Creative Ways to Make Money Online

Are you looking for the creative ways to make money online? Read our article and discover the description of all these ways.

The ability to be creative is the essential part of the harmonious development of every personality.

Sooner or later every person finds out what talents he has – music, painting, hand-made.

It’s an individual choice whether to develop them or not.

However, if you already know what talent you have, you should think about the ways how to learn to make money on your creative skills.

Why not you try yourself online, because it’s quite easy to make there a declaration of your talent and make money on it.

We offer you all creative ways to make money online.

Creative ways to make money online


  1. Selling music.

    Let’s assume you are a musician and in your free time you like to compose various light tunes, which are definitely strokes of genius.

    Surely, all your creative melodies must be digitalized in the mp3 format with 320 kb/sec bitrate (it’s the format which secures high quality of sound).

    Melodies and songs are in high demand.

    For instance, if you are making a commercial or a presentation of your company, you cannot use the music of the well-known signers.

    It’s illegal and you may face many hardships downloading and spreading your video on various servers like YouTube.

    Surely, if you wish to show your video only to your friends at home, you can provide it with any song of any famous singers.

    However, in order to use it online in commercial purposes you are sure to need legal content.

    So, how can a customer find your musical creations? – With the help of sites with stock music.

    • In order to start selling music online you need to sign up for the site, go to your profile and browse the tune.
    • Pick the keywords, which are likely to describe the sound very precisely (classics, jazz, rap, trance, and rock) and check the number of downloads.
    • In order to make money online selling your music you need to have a Visa or a MasterCard.
    • Sign up or register your card in the international payment systems (like Moneybookers Skrill or PayPal) and wait for the money to come to you.

    If you want to sell your music faster, you should browse more tracks on your site.

    In case you have a writer’s block and there are only few tracks, you can come up with various creative ways how sell your tune – sell it as a whole
    or in pieces.

    Do not set the lower price than other composers have.

    The price is not the most important factor in making a choice of buying this or that sound.

    How to Make Money in the Music Industry?

  2. Selling photos.

    Dozens of thousands of companies – magazines, printing houses, advertising agencies, and websites need logos, images and photos.

    Many designers, when creating banners, logos or graphics buy the ready-made vector images and improve them, so that they would fit the customers’ needs.

    It saves their time and money.

    If you like drawing during your leisure hours or to wonder with a camera, you can easily make a couple of hundred dollars per month.

    Just like in the case with music, you just need to sign up for the photostock sites.

    Creative pictures must have Ai or Eps format.

    Photos must be of a very high quality and, preferably, with the highest resolution.

    The most popular photostock sites are, and others.

    By analogy with the music sites you must find ways to sign up and tie your profile to one of the international payment systems, which in its turn is tight to your Visa or MasterCard.

    • Read all site’s requirements attentively and learn what quality of pictures or photos you can browse and you must strictly observe these rules!
    • Pick the words properly.
      They must describe your image or photo and it will simplify the search for the customers.
    • The more creative pictures and photos you browse to your profile, the more money you are going to make.

    The price on the stock photography is lower than on the tune and is almost $1, but your picture can be downloaded tens or even hundreds of times.

    Still, part of the income you’ll have to share with the site.

  3. Selling hand-made.

    If you have a little hobby or you are keen on something and you devote all your free time to it (e.g. embroidering, sewing, knitting, etc.), perhaps, you have some things you did on your own.

    So, this pile of hand-made things (let’s call it so) is growing and spreading.

    It seems that all your relatives received such gifts and you wish to sell them to the larger circle of customers.

    You can simply boast of it and make money along the way.

    Yes, there are some fairs, which take place in your cities.

    However, you may have no time to participate in them or you are too shy and you are not ready for such move.

    You can make the first step in bringing your dream to life and make money online by your crafts.

    It’s not so difficult to do it. Social networks are very helpful in this case.

    Statistics show that every year the audience of the most famous social networks includes more than 50 million people.

    These are your potential online customers.

    You need to make the photos of high quality (it’s the most essential moment, because the blurred pictures of low quality can spoil the appearance of even the most beautiful thing).

    At first, we share these photos on your page only to boast of your hand-made things.

    If you are lucky, you can sell one of your hand-made things in the first day.

    As you can see, it’s quite possible to find creative ways to make money online without huge investments.

    Then, according to the customers’ demand, you can create a club/society, come up with an interesting name for it and browse your photos there.

    You can invite your friends and acquaintances there.

    Besides, you might try to sell your works online with the help of the specialized websites:, ArtFire, Craft Is Art, Zibbet,

Other ways to make money online for creative people

  1. Writing articles.

    This is one of the creative ways which will definitely fit those, who like writing.

    Moreover, those, who do not know about it, might open a writing talent in themselves.

    In order to start making money by writing articles, you should firstly sign up for the content exchange site.

    At these websites one may find copywriters (people, who write their own articles) and people, who wish to buy those articles (mostly the owners of sites and blogs).

    The principle according to which every site works looks like this – you take the order, do the job and make money.

    The examples of the most popular content exchanges are, Constant Content, Iwriter, ArticleSale.

  2. Job for designers-illustrators.

    Having analyzed all possible ways how a designer may make money online, one should note three main ways, where he may work:

    • Creating icons, banners and various sales projects,
    • Been hired by a web-design studio or trying to start his own one,
    • Simply work, as people call it, on yourself.

Surely, such ways to make money differ one from another and definitely require different depth of knowledge and skills in this sphere.

One thing stays the same – a person must have huge desire and ambition to learn and achieve the set goal.

  • Drawing icons, creating banners and web-design projects is one of the easiest ways, because it does not require deep knowledge of the designer’s profession.

    Nevertheless, it’s not the most profitable either.

    The most important thing here is to know the basics of Photoshop and Flash, but the demand on such service is low and almost all niches on the

    Internet are filled with people, who have been working in this sphere more than a year.

    That’s why you should not expect you’ll find plenty of customers.

  • Finding a job in a web-studio or starting your own one is not that simple as it may seem from the first sight.

    Firstly, web-studios have tough requirements to the candidates: work experience, compulsory higher education, and perfect knowledge of the graphic programs.

    In addition, you must know what kinds of designers there exist and these are only the main demands.

    If you succeed in finding the vacancy and filling it, you must work really hard to do all the tasks in time and on the highest level, because there are still plenty of people who wish to get your post.

    If you are thinking of opening your own web-design studio, you should find freelancers, who will find ways to get the customers on their own and do their creative job.

    However, you’ll have to pay them.

    Besides, you must create your own project, which will have perfect usability, because it’s the face of your web-studio.

  • If you did not manage to find yourself anywhere and the question of how a designer can make money online is still open, the best way would be to start working on yourself.

    In order to start making good money online you should create your resource.

    Then you should do the things you can do on your own: signs, logos, icons, banners, models, interesting fonts, small advertisements and so on.

    Put them on the pages of your project in the free access.

    Users are constantly exploring the Internet looking for the similar materials to add to their sites (blogs), but they do now wish to pay for it.

Creative ways to make money online are available for everybody, so do not waste time and try yourself at these kinds of businesses.

Surely, to do it successfully you will need to spend several hours online, learn the topicality of the creative activities, and spend some time to promote yourself.

Nevertheless, all these efforts are worth the future result.

Good luck on the creative stage!

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