How Much Money Can I Make on YouTube?

Do you ask yourself how much money you can make o YouTube? Then visit our page and read our article.

YouTube is the third most visited site in the world, and it concedes only to the world search engine – Google and the most famous social network – Facebook.

More and more people have been creating video blogs and recording videos lately. They put them on the video hosting.

For some people it’s just a hobby, others use it as an opportunity how to make some money on the Internet.

Few people know now that beside the pleasure such hobby can bring pretty good money.

That’s why, creating a channel on YouTube and adding various recordings there, many people wonder how much money they can make on YouTube.

Well, let’s try to find out how much you can make and what you should do.

What does the income from YouTube consist of?


Watching videos on this web site you must have seen some commercial, which is showed directly before the watching (or sometimes in the middle of the record).

It also happens that some images appear which are far from advertisement. Due to this commercial people can make extra money.

Let’s look at it closer.

Let’s assume there is a company, which sells pizza. It needs plenty of clients. That’s why it will order the commercial from the Google Company (which owns YouTube).

However, the company needs the targeted users, which want to order pizza. Where should it take them?

Correct, from the thematic videotapes. Assume there is a recording about how to cook pizza correctly or just a post in the blog about a party, where all people eat tasty pizza.

These are the places, where such commercial would go. Suchlike videos start with the ads.

As a result, the advertiser gets the targeted following and, possibly, a client.

However, what is our benefit in all this?

The thing is that Google pays a definite percentage from every click on the commercial.

Let’s suppose the advertiser paid $1. You’ll make 30-40 cents, which is pretty much.

This way YouTube helps to stimulate the creation of a qualitative videotapes and increasing the number of views.

Surely, there are lots of other kinds of advertisements, beside the targeted. For example, the ads concerning a brand or some events.  It is not that important.

The main thing is that you understand, where the money comes from and why do you get it.

Your video is a key chain between the visitors and the advertisers, and you get percentage from it.

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How much money can I make on YouTube?


  • Your income can start from few cents and increase to millions of dollars.

    Surely this sum is not made for one month, but the channels make even bigger sums of money every year.

  • Actually, video blogging, just like any other job, sticks to one simple rule: the more you work, the more you get.

    However, it’s also important to know how to analyze, how to catch the wave and how to think extraordinarily.

    That’s why, you can easily compare the money making on YouTube with the business, but with the softer one, which has no front barriers.

  • Enough waffling, the question was simple and clear – how much people make on YouTube.

    According to the statistics most video bloggers – the owners of the private YouTube channels – make on this popular video hosting not more than $500 per month.

    If your income is more than a $1000, you will be called a professional moneymaker.

  • Nevertheless, you should also take into consideration that the service allows making much money passively, though this possibility vanishes with time.

What influences on how much money you make on YouTube?

If you want to make much money on YouTube, you must take into account and treat attentively the following factors.

Do not neglect them. Otherwise, you’ll stay on one place for a long time, waiting for the high income.

  1. The sum of money in the niche.

    This is the basic factor, which you must take into consideration long before you create a YouTube channel and start recording the first videotapes.

    It means that you must choose a “money” topic, according to which you’ll lead your blog.For example, traditionally the niches, which bring money on the Internet, are the business, finances, money making, building and medicine.

    On the contrary, if you have a blog about cooking, embroidering or growing of home plants, you will probably make little money, which will be enough only for an ice-cream.

    Why is it so?

    The thing is that the main income on YouTube comes from the commercial, which will be put in our videotapes.

    So, the more expensive it is, the more money you are going to make. In the expensive topics the ads cost much, because there the income of the advertisers is several times higher than in the cheap topics.

  2. The quality of the recordings.

    Everybody wants to get the best and will never pay attention to the slapdash work, if there is an alternative.

    That’s why, the quality of our videos and the professional work on the channel in general is a guarantee of the long-term demand for your work and, as a result, the increase of how much money you make.

    The principle of the work on the quality is the same for the article – it must be thought over, structured and correspond to the users’ expectations.

  3. The skillful selection of SEO-keys.Here we need to mention such term as “relevance”, i.e. the correspondence of the content of the videotape to its description.

    Competently choose the keywords in the titles and the descriptions of your videotapes.

    This way, the users will find it much easier to find them and become the loyal viewer of your channel.

    In the long run your target is to turn your viewers to the constant subscribers and viewers of your channel.

    In order to attract additional traffic to YouTube, you can integrate with the social networks.

  4. The regularity of the channel’s update.

    There is a good saying: practice makes perfect.It’s better if you put the qualitative videos in the small portions, twice or three times a week, but do it regularly, instead of browsing the whole series of videotapes and abandon your project for a long time.

    It’s the regularity of the update, which is going to help you make more money on YouTube, because it means you care about the followers and visitors.

  5. The number of views.

    This is the most obvious and clear factor, which is easily measured.It means that the money from the commercial on your YouTube channel can be somehow predicted. It won’t be precise, but still…

    Between the number of views of the video and your income there is almost a direct dependence. It means the more views you get for a period, the more money you receive.

    When you know how this dependency works, you can observe how your account is developing in the geometric sequence, under the condition that you update the qualitative content.

  6. The ways of monetization.

    Now we’ll speak directly about the money making on YouTube.Imagine you already have a well-visited YouTube channel, for example with 30 videos and the total views of more than 10 000 per day.

    This result is quite good.

    However, if you did not monetize your content, i.e. did not take some actions, which would assist you in making money on your channel, than it’s not worth a twopence from the point of view of commercial efficiency.

    You can monetize your channel by the commercials, which YouTube suggests you to take (contextual advertising), or by other methods, such as selling your own goods or offering services.

    More detailed information how to monetize a YouTube channel you can learn if you continue reading this article.

  7. The quality of monetization.

    Let’s assume you made the decision how you are going to make money on your videos. This was only the first step.

    The second step will be to arrange the instruments of monetization correctly on your channel.

    For example, if you decided to make much money with the help of the affiliate programs, you should think how you would mention the affiliate products, so that people, who visit your channel, bought plenty of them.

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How exactly can I make money on YouTube?


Now, we’ll look at the ways how to make money on your YouTube channel and what you should do to get the maximum income from the current attendance.

  1. The direct advertisement in the videotapes.

    This is the picture at the beginning of the video, the watermark, the text or other mentioning of the company, product or service of the advertiser, who turned to you.

    For example, you have a blog about traveling around Europe.

    Then, at the beginning of every videotape you can place a picture for 3 – 5 seconds with the advertisement of a traveling company, which specializes on selling tours to Europe and provide with the accompanying services.

    You can receive the payment for such advertisement on a fixed basis, when you put it to one video, or to the whole series of them, all of which have one definite topic.

  2. Contextual advertisements Google Adsense.

    These are the pop-up windows, which correspond to the theme of the videos. YouTube itself picks them up in accordance to your content.

    After it, you get paid at once for every user, who followed such link.

    This method is the simplest and the most widespread.

    However, in most cases, it’s not very profitable, though the income, which comes from the users followings the contextual advertisements, is the most stable.

  3. Selling your own goods or services.

    Judging by the opinions of the well-respected video bloggers, we can say that this way is the most profitable among others.

    Selling your products, you get all the money, which you could make with the help of advertisements.

    If you look at money making on YouTube as an advertiser, you can see that sometimes it’s even more convenient to put your ads on other channels (using the videotapes of other people), than to make money on the third-party commercials and get very little money on the clicks.

  4. Affiliate programs.

    Affiliate programs can become a perfect money making way for the channels with narrow topics and high attendance.

    If, for some reasons, you don’t want to sell your goods or services, you can advertise on your channel the products of other authors, which correspond to the theme of your blog.

    To do it you can put the partners’ links and mentioning in your recordings and get from every partnership’s selling the commission charges, the amount of which is 40% — 100%!

  5. The combined way of making money – your blog +YouTube channel.

    Such connection allows increasing the amount of traffic and creating the additional possibilities for making money.

    How does it work?

    For example, if you have your blog on WordPress, you can send the traffic from it to your YouTube channel or visa verse.

    If you install the integration between your blogs and the social networks, it will allow your blogs exchanging visitors.

This video hosting provides many people with the possibilities to create own business or additional source of traffic.

However, this way of making money on the Internet demands certain time.

Nevertheless, in the future, the views of the videos and their recording will become to you not only a hobby, but also, possibly, a lifework.

After you get your first money, you won’t ask how much money you can make on YouTube.

You’ll make money on your videos…

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