How to Make Money Teenager?

The 9 Best Ways to Make Money for a Teenager. Make a Note of Them.

Nowadays more and more teenagers wonder how to make their own money. It’s due to the tough economic situation in the country (and as a result with a difficult financial position of the family) and with the possibility of self-realization.

An advice for parents: don’t inhibit your children’s desire to make their own money. Sit down together and think over what kind of “business” your child can manage in his age.

An advice for teenagers: if you made up your mind to make some money don’t conceal it from your parents as you may face some difficulties which you won’t be able to overcome without your parents’ help. Tell them of your intention and they will support and help you for sure.

It doesn’t matter how old you are – 12, 14, 16 – you always can find some ideas for a side job. We offer a few means of how to make money for a teenager.

How to Make Money: Courier Delivery.


If you live in a big city you’ll find a job in one of the courier companies quite easily.

It may be the letter, correspondence or small weights delivery. Finally it may be the free press delivery to residential buildings.

Disposing of your own bicycle you have a great virtue – as delivering by transport is quite easier than delivering on foot.

Also you need to know well the spatial planning or at least one of the districts where you are going to work.

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How to Make Money for a Teenager: Working at the Post-office.

The work structure of this job is quite the same as of the previous one. But you should look for vacant positions not at the courier company but at the post-office.

If there’s no vacant position of delivery man they may ask you for help quite at the post-office – to select and classify arrived parcels, to help laying out the documents and so on. Of course you won’t make much money doing such work but at least you will start doing something.

How to Make Money for a Teenager: the Cleaning of Gardens and Lots.

Many state institutions (hospitals, for example) have something like a little garden with flowers, trees etc. within their territory. Ask them if they need for help in leaves gathering or handling of plants. If they already have a gardener he won’t retreat from a young assistant.

How to Make Money for a Teenager: Walking the Dog.

This “teenager” business idea came from the United States of America. There walking the dogs for money is the income number one for teenagers.

Many dog owners don’t have enough time for walking their pets and some of them just feel lazy about that.

They’ll willingly give you their pets for some time in the morning and in the evening so that the dog had a dump.

What should you have for such a side job?

First, you should like dogs, not be afraid of them and be able to communicate with them. It’s great if you have your own dog.

Second, you should be responsible. The dog is a living being and while you are walking it you are responsible for it.

Try to choose clients living not far from you so that you won’t spend much time on your way. There must be some dog owners in your and neighboring houses, ask your neighbors.

How Teenagers Can Make Money: School Homework with the Pupils of Junior School.

This side job is suitable for an A upper-form pupil. If you remember well your school curricula of the last few years then it will be easy for you to help pupils with their homework.

Of course well-to-do parents will prefer an experienced adult tutor but not everyone has money for them as today their services cost rather expensive. If there are people with children of the junior school in your house ask whether they need to have some history or math lessons.

If you do well in this business at least the nearest houses will get to know about you and some other parents may address to you.

How Teenagers Can Make Money: Posting.

Curious to relate teenagers can make good money posting in the summer. Some of them manage to earn enough money for buying a new bicycle. Of course they have to work a lot and preferably without any agents (advertising agencies).

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How to Make Money for the Teenagers: Car Wash.

It’s an excellent variant for those in whose city there is often a heavy traffic.

Sitting in traffic jams the driver will be glad if his car is washed in express way. You may carry a bucket filled with water and sponges and clean headlights, hub disks, hood and number plate of cars.

Of course the driver won’t give you much money but bit by bit you’ll make a good sum of money only for a few hours.

Not to carry around buckets and dusters you may arrange with a safeguard of the nearest petrol station to keep everything there.

How the Teenagers Can Make Money: Distribution of Flyers.

Different companies often look for promoters or simply for distributors of commercial flyers. Usually you are to work staying near underground stations or the way out of big shopping malls.

The job is quite easy. You just need to give flyers to every passer-by and say him a few words.

This job is paid as a rule per hour.

However don’t even think to threw away all the flyers and come for payment at the end of the day as the activity of promoters is always controlled by the employer.

How the Teenagers Can Make Money: Repairing the equipment.

It’s good for the boys upper-formers who are interested in engineering and do well in it. To begin with tell all your friends, acquaintances, relatives that you are ready to help with the repairing of any equipment (or of the concrete one). As the prices for your services are quite cheaper than those of adult experienced repairmen, someone may have a desire to economize and ask you for help.

Let your mother and father tell everyone at work that their son can willingly repair a damaged computer or printer at a reasonable price. The word of mouth will help you to find clients.

Some of listed ideas can be used not only in the summer. That’s why you have an opportunity to make not much but stable money all the year round!

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