How Much Money Can You Make with AdSense?

I bet you don’t know yet how and how much money you can make with AdSense by means of your own blog or site. Let’s consider these ways.

Before posting ads on your sites you might have asked yourself: how much money can I make with AdSense? As AdSense is one of the key players in advertising industry, it’s crucial to know how much money your site or blog can bring you with AdSense ads.

But this is a rather complicated question to be answered promptly as it depends on many factors and no-one can imagine exact numbers you are going to make.

You can make $ 20 from 300 visitors and the same sum can come from 3000 visitors.

What is Google AdSense?


In the first place, users know Google as a search engine. Besides, this large international company owns several more great services.

One of them is Google AdSense – a service for placing contextual advertising.

It helps website owners to promote their resources and thus, make money.

For those who are out of subject yet we explain: contextual advertising is a type of online advertising placed on websites according to their topics and context and meeting their users’ requests.

To make money in Google AdSense, it’s enough to register on the service and customize the display of ad slots. After that you’ll start receiving money on your account from every click of your user.

Main advantages of making money with Google

  • Ease of use.
    Forget to think that a rookie can’t key into the topic. Any user can install and adjust the settings of ads.
  • Availability.
    When meeting minimal requirements of the service, any resource owner can become a participant of Google AdSense program.
  • No financial investments.
    Participants aren’t required to make any initial investments. All they’ll have to spend is their time and effort.
  • Passive income.
    The participation is limited to registration and setup of the service.
    The rest of the process is totally automatic; all you’ll have to do is to watch the numbers of your account grow.
  • High level of income.
    Following necessary rules and nuances, you will see this service bring you substantial sums.

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Plan for making money with Google AdSense

  1. Register on Google AdSense service.
  2. Adjust ads to the design of your website or blog and get the code.
  3. Place code on your website or blog.
  4. Watch money flow to your account!

How much money can I make with AdSense?

The cost of a click depends on how much the advertiser pays Google. It can be $ 0.2–14 per click, but usually not more than $ 1.

Only developers can know the exact sum because many factors and nuances influence income. We’ll consider them and the increase of income later.

When smartly following the recommendations, you can make large sums. The average constitutes $ 300–1000 per month. Any professional will prove the following recommendation: to make such profit, write about things you know really well.

Topics play the key role in forming the cost of a click. The costs vary depending on the topic, and the most profitable for AdSense include:

  • Finances (loans, Forex, banks…)
  • Building
  • Cars
  • Real estate

If you want to have high costs for clicks, choose a suitable topic. For instance, a movie review website can provide you with $ 0.01–0.15 per click, and a Forex website can provide you with $ 0.20–2.

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How to make more with AdSense?

Everybody wants to make more. The science of making big sums with Google is full of various nuances and details. Here are some points crucial for consideration:

  1. Number of ad slots.
    Every page can contain from 1 to 3 ad slots.
    The more of them you have, the higher the possibility to receive a click from a user is.
  2. Quality of ads.
    Slots can be of different sizes. Of course, bigger slots are more noticeable and, consequently, preferable for use.As for the design, Google offers to have it naturally fitting the website. This aspect raised a lot of discussions as many webmasters consider bright and loud design more “clickable”.Thus, the final solution of this issue is up to you.
  3. The cost of a click in the top of the website is considered higher than others.
    But placing your ad there, be ready to have a lower number of clicks on slots below.Meanwhile, the top of the website will not collect the number of clicks as other parts of the site could provide.Avoid placing contextual slots on top as it can decrease the total sum of your income.
  4. The more popular the website, the more costly a click on the ad placed on it.
    Work on the quality of your content and design and improve the positions of your resource.
  5. As for the content, try to write articles for expensive requests.
    It is not easy, but it will lead to the increase of your profit. After finishing your article, optimize it according to the rules and boost it raising to the top. The results will be obvious.
  6. Exclude sites with low authority from your account.
    They won’t bring you profit, but will lower the cost of clicks for other slots.

What makes your Google income less profitable?

They make $ 300–1000 with Google AdSense almost effortlessly. But for many resource owners this level remains unachievable. Why does it happen so?

  • A low-paid topic.
    Many beginners simply don’t know that some niches bring a lower income than others. Ads on an entertainment resource cost less than on the website devoted to finances.If monetizing is your main goal, consider it when creating your resource.
  • Small traffic.
    Even if it seems that 500 visitors a day is a great result, still bear in mind that far not all of them will click on the placed advertisement. The number of such people will be not higher than 1–2 %.Thus, such traffic will bring you 5–10 clicks on ads per day. Considering the low cost of a click, the total sum will be rather small.
  • Ads must be 100 % relevant to the content of the resource.
    Make your content quality and diverse. Then Google will be able to locate slots appropriately, and it will increase the number of your clicks.

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Nitty-gritty for making money with Google AdSense

Let me give you several valuable pieces of advice for making money with Google AdSense correctly. I do wish you could avoid serious mistakes when making your first steps and obtain a maximum result!

Advice # 1: Before using Google AdSense service and making money on ads, read “Rules of Google AdSense program”.

The lower part of your account contains these rules. Learn them and never violate as Google can simply ban you.

Advice # 2: After placing ads on your blog or site, in no case click on them for the sake of profit! Google robot is watching you! Clicking on your own ads is strictly prohibited.

Advice # 3: In no case change the ad code given to you. It’s strictly prohibited!

Advice # 4: Don’t overload your site or blog with ads as it’s annoying for the eye. Everything must be nice and visually pleasing.

Advice # 5: Choose such places for ads that, in your opinion, attract most attention of your visitors.

Advice # 6: Place text blocks within articles, highlighting key words in bold.

Advice # 7: Use large square text blocks (336×280, 300×250) in the lower part of your blog or website, it’s a very effective way.

Advice # 8: Don’t forget about graphic ads; people click on them quite often.

Advice # 9: Initially, right after creating your blog or website, don’t cram it with ads; better keep on writing unique articles and give people useful information. Increase advertising after your traffic reaches the level of at least 300–350 people.

Advice # 10: Don’t place Google AdSense ads on your sales site (where you, for instance, sell your information products) because ad slots can contain your competitors’ websites, and steal your buyer.

If you are interested in monetizing your websites and already know how and how much you can make with AdSense, start launching this business right now without long delays. Time’s ticking away!

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