How to Travel the World and Make Money?

You lack money for travelling? There are 6 variants of how to travel the world and make money. Come in here!

For the moment there are 6 safe and proven ways to travel the world and make money. The formula is simple: passive income + the Internet. These variants give you freedom to travel.

Let’s discuss them.

How we can travel the world and make money – cruise liners: from the scrubwoman to photographer


One of the variants to make good money is to work on cruise liners. Among available professions you may choose to be a cook, barman, administrator, educator, cleaner etc. One of the musts is the command of English language (at least colloquial speech).

In particular cases they need the professional experience and recommendations.

Board and lodging are at the expense of the employer.

How to travel all over the world and make money – tourist guide

It’s a popular way to travel and make money at the same time. However you should remember the tourist guide is first f all a job. Guides often work informally – therefrom they have instable income and no social benefits. In the long view experienced experts may get a job in a stable company and make good money.

Particularities of the profession: constant intercommunication with people, the need to show friendship and good mood, physical load.

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How to travel the world and make money: Handmade and its selling through the Internet

make-money-and-travel-the world
The social networks can help in this case. There you may post photos, descriptions, prices of your masterpieces and offer them to your friends and then to the whole world.

Making bags and cases from advertising banners impressed me a lot. You may make something of small size and weight and besides the Internet sell it at every place you travel.

How to travel all over the world making money: apartment for rent

If you have immovable property there’s every chance to make it your source of income. You’ll have to get a jerk on a little preparing your apartment and searching for a sane renter. However it is worth doing. This is because making a passive income is the most important part in a real tourist’s preparations.

How to travel the world and make money: open-market operations

If you dispose of great initial capital then set about learning the stock market. To do that you should install the program for stock trading on your laptop. Then you should puzzle out the basics of the exchange trade. Making fitting efforts and having a great initial block of shares you can cash on stationary vibrations of the stock quotation at the share market.

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How to travel the world and make some money: living at the cost of per cents

It’s the simplest and at the same time the most multiple-value means to make money. You should act radically – sell all acquired property under your belt and put the money on your deposit account supposing at some interest.

In this case you shouldn’t put your money in one safety deposit box but distribute it over a few the most reliable and profitable banks.

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