Make Money from Phone Calls

How to make money from phone calls and start earning a decent income? Read the details in this article.

If you want to find a simple but quite well-paid job on the Internet or at the cellular service company, you should think how to make money on phone calls.

This job is quite simple: you receive cell calls, which have more expensive payment rate than those of most of cellular providers. You will make more money on SMS as well.

All you have to do is to figure out where you can get a paid number which will withdraw fee from incoming telephone conversations.

As it turns out, all cellular providers offer such option as “paid number”. It can have a different name in different companies, but its point is the same everywhere: it is still a very good way to make money from phone calls. The only nuance of this service is that people, who phone you, will have to pay more than usually.

Obviously, you have to pay for a paid number. Besides, cellular providers will charge you approximately 50% fee for their maintenance of your number. That’s why you have to keep in mind that you’d better start making money from phone calls as soon as you buy the paid number.

How can you do this? Actually, there are several different options.

Methods how to make money from phone calls

how-to-make-money-from-phone calls

  1. Is it possible to make money from paid numbers?
    Before you start working with a paid cell phone, you should warn your clients that your number is paid and mention the fee in order to avoid possible conflicts.

    Dishonest owners of such numbers, who don’t mention their expensive fee, usually encounter with various conflicts. As a result, they have to return your earnings back to their clients and even pay compensations.

    However, if you work legally, you’ll be able to make money from phone calls by offering such services to your clients:

    • Allocation of inquiry information
    • Accepting offers for different goods
    • Allocation of entertaining information: different recommendations, horoscopes and fortune-telling
    • Accepting offers for multimedia content
    • Voice chat
    • Paid consultations
    • Payment for different goods through the phone

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    The advantage of this method of earning is the fact that you do not have to discuss the amount of payment fee, because it’s already included into the company’s rate. The most important thing is to keep your client on the line as long as possible, because the client pays for every minute of the conversation. Thus, the more you talk, the more you earn.

    If you decide to make money from phone calls, you can be sure that this job is of full value and quite well-paid. All you have to do is to avoid crossing the line between offering legal services and fraud.

  2. London variant.
    make money phone calls
    With the appearance of free Internet the amount of cell users started to decrease. Cellular companies stopped receiving as much income as earlier, thus they started taking certain measures in order to stimulate their clients to use their services more often.

    The most radical decision was made by several cellular providers in Great Britain. They offered their clients real money and named this reward “a bonus for incoming calls”. Thus, the British received the opportunity to start making money from phone calls.

    The principle of this process is quite simple. When you phone somebody, you pay for it. When you receive a buzz, you earn extra money from your cellular provider. In this case your number doesn’t belong to the category of paid numbers, and your interlocutor pays only for his/her cellular company services.

    Usually the rebate ranges between 3.3 and 5.5 pence per minute.

    Why does a company need it? Everything is quite simple.

    The more people use their cells, the more income is received by the company, and cellular companies surely know how to make money from phone calls.

  3. Cold calls are the additional source of income!

    Average London citizen receives 15-20 calls per day from different companies, shops, credit consultants, etc. This process is named “cold calls” because managers of different companies phone different numbers, hoping that somebody may become interested in their goods or services.Some time ago people answered such offers with words “No, thanks” and hung up.

    However, when they became paid, British started to listen carefully to the information about hot offers, services, sales and bonuses.

    As a result, British receive from 200 to 300 pounds from their cellular providers every month and really make money from phone calls.

    British receive bonuses from using their sim-cards inside their country, but if you try to use such card in Russia, for example, roaming services will simply withdraw all your earned bonuses.

    However, nowadays British companies take care of every single client all over the world. Thus, you can purchase a British number and receive incoming calls through the Internet. In this case you won’t have to pay for roaming.

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  5. The advantages of making money from phone calls.

    • All conversations are made through usual cell numbers.
      The calling person pays only for the services of his/her cellular company. You can talk from any cell or fixed location phones, VoIP and Skype from any country in the world and start making money from phone calls.
    • All conversations are private, thus you don’t have to pay for registration or any other services.
      The money which you receive are not considered your source of income, it’s simply a bonus from your cellular provider.
    • You can purchase a number through the Internet despite your country of residence and citizenship.
      The bonus will be paid to any bank account in any country. You can talk to somebody over the Internet in any place of our planet.
    • Taking into account that such numbers are not paid, there are no limitations in usage of answering machines and total automation of the process of communication.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed my recommendations that will help you to make money from phone calls!

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