How to Get 1000 Dollars in a Day: 8 Ideal Ways

How to get 1000 dollars in a day by reselling goods + creative work + passive income + a loan + taking part in a competition?

In this article, you are going to study plenty of ideas on how to get 1000 dollars in a day and you’ll get to know some useful pieces of advice, too.

How to get 1000 dollars in a day reselling goods?

  1. Purchasing the underestimated secondhand goods.

    Take pictures of the ISBN numbers in the secondhand bookstores or on the market outlets and compare the prices with the ones in the online stores (search for the books on the Internet using the ISBN codes you have).

    As soon as you discover a suitable book, purchase it and resell with the help of the auction on the Internet.

    In case you’ve got a huge library at home which you do not use, perhaps, you’ll be able to sell it out.

  2. Sale of the secondhand items.

    If have enough knowledge in a certain sphere (such as porcelain ware, tableware or historical artifacts), you should visit the sales on the local markets in order to find some interesting things.

    Then you are able to resell them on eBay.

  3. Banks’ auctions selling the collateralized properties.

    You must have heard that many banks often hold the so-called auctions.

    You are sure to easily find the information about them on the Internet.

    Use them in order to pick the suitable goods.

  4. Restoring the old furniture.

    In case you have mineral spirit, flint-paper, paint and golden hands, you should definitely consider buying old pieces of furniture and restore them in order to resell for the higher price.

How to get 1000 dollars in a day from the research investigations?

  1. Sign up in the focus groups.

    Every now and then, there appear some advertisements on the Internet which say they are looking for the participants in the various research investigations.

    Look them through and you are sure to find something worthy.

  2. Take part in the medical investigations.

    In some investigations, you might be asked to try new methods of treatment or pills which can cause collateral harm.

    Investigations might require doing some physical exercises without any long-lasting side-effects.

How to get 1000 dollars in a day doing the creative work?

  1. Selling photos.

    If you have a photo camera and the perfect sense of light, color and composition, you may take photos and sell them.

    These are the usual images which are used in many places but, as a rule, to illustrate online articles.

    Stock photography of such places as a fire hydrant, bare walls, interesting trees or any other objects can be done very easily.

    The pictures of people (as in arguing people, kissing couples, laughing companies) are usually sold better because they are in higher demand.

  2. Web-design.

    Using your sense of beauty and special program software for design and photo editing, you are able to make and sell wallpaper images for the social networks’ pages, web logos, and icons.

    If you know or are ready to study programming, you can create sites for the orders.

    It’s easy to find a usual software engineer but not so easy to find the one with a good artistic taste.

  3. Making souvenirs and other things with your own hands.

    If you can do crafts at least a little, you should consider the possibility to sell your works on the Internet.

    Though you are sure to get more money from the difficult projects (such as sophisticated pyrography), even simple souvenirs can bring you good money in case you are ready to make them in large amounts.

  4. Selling art.

    You are able to make money on your hobby.

    Moreover, you can take part in the competitions for the best T-shirt design or sell the images of the tattoos.

    Perhaps, you know how to create 3D models?

    This is also a wonderful source of income.

How to get 1000 dollars in a day with your hobbies?

  1. Creating a blog.

    Surely, the rivalry in the online world is extremely big but there is one thing which makes one website stand out from the rest – the total dedication and enthusiasm of its writer.

    Many websites’ owners pay too much attention to SEO and keywords but when you write about things that actually matter to you, you’ll definitely surpass all rivals.

  2. Earning money on your videos.

    If you have a hobby or huge interest in some things, you should shoot videos about them and browse them on the YouTube.

    Video hosting is a very popular way how to get 1000 dollars in a day.

  3. Writing articles for the orders.

    You should write the texts for sale.

    There is always a huge demand for the texts on various topics and of high quality.

    Try yourself in copywriting.

How to get 1000 dollars in a day on your passive income?

  1. Lease out your real estate and turn it into a simple and reliable way to get additional cash (surely, in case you do have this real estate).
  2. Develop an informational site on the Internet.

    When you create it, you’ll have to make it popular and get many visitors.

    After it, you can place advertisements there which will bring you from hundreds to thousands of dollars of passive income on a monthly basis.

  3. Become a distributor of a well-known company of the multilevel marketing.

    Such option is suitable for energetic and sociable people.

    Some people underestimate the size of income, which anyone can earn here.

    In some situations, it is measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month.

How to get 1000 dollars in a day participating in competitions?

Win the competition and, just like a lottery, it may turn your life.

To tell the truth, the chances you’ll win are really poor but still there are some.

The more competitions you visit the more chances you’ll have to get money or other valuable prizes.

  1. The competitions usually have one advantage – very often it’s free of charge to take part in them.

    Look up on the Internet or some social networks free lotteries and competitions where you have an opportunity to participate.

    Moreover, you may easily find out about various competitions paying attention to the advertisements on the goods when shopping.

    In order to take part in some of them, you do not even need to purchase the goods.

  2. Find on the Internet the newsletter about different lotteries.

    It may be helpful in discovering new competitions and lotteries sooner and there will be no need to waste hours to find them.

  3. The Internet is full of false drawings and you must be careful.

    Mind that in order to receive the prize you won, you do not need to pay any fees or provide with the data from your credit cards.

    Moreover, you must be very attentive to the amount of personal data you reveal when you sign up to take part in the competition.

How to get 1000 dollars in a day taking out a loan?

One can simply take out a loan in a bank because bank and credit units offer their clients various types of loans.

Some credits, such as a loan on a mortgage, oblige you to provide them with your real estate as a mortgage in case you won’t be able to pay off the borrowed sum.

If you have not got a house or other valuable assets, then relying on your financial state, the bank will still give you a buyer’s credit.

Before taking out a loan in a bank, you should check the percentage rate in different bank establishments.

Credit units often offer lower percentage rate than the banks.

How to get 1000 dollars in a day by taking on debt?

You may borrow some cash from friends or relatives.

It may be a rather difficult task to borrow money from close people because your relationships will be under threat if you are unable to return the money.

If you decide to take on debt from friends or relatives, you should be honest and tell them how much time it will take you to return the sum.

Things you should never do trying to get 1000 dollars in a day

  1. Do not play in a casino if you are a gambling person.
  2. Many investments may bring results quite contrary to the desirable ones.

    That’s why never invest more than you are ready to lose.

  3. Beware of the fast schemes to become rich.

    If this or that scheme seems to be too good to be true, more often than not it won’t be true!

Now you’ve discovered how to get 1000 dollars in a day.

As you can see, there are many options and there is nothing impossible.

You can choose some of the recommendations, study all the details and act.

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