How to Make 200 Dollars a Day: 7 Best Ways

Are you interested in how to make 200 dollars a day as your additional income? Read about 7 ways how to make money.

Most people would like to discover the answer to the question of how to make 200 dollars a day.

In the article below you are going to study the description of several ways how to make 200 dollars a day by means of affiliate programs, your own websites or removed jobs.

All these ways are rather simple and many beginners are likely to cope with them as well.

How to make 200 dollars a day using 3 methods of working on Amazon


Affiliate marketing is considered to be a useful way to make additional money, if you have your own blog or site.

Such program on Amazon is called Amazon Associates and it allows you making on the purchases 4% and more, but only if they were made with the special link in your blog or website.

The best Amazon partners are blogs and websites with much content of high quality, where the owners place links, which lead to Amazon.

Start one of the following sites:

  1. You may make a free website or blog on and the only price you’ll have to pay will be the time to advance it and add content there.
  2. Create a website and if you already have one, which advertises products, clubs, non-profitable organization or services, there you may offer items of high quality from Amazon and make money on it.
  3. Create an account of your blog or site in the social networks.

    It’s a perfect way to improve site’s position in the searching results and help you stay in touch with your readers.

    In addition, your posts are likely to receive more reposts.

This way of how to make money requires much free time to promote the resource, where the affiliate program is going to be developed.

You need to make several steps:

  1. Sign in the program and fill your data and get your personal discount;
  2. Place the received discount on any visited resource (this step will be discussed separately a little later);
  3. Motivate site’s visitors to order things following your private link;
  4. Receive definite percentage from the item’s cost.

How to make 200 dollars a day using 5 different ways on eBay

EBay is an international online market, where anyone can sell or buy anything.

Due to the wide range of options of how to profit from eBay, everyone can try himself in getting additional income this way.

Let’s discuss in details the most popular methods how to make 200 dollars a day on eBay:

  1. Sell the excess things.

    You need to take pictures of the goods you do not need, write their detailed description and put them on sale on eBay.

  2. Resell.

    Buy for the lower price and sell much more expensive.

  3. Links.

    EBay may assist you in promotion of your Internet-resources.

    Add to your site the referral links in order to get traffic and income.

  4. Antiques.

    Buy various old goods and then resell them as antiques.

    In order to set reasonable prices on the goods you should be good at antiquities at least a little.

  5. Work as a mediator.

    You need to find the company, which goods/service you are going to sell. Just advertising and getting potential buyers you’ll get the commission.

How to make 200 dollars a day by means of freelance?

Freelance is a way to make money, when the workers do one-time jobs for the employers for a definite sum of money.

There are no contracts, and a person works from home directly discussing the volumes, topics of the orders and the time of cooperation with the ordering customer.

Anyone can become a freelancer.

200 dollars a day may make:

  • Programmers;
  • Sites’ creators and designers;
  • SEO-specialists;
  • Professionals in retouching photos and videos;
  • Specialists in texts: copywriters and translators.

Before discovering how to make 200 dollars a day, the beginning freelancers must get the authority – improve the qualification, work on the portfolio, get the positive feedback from the ordering customers, etc.

How to make 200 dollars a day on Etsy?

Etsy is a market, which appeared in 1995.

This site unites people from all over the world.

People put on sale and buy the works of art, stationery, books, rare old magazines, handmade things and jewelry.

Here one can easily create his own online-shop and attract many customers, securing yourself with the flow of orders.

In order to make 200 dollars a day on Etsy you should sell in three main categories:

  1. Handmade things.
  2. Antique goods (vintage).
  3. Materials for handmade.

14 Ways How to Make 200 Dollars Fast

Two main Etsy’s advantages:

  1. On Etsy you may sell works of art or handmade things, which were made by other people!

    This way the sellers only spend time to place the goods there and control the production of orders, which are manufactured by other people.

  2. Nowadays Etsy allows selling digital items, which clients can instantly download.

    Etsy allows browsing your digital goods directly on the site.

    This way you won’t have to spend time creating your own pages for download.

So, on Etsy you can make the maximum money with the minimum efforts.

3 ways how to make 200 dollars a day online

  1. Teaching online.

    Nowadays, along with how many people get education, the Internet also changes.

    In the era of wireless connection the sphere of online teaching has developed greatly, when a teacher or a tutor gets in touch with the students by means of a network.

    In order to teach online you are going to need:

    • Diploma.

      In order to compete successfully on work market in the sphere of online teaching you, just like in the real world, will need a corresponding diploma.

    • Recommendations.

      Ask your former students to prove your experience and recommend you to the new students.

    • Working place.

      Create a working place right at home.

      One of the most significant demands for online-teacher is to have a possibility to teach lessons in a calm and quiet place.

    • Company which hires teachers.

      Find a company, which hires online teachers, or create your own one.

  2. Videobloggering

    In order to become a good blogger and make money on YouTube, you need to make the advertisers want to work with you and your channel.

    To achieve it you’ll need to perform the following conditions:

    • Your YouTube channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.

      The more subscribers you have, the more you’ll be paid by the partners and advertisers.

    • So that the advertiser would cooperate with you, your every video must be seen by at least 100 subscribers.
    • The channel must be regularly renewed, but not too often.

      Make videos of high quality and with good content, in order to keep the audience and your constant subscribers.

    • No matter what, you cannot break the author’s rights.

      If the owner gets more than three warnings, YouTube channel will be deleted by the administration.

  3. Become a virtual helper.

    This is like a personal assistant, which works remotely and has a wide specter of possibilities.

    He works directly for his employer and performs only his directions.

    Virtual (remote) assistant does the following things:

    • Updates the blog;
    • Accepts and processes business-letters;
    • Translates texts from the foreign languages and on them;
    • Creates the reports on the sales;
    • Conference-planning of the organization;
    • Creates presentations;
    • Distributes the press releases and so on.

So, you’ve learned the most popular ways how to make 200 dollars a day.

It’s up to you to choose which one of when is the most effective.

However, mind that any business requires efforts and time and it means that you must work hard before you start making 200 dollars a day.

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