, having enough wish you can easily fix it:

  • a product can be received from the partnership program,
  • a problem of bad English is solved as soon as you hire a translator,
  • the third point – can be fixed by plenty of practice,
  • and the desire to make money appears, when you urgently need money and the wallet is empty.

If you live in a large English-speaking city and own practically any offline business, you won’t face any difficulties to get new clients regularly. You can provide with the legal services, commercial services or just be a dentist.

All you need so that you get new clients is to know how to leave the advertisement on CL (CraigsList) in any form you like and in an appropriate category.

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The secrets of making money on Craigslist

1. More profitable is not where the more.

It may seem logical that cities, that are more densely populated, have higher demand on certain services. High rivalry is developed by the high demand. But on CL there are enough examples of cities, which don’t accept this rule.

If your business allows you to work with clients from other cities, don’t focus on the capital or megalopolises. It often happens that the low rivalry and high demand on a certain service in cities “out of the top-list”.

Your success on Craigslist is directly dependent on how you present yourself in the advertisement, how aggressive you mix and choose the categories, and the most important, how you write the text of the advertisement!

A simple rule of Craigslist (and every other marketing strategy) – when you doubt, be the most aggressive!

2. Show all your aggressiveness in order to make money on Craigslist.

If you are a professional of your work, you may easily provide with the service of several types.

Submit the advertisement in several categories at once.

All you need is a bit of rewriting of the first ad and the text will easily suit other niches (e.g. by changing a few phrases, you are sure to turn the ad about providing the service for the small business to an ad offering financial business offers or any other creative categories you choose). Be more creative; go beyond the limits of the habitual thinking.

Craigslist has traffic and all is left for you to do is to show yourself. The more categories – the higher are the chances of getting what you want.

Soon you’ll notice that most of your rivals are located not only where you expected them to be. The move “from wall to wall” and feel comfortable anywhere.

Republish the ad every two days. Don’t run for the top of the list. You do not need to place the advertisement several times in the same category and the same day. You’ll be watched more attentive than in the special establishments and your ad may be deleted, the e-mail or an account may be blocked, and the luckiest guys will even get the IP banned.

3. You’d better do reposting than multiposting.

There is nothing easier than to repost your ad:

  • Wait 48 hours;
  • Log in your account on Craigslist and click on the ads you want to work with (if the ad is active, it will be green);
  • Click “Delete This Posting”. You’ll the window proving your ad has been deleted;
  • Now go back to your account and choose the ad once again and click “Repost This Posting”.

The choice of the category, capcha check and your advertisement is again active and at the top of the list.

Don’t be lazy and devote much time to the text of the advertisement – use the principles of the direct marketing. In the ads on CL they are also important, just as in direct e-mail marketing, cards and selling accounts.

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4. Use direct marketing to start making money on Craigslist.

The usual approach to the work with the client on CL concerning the provision of the service consists in the clear and understandable text of the offer.

Write beautiful and screaming headlines – offer free report or profound guide to the usage and implementation of the knowledge – send it to the clients in the preferable form, where you write the name of the client, your name and add the free report or the promise – this way you’ll get the potential buyer. Now, just continue to move on according to the originally chosen strategy.

Be sure. The strategy is sure to work!

If you have an account on Aweber or any other e-mail autoresponder, instead of using your e-mail in the ad, add the names in the Aweber list.

Then, in the text of an offer write a small message – If you turn to be one of the first 29 people, who respond me/us till 12 p.m. 1st June, on the Children Protection Day, you’ll get “a free product”.

It will enormously increase the number and speed of the responses to your offer!

Comparing to the rivalry niches in PPC (adwords, yahoo, msn and so on) with high prices, Craigslist is a total gift, because it’s FREE! Instead of wasting tons of money to check your text in PPC Company – just check in on spam on Craigslist and test it for free.

It doesn’t matter how – with the help of these simple pieces of advice, or by a trial-and-error method, soon you are sure to realize how to make money on Craigslist. Rotate your selling accounts with different offers, different text and leave the ones that work better than others, and the other trough away from your vocabulary.

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