11 Best Sites to Sell Photos

In this article you are going to find the best sites to sell your photos. Do not save your photos in vain, make money on them.

Nowadays, the resources, where you can buy good photos and cliparts or sell them, are extremely popular.

These sites are often called stocks.

This information is sure to be useful for designers and photographers, who are tired or working with clients and wish to find another way of making money using their gift.

The article provides you with the best sites to sell photos.

With their help any photographer, designer or illustrator will be able to have income – he’ll receive percentage from the sales of his best works.

What is the point of sites which sell photos?


Do you want to learn who may buy your photos on the Internet and how does it happen?

Which price can you sell your image for and how much can you make on it?

  1. Firstly, let’s learn the main definitions:

    • Micropayment photo stocks – are the photo banks (microstocks or photostocks), which sell different digital photos (such as pictures, vectors, 3D and so on), videos and flash-videos with Royalty Free or Extended Royalty Free licenses on the Internet.
    • Royalty Free license (RF) is a kind of license according to which after the sale all rights on the photo remain with the photographer, and the client buys only the right to use this image certain number of times.
    • Extended Royalty Free license provides the customer with more rights and opportunities to use the image unlike Royalty Free, but the rights still belong to the author.
  2. Who will probably buy your works?

    Let’s assume that you are writing an article or review; perhaps, you design websites, or simply want to make a calendar for yourself.

    Text without anything else will definitely look poorly and bad, because you need illustrations.

    Where can you download the best ones?

    Will you make acquaintance with the photographer?

    Buy a disc with cliparts?

    Or buy Photoshop and do everything on your own?

    It is sure to take you much time and money!

    People turn to microstock sites because of it.

    There one may find various clients – from students to the huge designing companies and publishing houses.

  3. How do people buy them and how much do they pay?

    Clients go the best microstock’s sites and search photos by the keyword, such as “apple”.

    As a result they receive on the screen small images of all available photos, in the description of which there is this keyword.

    It may be apples’ photos, 3D models of Apple PC, vector images of Eva with an apple.

    You may make you search more specific by adding a couple more keywords, defining the needed size and format, sorting by the popularity or the date.

    Let’s assume you found what you were looking for and you also found several more wonderful photos and decided to buy them as well.

    You pick the required size of the image (any photo is offered in various sizes: the bigger it is the higher it costs) and pay for the purchase.

    That’s all.

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  4. The price of the purchase directly corresponds to the photo’s size, format and the type of license – every client chooses the one he needs.

    If a customer does not find RF license appealing, he’ll have the opportunity to buy the chosen image with ERF license or the alternative one, but the price will be higher, too.

    Some microstocks offer exclusive rights on the image (after the author’s approval), after that the photo is not sold anymore.

The best sites to sell photos

  • iStockphoto

    iStockphoto is the biggest and the most popular site, where you may buy or sell a clipart, a photo, a video or a flash-video.

    You can create your own account of the seller and as soon as it is approved, you’ll have to browse your best works and get 20% from the sales.

    “Exclusive” sellers will receive up to 40%.

    To the customers iStockphoto offers to buy files at retail by the piece or become their subscriber.

  • Vector Stock

    Vector Stock is a great alternative for the illustrators, because this is the best site focused on the vector cliparts.

    In order to sell your best photos there you must create your account.

    After the account is created, you must ask for the status of the seller.

    You’ll receive 25% or 30%, if you sell exclusively at Vector Stock (i.e. you’ll use only their site).

    In the future your income might grow to 50%, if your sales achieve rather high rating.

  • Graphic Leftovers

    Graphic Leftovers is a new project, which allows designers to sell their best but non-demanded works.

    If a client did not approve of a site’s design or a logo, you can easily sell them at Graphic Leftovers.

    They have various icons, illustrations and white label sites.

    Depending on the number of sales, you may receive up to 52% from your deals.

  • Stockxpert

    Stockxpert is a developing photostock, which is extremely comfortable to use.

    The main advantage is the speed of accepting and that you can attribute images as soon as the inspector approves of them, i.e. those photos, which are already accepted in the bank.

    The photos are sold by the piece as well as by the subscription.

    Stockxpert is very similar to iStockphoto, but the number of items they sell is much lower.

    However, Stockxpert offers 50% commission and you are always able to check the selling statistics any time.

  • Crestock

    Crestock is another best site to sell photos and cliparts.

    It differs by its convenience and the absence of exams and tests.

    Nevertheless, it has high demands to the creative quality and the description of the browsed works.

    For the first 100 sales by the piece you’ll receive 20% for each image, and then you are going to earn 30%.

    Sales by the subscription bring the authors $0.25 per each photo.

  • Shutterstock

    Shutterstock is the best option among all photobanks (at the present moment) with rather high level of sales.

    At the Shutterstock site one may buy the pictures and photos only by the subscription.

    Being a seller you’ll receive $0.25 on your account every time your work is downloaded.

    As soon as you earn $500, your commission will grow to $0.30 per each file.

  • BigStockPhoto

    BigStockPhoto is not very big, but a rather comfortable photobank to work with.

    It has a positive dynamics in its development and is constantly increasing the number of sales.

    BigStockPhoto sells the files by the piece and you can earn from $0.50 to $3 per each file (or even more from the license’s sales).

    In order to become a seller there you must pass the theory test.

  • Fotolia

    Fotolia is a fast-growing and rather promising photobank.

    Its main peculiarity is loyalty to the photographers and illustrators both in accepting photos and registration.

    Fotolia sells photos by the subscription like Shutterstock, and by the piece, which is very appealing to the customers, which do not need constant volumes.

    Working with Fotolia you can make from 33% to 80% depending on the author’s rank and exclusiveness.

    Moreover, you can set on your own the price on the exclusive license.

    There is a system, which sets the photographers on the scale (the percentage of payment increases with the growth on this scale).

  • Dreamstime

    Dreamstime is one of the best sites, which occupies according to the different data 3rd and 4th places to sell photos among all microstocks.

    The author receives for every download $0.35 and $0.42 receive exclusive authors.

    The pictures of the higher level are estimated as several downloads by the subscription.

    Dreamstime also sells clipart by the piece.

    The prices on such kind of sales are divided on different levels depending on the picture’s rank.

    The main commission is 50%, but it can grow to 80%.

    The more you sell the higher percentage you’ll earn.

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  • 123RF

    123RF is a photostock, which is very similar to Shutterstock.

    It sells images by the subscription and by the piece.

    Moreover, the cost of the subscription is lower and you can download much more this way.

    Before you sell your best photos here, you must do 10 test works.

    The photographer’s reward is 50% commission (selling by the piece) and $0.36 per piece (selling by the subscription).

  • Depositphotos

    Depositphotos is an actively developing site, which sells the best photos.

    It’s a nice opportunity to try yourself and learn the basics of working with photobaks.

    It has comfortable interface and plenty of options on how you want to receive the payments.

    Percentage paid to the authors varies from 44% to 60% depending to their level.

Photobanks have existed for a long time, but now, when the Internet has developed so much, they’ve become even more popular and widespread.

Using the best sites to sell photos is an easy and quick way to make money.

All you need to do is browse your photos to the site (you can do it even without leaving your home) – and that’s all, the sales have begun!

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