Android Apps to Make Money

Do you want to know the programs, which can help you to make money? We suggest you the list of suchlike apps for Android.

Modern innovations come to our life more and more.

Plenty of providers (both Internet and mobile), rapid technologies’ development, especially of mobile devices, provide us with the new possibilities to make money.

The most important here is that you can make money anywhere and in any time.

Computers and mobile devices, which operate on the Android operating system, offer a wonderful possibility to make additional income.

That’s why, in order to make some passive money in addition to the main income, you can use Android apps to make money.

Android apps to make money: how do they work?


The network is full of various resources, including Appsent, where you can not only install any official apps free of charge, but also get money installing the programs.

This way you get the qualitative content and make money on it.

At least you won’t have to worry about the current top up anymore.

Installing Android apps for money is a pretty decent source of income.

It works this way:

  • you sing up for the recourse, the registration is elementary;
  • and install a special program to make money on Android, using which you download all the apps, which will bring you income.
    You can withdraw money to your phone account or to any Internet-wallet.

Do not worry about its legality – such procedure is quite legal.

We don’t break any laws or copy rights.

All offered apps are officially located on Google Play as well, they come through the needed check-ups, so you may be sure you download really safe and qualitative content.

Besides, making money on Android apps may become the source of passive income, which is so popular nowadays.

Moreover, you don’t need to waste time, pay for something from your pocket or change your timetable somehow.

You only have to use the favorite Android apps regularly and make money on your hobby.

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In addition, you can involve your friends into this.

It will allow them to use all advantages of author’s ideas free of charge and receive their salary, while you receive 7% of their income doing nothing.

This way all interesting apps will bring you pleasure and money, but not visa verse.

You can easily make money on Android and monetize it very quickly.

Moreover, this recourse has no time or age limits, and anyone who wants can register and get the regular income on Android without any investments.

It’s a great opportunity to make regular income from your expensive Android gadget.

Android apps to make money


1. Feature Points

The Feature Points app is developed to make money on installing free apps on the devices, which work on OS Android.

  • Legally earned money may be exchanged on entertainment, Amazon, Xbox vouchers, PlayStation codes and ITunes.
    Nevertheless, the most important is that you can be paid real money.
  • In order to get the points, you must download Feature Points on your Android mobile device, install it and register, accepting the terms of settlement.
  • After this, you’ll see the set of free apps, which can be downloaded and started.
    Downloaded apps must be started and watched at least for 1-2 minutes.
  • During this easy work you balance will be increased and you are going to make more and more points.
  • How much can you work?
    Feature Points will open access to plenty of games and apps.
    Working with any one of them will add around 200 points to your account.
  • In order to make $10 you must earn 6 000 points, i.e. to look though 30 apps.
  • Moreover, if you use the referral link, which advertises Feature Points, you are able to get 50% from the income of every interested user, who must also register and actively work.

2. Clashot

This is a rather interesting way of making money for the owners of Android mobile phones, which differ by the creative nature.

Clashot program will become a real godsend for those, who like to take pictures on their smartphone and, surely, it will allow making money on it.

  • The browsed on the service photos are sent to the website, where they pass the selection.
    The best works come to the Depositphotos photo bank, to the Editorial section, and are sold there.
  • This way of making money will suit those, who travel a lot, visit interesting and exotic places.
    Those, who have their own unique style, are sure to make good money.
  • Among the tasks, which are suggested to the users, you may see the suggestions to take a photo of your shoes or dinner.
  • Every photo brings 5 – 10 credits, which may be exchanged on PayPal, Amazon, gift certificates and charity donations to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). You must earn 200 credits to make 10 Euros.

3. Earn Money

This is an easy way to make money on your Android.

  • You simply do the small tasks, such as viewing advertisements, visiting sites or completing the surveys.
    Every task will bring you coins, which can be converted in dollars – for example, 100 coins = $1.
  • The earned money will be sent to your PayPal account during 24 hours.
  • After registration, you will receive a link with the unique code, which you may use to earn additional $0.25 for every friend, who registers following this link.
  • The list of things you may do on Earn Money in order to actually make money:
    • inviting friends ($0.25 for every friend);
    • registration on free sites;
    • registration on paid sites;
    • downloading free apps;
    • downloading paid apps;
    • finishing the surveys.

4. MintCoins

This is one more apps for Android devices, which may help you to make money.

Unlike the rest apps, it has some differences and advantages, which are listed below:

  • In MintCoins you are paid for the execution of some simply tasks, such as installing a free app, viewing commercial, completing the surveys and so on.
  • It has plenty of tasks, which provide you with an opportunity to make money, and everything you earn may be withdrawn by PayPal.
  • The most pleasant is that you won’t have to wait until you earn $5 to send money to your account (unlike other apps which do not allow it).
    The minimum sum to withdraw is $1 and they guarantee you can do it in the shortest terms.
  • The list of how you can make money on MintCoins:
    • download free apps;
    • download paid apps (very highly paid);
    • inviting friends (the best way — $0.25 for a friend);
    • register on free websites;
    • register on paid (for a high salary) websites;
    • completing the surveys;
    • watching video advertisements;
    • playing free games.
    • You don’t have time to do the tasks, do you? No problem, you can make money only by inviting friends. You’ll get $0.25 for every invited friend and your friends will get $0.10 for the registration with your code.

5. Tapporo (Make Money)

One of the best programs to make money, which is based on reviewing video, downloading and installing free Android apps, posting messages in Twitter and photos in Instagram.

  • After you are finished installing the app, you must complete the registration, then you’ll receive the access to the various kinds of moneymaking.
  • First of all, it’s downloading the apps from the Market, watching videos, writing reviews and comments on different goods and items, and registration on different services.
  • Before completing the assignments you will see the ORO (local currency), which you can make (exchange rate is 1000 ORO = $1), and the direct instructions what to do.
  • Now, let’s discuss how you can feel that money.
    You are able to withdraw it by PayPal or transform into the vouchers for Google Play, Facebook, Amazon or purchase some goods in the shop, with is built in this very app.

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6. FreeMyApps

The program is based on the principle, which is similar to Tapporo.

  • For apps’ installment you are also paid here.
    That’s why, in order to make extra money here a user is offered to install and try some mobile games and programs.
  • In different regions different apps are available to make money playing on Android, that’s why in case your list of accessible for installment games is short, you may try the similar services, such as Get Paid to Play!, WHAFF Rewards and AppNana.
  • Additional points are added for the posting of messages in social networks and sending e-mails or SMS to the friends.
  • The nice zest is a huge number of mechanisms to receive money in cash.
    There is a possibility to buy gift cards for ITunes, Xbox, Starbucks, Skype, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Steam and other popular services and trademarks.
    The number of downloads is more than 5 millions.

7. AppTrailers

It’s another topical mobile app to make money on the Internet.

  • Due to the watching promo-videos to the apps and trailers to the films, a user gets the points, which may be transformed in the gift cards to use at Amazon, Steam, Starbucks and several other services, including the playing platforms PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Withdrawing money to the PayPal is also available.
    Then you can send it to any bank account and spend it however you like.
  • Many developing and playing companies (EA, Rovio, Kabaam, Supercell, Dena and others) are working with this service.
    That’s why many teasers, musical clips and playing videos are always available here.

In order to make as much money as possible, you are able to install all these Android apps at once and start to make money.

The sector of mobile software, which is presented in this mini-review, is still actively developing. It is likely that Android users will have more and more new ways and techniques how to make little money on the Internet, staying at home and putting almost no efforts for it.

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