How to Make Money on Android?

Do you want to learn how to make money on Android? Read this article faster and discover several methods how to make money this way.

Nowadays, interactive technologies have harmoniously blended with the everyday human life.

Both abundance of mobile and Internet providers and unprecedented development of gadgets and mobile devices, which allow using all creature comforts regardless of time and place, have favored this much.

As of today, the most popular and widespread devices are those, which use the Android system.

The system proved to be very comfortable and practical.

Mind that the presence of only program software does not say you are able to use the whole functional of your gadget only by means of the factory soft.

Nowadays, there are innumerable amount of applications (the so-called apps) and games, installing which you must pay some money.

Nonetheless, not everyone is ready to pay money for this.

Besides, there are applications, which on the contrary pay you.

That’s why many people wonder how to make money on Android.

Let’s look into this question and try to figure out how to do it.

Creation of your own apps as a way how to make money on Android


The most obvious way of getting income is to learn how to write applications on this platform.

To develop any program you are to be good at the basics in the object-oriented programming, databases, Java and some other important things.

After this, you download one of the main instruments for apps developing and start the process of its creation.

As of today, there are three possibilities how to make money:

  1. Spreading Android-applications, free of charge and those with the built-in advertisements.

    Most newcomers, who are interested in programming applications and games for Android, chose this very way to make profit, because it’s rather easy and the least limited in possibilities, connected with the location and the country of living.

    If you are eager to get new knowledge in such sphere, you should try this method, but mind that you won’t make much money on it.

    Sure thing, you’ll need to learn the Android programming language.

    It will be quite enough to master the programming games on Android for the beginners.

    Some money you are going to make very fast.

    Though, if you create a hundred of apps, and will make a bit from every one ($100-$200), you are sure to make much money.

  2. Selling applications that come on the paid basis.

    You can create a unique application, put it to the Android Market and sell it cheap – let’s say for $1.

    In this case you must create a really beautiful program, which must be unique as well. Such an option is also pretty good and attractive.

  3. Doing special tasks and freelance.

    This method how to make money on Android works faster than others.

    Here you can earn up to ten thousand dollars almost immediately.

    If you know Java (object-oriented programming, database and designing) you can easily start with simple projects, the so-called programs of process automator – the browsing of the date on the enterprise, keeping accounts, the system of logistics and so on.

    Developing apps for Android, you won’t need the special knowledge of, for example, the usage of three-dimensional graphics, other complications and the peculiarities of the Android operating system.

    Everything is quite elementary.

    The most important is that your app worked effectively, the data was transmitted to the database via the network successfully and the design seemed at least a bit attractive to the users.

    The most widespread options of special editions:

    • integration of the Android app with the previously developed infrastructure;
    • the translation of a game or an app (in other words “porting”) to the Android OS;
    • information about the firm or enterprise’s data, personal accounts, etc.

    For the first two points you are to use the Android Market (app-shop of the same name), your instrument, where you will place all your projects.

    However, there are plenty of other alternative shops of apps, which you can also use.

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How to make money on Android: organize your own team of programmers


The second way how to make money on Android is similar to the previous one, with the only difference that you don’t need to develop anything, it’s enough only to properly think over the concept and gather a team of programmers, who will develop the apps.

After the utility is created, it’s put on Google Play. It is made paid or offered free of charge, but with some spots for the advertisements.

Nevertheless, this method appeals not to all countries (because Google limits the monetization of the programs).

Moreover, you must know a lot about marketing and how to analyze the trends of the market.

How to make money on Android: installing apps, which pay you money

The third way how to make extra money on Android is to install special apps, which give you money for certain actions.

You can get money how you want.

After installing an application, a user will get access to a special panel, where he can take an order, do it and make some money.

The tasks in such apps may be the following:

  • installing apps and games;
  • adding positive comments and marks to the installed applications;
  • watching videos;
  • watching advertisements;
  • quizzes;
  • you can also come across rather specific applications, which pay money for photos or a mark after visiting a particular establishment.

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The most famous apps, which allow you making money on Android, are:

  1. WHAFF Rewards

    It’s one of the oldest and most popular apps, which provides with the possibility to make money on installing content.

    Millions of positive reviews and potential income of $0.5 per day speak of themselves.

    • How they pay: dollars on PayPal, Steam, ITunes, Amazon and Google Play;
    • How much one task costs: $0.05 – $0.15.
    • The minimum sum you can withdraw: $10-$12 depending on the direction of the payment.
  2. TapCash

    This is one more app to make money on Android, which offers you tens of different games and programs to install and try (or test) every day.

    One should point out the profitable affiliate program and the ability to withdraw the earned money starting from $1.

    • How they pay: dollars on PayPal and Amazon;
    • How much a task costs: $0.05 — $0.1;
    • The minimum sum to withdraw: $1-$5 depending on the choice of sum on the gift card.
  3. CashPirate

    It’s an app, which is growing in popularity very quickly and allows making money on OS Android.

    This application actually represents the exchange with a few advertising agencies.

    The main difference from the rest of the similar programs is the possibility to make money watching commercial and, surely, on installing tens of various apps.

    • How they pay: dollars on PayPal;
    • The cost of one task: $0.01 – $0.1;
    • The minimum sum you can withdraw: $2.5.
  4. Tapporo

    You can make money on Tapporo by downloading free applications, watching videos and on the referral system!

    • How they pay: dollars on PayPal;
    • The costs: Tapporo pay for each referral $0.60 ($0.10 at once and $0.50 as soon as he makes $5)
    • The minimum sum one can withdraw: $5.

Few more options of how to make money on Android:


  • Monetization of the calls.

    In order to do it, you must use the app, which monetizes during the calls.

    The principal they work according: when you have an incoming or an outcoming call, a banner is browsed.

    The user gets money for its display.

  • Advertisements’ blocking.

    There are special modules, which pay money for blocking advertisements in the browser or Google Play programs.

    Unfortunately, you are not able to find it on the official resources and for such option to work you must have Root-access.

So, this way we figured out that there are several ways how to make money on Android.

You only need to choose now.

Anyway, this money won’t be easy, but they will bring you pleasure.

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