Ways to Make Money with a Truck

11 best ways to make money with a truck. The article below has all useful recommendations, which are sure to help you.

Many people would like to start their own business.

Some of them pay attention to the cargo transportation, because every enterprise needs the delivery of their products to the customers.

The presence of a truck already gives an opportunity to work in the sphere of cargo transportation. In order to make good money on it, one must make a lot of effort and treat it as serious business.

Besides, the number of the various companies is constantly growing, that’s why the owners of the trucks will always be in demand.

Since there is a huge demand, a person can have a regular income on cargo transportation.

This article deals with the ways how to make money with a truck and create a successful transportation company.

Kinds of cargo transportation you can make money with


Swiftly developing market of network marketing leads to the fast growth of the number of enterprises and organizations that transport cargo. Regardless of high rivalry, coming to the issue correctly even a newcomer will easily take his niche and get pretty good money.

Unconditionally, every business is rather risky, that’s why it’s extremely important to find ways to organize the business of cargo transportation creatively and very responsibly. Besides, you are to evaluate your commercial skills, possibilities for development, look for the seed money and make up a competent business plan.

The most profitable kind of business is cargo transportation, the prices of which are higher than the average on the market. International and intercity transportation are referred to them.

However, it is very difficult to discover ways of starting such kind of business from scratches. The higher are the prices on transportation, the stricter are the demands and technical conditions to the firm and documents on the vehicle. For an entrepreneur-beginner it’s better to learn some ways to start, beginning from small things – organize the business on transporting cargo on his truck around his city.

The furniture transportation or transporting goods for shops – these ways of making money are in great demand and don’t involve much investment. It’ll be enough to have one or two trucks, find the coordinating manager to gather the orders, a driver and you can start working.

Nevertheless, it’s preferable to make up a business plan of cargo transportation, where you’ll include all overhead expenses. This won’t let you work to the bad.

The purchase of a truck in order to make money at a later date

It should be noted that it’s not necessary to buy your own truck.

At first, you may work as a coordinating manager, i.e. provide with the intermediary services. This work is sure to help you understand the ways and peculiarities of the cargo transportation process and make up a client’s database (trucks’ owners and carriers).

The trucks may be rented. In every city one can easily find people, who have their own trucks, but do not use them for some certain reasons. Find ways and possibilities to talk to them, and maybe they’ll lease you the trucks or sell by instalment.

We don’t recommend you buying the truck immediately after the registration of the firm, without the proper experience. It’s better to become a skilled hand at it on somebody else’s trucks.

When you realize your knowledge and skills are enough to effectively rule your own trucking company and you saved enough money, you can buy your own trucks.

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11 best ways to make money with a truck


  1. If you decided to start business regardless of the existing rivalry in the sphere, you must define what things you’d transport.

    It may go different ways – the boxes with fragile items, furniture or other cargoes.
    Depending on the dimensions of the things you’ll choose a proper truck – either a minibus or a wagon.

  2. Choose the distance.

    Are you going to transport cargo all around the country, to the suburbs or only around the city?

    Will you provide with the additional services?

    It may be the 24/7 delivery, bringing loaders to the objects, professional packing of things, installation of the equipment and so on.

    Additional services may as well make the clients’ database much bigger.

  3. Make up the clear system of relations with the clients.

    There are plenty of transporting companies on the market, but only few of them provide with the qualitative service in different ways.

    After all work is done the client often hears the price, which is several times higher than the coordinating manager announced.
    You must focus on the fulfillment of the others’ needs, but not your desire to make much money.

  4. Register your company officially, so that you can legally make money with a truck.

    It will also increase the clients’ trust towards the firm.
    They will not only turn to you again, but leave their recommendations to the friends and acquaintances.

    Surely, in order to fully correspond to the demands and conditions of the prearranged relations, you must have a qualitative service established.

    This tip can also secure you from the clients, who don’t pay for the work you’ll do.

  5. Hire or make a contract with a freelance lawyer, who will not only make a model contract, but will prepare the documents for every single case.

    Many clients sometimes decide to amend documents.

  6. Assign a task to create a team of responsible and reliable workers.

    The opinion about your company is up to the quality of work they do.
    Coordinating managers must always be polite, while communicating with the clients on the phone; the carriers must be attentive to the cargo as if it was their own.

  7. Don’t save money on the truck and its maintenance.

    It’s likely to save your money in the future during the repair or maintenance of the vehicle fleet.

  8. Remember that moving is not a one-time service and people may need you again.

    Every time you must part with client so that he’ll want to turn to your service again.

    Pay attention and concern, respond to the clients’ wishes and never ignore their remarks.

  9. Make up a calculator of the cost.

    If often happens that the newcomers of this area of the market treat the work, mildly saying, irresponsible, announcing one price over the phone and another price after the work is done.

    The arguments for the rise of price are usually various: extra floors or meters to the front door, kilos, etc.

    If you provide your client with an opportunity to count the price for the whole work on his own and, surely, don’t change the price afterwards, you’ll substantially raise your rating.

  10. Make your website and use the Internet to place the advertisements about your services.

    The presence of the website is a sign of a serious firm. Make some advertisement stickers on the trucks with the office phone numbers on them.

  11. You must aim to improve the quality of customers’ service all the time and eventually it will lead you to higher income.

    You can put GPS-navigators on the trucks, aim to reduce the fuel consumption, improve the drivers’ level of training, renew the rolling stock and so on.

    Don’t stay on one place. The world is constantly changing and your transporting company must go with the times in all possible ways.
    Otherwise, you won’t be able to compete effectively on the market. Be sure, there are many other carriers.

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What to pay attention to before making money with a truck?

  • First of all, you must analyze the market, estimate its potential and possibility to find your clients, learn the average prices for cargo transportation.
  • Having solved the primary task, it’s better to learn more about the companies – your future rivals – maybe, they have their own “unique ways of service” that may be useful to you, too.
    They might offer cheap transportation, additional service, or possess high quality of work.
  • If the circumstances are good, their clients will be yours – it’s quite possible with the right commercial policy, good business acumen and the victory in the rivalry fight.
    In order to achieve it you must analyze the work of the similar companies thoroughly.

Are you still thinking of the ways of making money with a truck?

Make a qualitative advertisement of your service and make sure to provide the clients with the qualitative service. It’s the quality of service that is usually the most valuable aspect, which makes the customer chose this or that transporting firm. This argument can’t be skipped, when you make the final decision of starting your own business.

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