How to Make Money without Spending Money: 8 Simple Ways

In the article below you are going to learn many simple ways how to make money without spending money.

Money is the essential part of everyone’s life that’s why everyone wants to make it, particularly make lots of it.

How to make money without spending money?

How to make money with your talent without spending money?


Are you a promising artist or writer?

Do you compose music or wonderful unique texts?

This option will fit you perfectly!

The Internet opens plenty of opportunities for you.

There have been created many personal and public websites lately to promote unique services and sell goods.

Plenty of entrepreneurs started their business this way.

There is a pattern which says that after the first customer came to you, there will be plenty of new clients soon.

Undoubtedly, promoting your own goods and services you must understand that suchlike way to make money requires a lot of efforts and time.

If you want people to hear you, you must inform them.

Several ways how to make money without spending money:

  1. Painting – creating customized pictured.
  2. Music – composing melodies and selling them on the audio stocks.
  3. Photo – creating interesting shots to sell on the photo stocks.
  4. Texts – writing unique customized articles.

How to make money without spending money by creating your own website

It’s probably the most difficult way to implement but also the most profitable in perspective.

There are many ways to receive income from your own site:

  • contextual advertising
  • banners
  • selling links
  • providing people with professional services or paid access

Nevertheless, in order to earn a thousand of dollars and more each month, you’ll have to work very hard but it’s worth it.

Even a beginner can learn how to create sites and make money on them without spending money by learning the information on the Internet on various blogs and forums.

How to make money without spending money but selling your knowledge

If you are keen on something and are really good at it (e.g. you cook, learn a foreign language, enjoy photography), there probably exist some people who would also like to learn how to do it as well as you.

You can start selling your knowledge teaching other people.

This way to make money is called selling information.

It’s extremely popular on the Internet and it presupposes shooting videos where the authors share the knowledge and skills with the audience.

Visually the information is perceived much better than in a written form.

Especially, if it is accompanied by an audio sequence (when the author explains the required actions).

If you wish to get much more profit, you’d better make a CD where the course will be saved.

Make a good advertisement, publish a demo-version on the Internet, and it’ll be much easier to attract potential customers.

How to make money on services for women without spending money

If you are a girl or a woman, the methods described below are sure to be the best for you.

1.“A paid nanny”, a housemaid or an assistant

If you are a woman, perhaps, you know those who have children and due to being extremely busy cannot spend much time with them.

Talk to these people.

You’ll probably become a babysitter on the hourly-paid basis and soon become a private housemaid.

Some rich families pay quite a lot to the girls in exchange for the help around the house.

Sometimes you can even work by a watch-based method.

For instance, you work one month and rest another one.

2. A manicure and pedicure specialist or a makeup artist

You enjoy looking good and you like helping others look good, too.

Why not try to make money providing with such services?

The principle of how to look for the clients is the same as in any other business – you notify the acquaintances, create a group in a social network, write to everyone, who might be interested in it, spread the advertisements and publish the information on the free online advertisement boards.

How to make money without spending money with the help of online games

How to make money without spending money and only playing online games?

It’s quite a comfortable and pleasant way how to get profit.

Moreover, it became popular long ago – since school modern teenagers have known how to profit from using a computer – tens of games offer not only to invest but also to make money.

Anyone can make money on games from scratches.

Many games offer both passive and active income – when an experienced player sells his character and his equipment.

The only drawback is that not everybody is ready to spend much time playing games.

Some games with passive income also require investments, though it’s minimal, no one has a guarantee that his investment will bring income soon.

How to make money without spending money and selling your things

You may profit from giving for rent or selling the things you do not use.

Your house is likely to be full of items you do not use or even need anymore.

It does not necessarily mean you must sell the things you like, but you may dispose of actually unnecessary items and start making money.

Everybody is able to sell things on the Internet (there are many special websites like eBay), turn to the specialized stores or organize a garage sale.

Besides, you can use some of the following ideas:

  1. Sell some old books to a bookstore.
  2. Sell jewelry (silver, gold, fashion jewelry, etc.)
  3. If you urgently need cash, give your belongings to a local pawn shop.
  4. Children can sell cookies or cupcakes, or when the weather is hot use a stand to sell lemonade.

How to make money without spending it by giving your things for rent?

You may lease your thighs – clothes, tools, rooms, etc.

It’s one of the easiest ways how to get additional profit using rooms and items you do not need.

3 possibilities how to make money without spending it:

  1. Give your room for rent.

    If your house has an extra room which you do not use, someone trustworthy may use it.

  2. Let someone partially rent your place.

    Instead of letting out on lease only one room, you should find a neighbor with whom you’ll share your home.

    He’ll pay not just for a room but for a half of the building.

    In case you rent a house or a flat, your partner is sure to help you spend less money.

  3. “Rent out” a place in a car.

    Going somewhere in a car, like a trip or business ride, you should take a fellow passenger who’ll pay for the ride.

    If you drive a friend to his business, be certain he pays for fuel.

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How to make money without spending it by a simple side job?

The simplest opportunity to get extra cash is to find a part-time job.

Even by working for a couple of hours per day or week, this job can significantly improve your financial well-being.

  1. Work as a waiter because the sphere of service is a wonderful opportunity to become more experienced, learn how to interact with clients and get the recommendations.
  2. Work as a bartender because some establishments allow even the beginners or people who are unfamiliar with the work to become bartenders.

    Everyone over 18 can file his/her application.

  3. Pizza delivery is possible in case you’ve got a reliable car and if you are an excellent driver.

    It won’t make you rich but it can be a perfect way how to get additional cash, especially on the tips.

  4. Delivery of newspapers and magazines is another job which brings additional income.

    You can deliver newspapers, magazines, brochures and other printed editions because it suits not only teenagers.

    Anyone who wishes may make money on it and learn the suburbs of the city in the process.

  5. Becoming a personal buyer means that you must find a person, who does not have time to go shopping, and offer him/her your services.

    Help this person to buy the required food and be rewarded for it.

How to make money without spending money?

There are plenty of ways.

However, you should mind that only if you pick a proper approach, you’ll be able to reach high results and become a real professional in a certain sphere.

So, do not be lazy, learn all required information and start making money.

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